Jun 15 2008

Democrat Delegate Too Repulsed By Obama, Will Vote McCain

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A woman Democrat party delegate from Wisconsin has publicly announced she cannot stomach an Obama presidency and therefore will vote for John McCain this fall:

As an avid supporter of Hillary Rodham Clinton in the Democratic primaries, Debra Bartoshevich is not alone in her frustration over Clinton’s defeat.

She’s not alone in refusing to support Barack Obama.

And she’s not entirely alone in saying she’ll vote this fall for Republican John McCain instead.

But what makes her unusual is that she holds these views as an elected delegate to the Democratic National Convention in Denver this summer.

“I’m sure people are going to be upset with me,” said Bartoshevich, a 41-year-old emergency room nurse from Waterford in Racine County, and convention delegate pledged to Clinton.

Joe Wineke, chairman of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, reacted with disbelief when first told Friday afternoon that one of his state party delegates is now a McCain supporter.

“Not a delegate? To the national convention?” said Wineke, who was getting ready for the start of the Wisconsin state party convention Friday in Stevens Point.

“We have a Clinton national (convention) delegate who says she’s voting for John McCain?” Wineke repeated, for clarification. “I’ve never heard of such a thing.”

I suggest the Democrats get used to such a thing. The liberal news media selected Barack Obama, and then crammed him down the Democrat Party’s throat by pillorying Hillary in a very crude manner. There is a revolt brewing in the Democrat party where millions of moderate women, who have resisted the GOP because of some of the more ardent on the far right, are finding McCain a much better choice than Obama. McCain’s moderate character is giving them sufficient cover to bolt the now far left democrats. There are signs calling for McCain ’08, Hillary ’12 (love to find one) which should be telling the Democrat Party they have a serious problem on their hands.

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    I have wondered about my own Congressman Brad Ellsworth.