Jun 15 2008

Obama’s Brother Outs Him As A Liar, And A One-Time Muslim

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I will tell you what, there are some amazingly pissed off Hillary supporters out there, because one of them (HillBuzz) has really stuck the knife into the Obama Campaign (sometimes you have to know what to do with the gun when you bring it to a fight Obama).  Hillbuzz has the link to a post where Barack Obama’s own brother outs him as a liar:


Apparently the Obamas of Kenya have been reading those scurrilous emails to which Barack likes to refer, because they have no doubt — contrary to the claims of the Obama campaign, that the presidential candidate was raised a Moslem. They take that as a given. 

As the Jerusalem Post reports, “Barack Obama’s half brother Malik said Thursday that if elected his brother will be a good president for the Jewish people, despite his Muslim background. In an interview with Army Radio he expressed a special salutation from the Obamas of Kenya.” 

In a remarkable denial issued last November that still stands on the official campaign website, Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs issued a statement explaining that “Senator Obama has never been a Muslim, was not raised as a Muslim, and is a committed Christian.” 

So what are Americans to think about this?  Barack’s family see him as a one-time Muslim.  But Obama claims he was not one, really.  Deception is the one act a presidential nominee cannot be caught in, it opens up all sorts of questions regarding what are the true intentions of the candidate.  

We are at war with radical Muslims (not all Muslims), a war they are losing because the moderate Muslim Street is turning to our side.   The more the radical Muslims maim and kill their fellow Muslim they more ostracized they become from Islam.  Yet there are some radicals on the far left in the West who have predicted (and waited with anxious glee) the defeat of America by these same radical Muslims.  Some even went so far as to predict the unavoidable defeat of America in Iraq last year.

These radical lefties want to surrender Iraq even though, through the sacrifice of many of our own, we are basically on the doorstep of victory.  No matter the conditions on the ground, no matter the consequences, these people want to give our radical Muslim enemies a victory.

So what are people to think when Barack Obama’s brother says, counter to Barack’s own statements, he has a Muslim background?  Is Barack simply trying to hide an uncomfortable fact of his upbringing he rejected years ago?  Or is he something much worse.  The other end of the speculation spectrum houses a lot of ugly conspiracies.  We do know one thing, radical Muslims out to harm the US do hide their intentions behind facades of normalcy and benevolence – until they attack the US.  

This is the conundrum Americans face.  I tend to be more optimistic and would say Obama leans more towards hiding an uncomfortable background – except the fact if you look at his more recent checkered past (Farrakhan, Wright, Ayers) you see a lot of people surrounding him who would find his Muslim past quite intriguing and laudable.  Who knows?  I surely don’t.  That picture above could easily be a wonderful family photo with two brothers in it.

The bottom line is: who are we to believe between the two brothers – Malik or Barack?  

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7 Responses to “Obama’s Brother Outs Him As A Liar, And A One-Time Muslim”

  1. patch says:

    If Barack Obama was ever a Muslim and he is now denying that fact; there are various elements of the Muslim religion that would veiw him as an apostate. Some of the more extreme imams would then issue a fatwa against him.

    Unlike a lot of other religions that don’t care if you leave or convert to some other faith; Muslims believe,” Once a Muslim; always a Muslim.”

    This should get interesting.

  2. VinceP1974 says:

    patch: I looked into this issue. Because if what you say is true, then why aren’t Muslims complaining?

    So there must be some other explanation. So i went researching..

    It is the Father’s responsibility to instill Islam into his children. Obama will not be considered an apostate because his mother retained custody of him after her divorce(s?). Because she was not a Muslim and she did not intent to continue Barack’s religious instruction therefore he is not liable for the decision made that he had no control over.

  3. kathie says:

    We know that by birth Obama is considered a Muslim by many. Like the Jewish Mother birth. We know his family in Kenya are Muslim and quite radical, they are of the klan who want to bring Shria Law to Kenya. We also know that when he visited Kenya he contacted his family, hence the picture. Maybe he was bragging to his family so he could fit in. Who Knows!

    Even so his contacts, close contacts, friends he would call them are of the Black Liberationists thinking which incorporates Farrakhan as well as Christianity and Marxism. Yet he tells us he disowns them. Well most people choose friends because they have broad commonalities. Certainly heart connections.

    The hate American people that he associates himself with are troubling for me. It is almost as if the left is saying we’ll show you Bush loving, war loving, America first, lying Americans how wrong you are. This is really the America we are, flawed, hated by everybody, capitalists who screws the middle class, we are bad, bad bad. Obama will teach us the lessons we deserve.

  4. Terrye says:

    This might be one of the reasons his parents split. I also understand that Obama’s father became an atheist, which makes him an apostate to militant Muslims.

  5. TomAnon says:

    Look at the family photo, notice how Obama is looking at the camera off the end of his nose just like he does today. That same self assured, elitist, look, he knows what he is and was.

  6. ezra says:

    So…. help me out here.

    How did y’all get from “Obama has a Muslim background” (meaning: Obama was born to a Kenyan Muslim) to “Obama is a Muslim”? Is there more to the quote? This doesn’t make sense.

    I think you might just be looking for ways to justify distrust in Obama. But rather than doing that, why not just disagree with him?

  7. AJStrata says:

    If you check my post I clearly admit I don’t know the answer to Obama’s past. All I noted was his brother’s statements conflict with his. And this leads to a lack of credibility for Obama, which leaves him open to wild speculation (based on the last few decades of Muslims hiding their intentions to kill massive numbers of infidels).

    I am simply observing how the phenomena could play out – I have no idea what will happen or if it is right, fair or accurate. That is the problem you get when credibility is destroyed.