Jun 27 2008

Sadr Becomes Traitor, Iranian Agent, Against Iraq

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Seems like Moqtada al-Sadr, the anti-American Iraqi Shiite cleric hiding in Iran, has decided to become Iraq’s version of Benedict Arnold:

The Mehdi Army of Moqtada Sadr is evolving into a clandestine movement following Iraqi military operations targeting the group, intelligence suggests.The military wing of the Sadrist Movement, the political party loyal to Shiite cleric Moqtada Sadr, is “turning itself into a secret armed organization,” an Iraqi intelligence official told the Gulf News on condition of anonymity.

Iraqi intelligence reports suggest the group’s numbers have dwindled from around 50,000 to as few as 150 in the past few years.

Intelligence officials credit decisions by Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to launch military offensives against Shiite militants in the southern parts of the country as deterring the group. An Iraqi intelligence official reports as many as 2,000 Mehdi Army fighters were killed in recent operations in Basra, Sadr City and the provincial capital of Maysan, Amarah.

Emphasis mine. As I predicted many times, the Arab Shiites of Iraq have no interest in becoming disposable pawns for the Persians of Iran. If the Mahdi Militia under control of Sadr do decide to become traitors to Iraq, then that exposes them and Sadr to becoming enemies of the state.  If this happens then the gloves will really come off. But with most of the Mahdi basically deserting and integrating back into the Arab/Iraq community, leaving a small manageable number of militants, it will be a small job in dealing with them.

Either way, the Mahdi Militia is no more, as is al-Qaeda.  Very little is left to declaring victory in Iraq.  To me the last steps needed is the handover of the last provinces to Iraq control and we can move into the next phase with our new ally in the war on terror.

Addendum: I want to note that the Democrats cannot play the “we helped achieve this victory” after their despicable behavior and defeatist predictions from last year.  After months of trying to cut the war funding and retreat they would only be laughed at by attempting such an idiotic move.  We are on the verge of the full ‘mission accomplished’ for Iraq.  

Obama, being the naive and clueless empty-suit that he is, will no doubt attempt to try and claim credit for this success. But in the face of all his votes and statements calling for defeat and faux victory parades for our troops he will only make a fool of himself to everyone outside the liberal mindset, and be seen as a traitor to the liberal cause when he does. I expect he will be inserting his foot in his mouth any day now.

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  1. gwood says:

    To me the last steps needed is the handover of the last provinces to Iraq control and we can move into the next phase with our new ally in the war on terror.

    “Yes we can”.

    Thanks for keeping our pending victory in Iraq front and center, AJ. The Democratic Party’s attempt to preempt this victory should be the pivotal issue in the coming election, but the media is doing a pretty good job of sweeping it under the rug. I’m ready to roll out the “Mission Accomplished” banner pretty soon.

  2. joe six-pack says:

    While I am pleased with the progress in Iraq, I am not so certain that victory is at hand, even in Iraq. I sure as hell hope so, but I believe that the ideology of the enemy is much to widespread to think this way. On the other hand, it is very important to have measurable progress and this would be a milestone.

  3. AJStrata says:


    I had the same thought!

  4. KauaiBoy says:

    Striking are the similarities between Sadr and Gore: both inherited their positions from their more capable fathers, both run around fomenting religious troubles and both are getting fatter by the minute.

    Once again I wake up and thank God that Bush has been there and not Gore. And especially glad that he has forced maturity and responsibility on the miscreants in Congress.

  5. joe six-pack says:

    And to think that the election was that close to having Al Gore as President. I can’t imagine what would have (Or not) happened.

    My wife feels that he would still have been negotiating with the Tailban. Pakistan is doing this now and we are beginning to see the results already.

  6. MerlinOS2 says:

    As Michael Yon has always said the victory in Iraq will come and we will be hard pressed to look back to point to a specific day or incident that marked the occasion.

    I will simply be that it is finally recognized for what it is.

  7. Stix says:

    Yes, I agree, thank God that we have W in the White House and not the Goracle. We would be sending inspector Cluseau over there to find bin Laden and we would be in economic shambles with Eco taxes.

    Mookie is nothing more than a puppet for the Mullahs in Iran, always was and always will be.

    Love your blog AJ, I mostly lurk though.

  8. gcotharn says:

    Sen. Obama already has, several times over the past 6 months, claimed credit for scaring the Iraqi government into taking some positive action. His is sort of a “scared straight” formulation of claiming credit.

  9. Terrye says:

    I am keeping my fingers crossed.

  10. robert verdi says:

    A force of status agreement is next.