Jun 01 2008

Clinton Campaign Goes Nuclear On Michelle Obama

With the DNC rules committee job over and Clinton still not able to pull a hat out of a rabbit to win the Democrat nomination, the stage is now set for the Clinton smear machine to go into full gear. Spearheading this political hit job is Clinton supporter Larry Johnson, who two weeks ago first hinted at having heard about a bomb-shell video of Michelle Obama ranting against “whitey” at the Obama’s Trinity Church (I posted on it here).

As I noted when the rumor first came out, Johnson’s cover story – that this tape was being held by the GOP and was meant to torpedo Obama in the fall – was simply incoherent. Johnson claimed both Dem and Rep sources had seen the tape – which makes no sense at all if you know how DC works. If the GOP had this atomic political bomb they would hold it close and unleash an October surprise (e.g., George Bush’s DWI charge which hit the news right before the 2000 election).

No one in the GOP would give a heads up to any Democrat. Larry tried to explain this away by claiming some millionaire out to hurt McCain wanted Hillary to win the nomination, and therefore was trying to get the tape out now, since now is when it benefits Hillary most. If that makes sense seek psychiatric help.

In subsequent updates (which I posted on here and here) Johnson admits an Obama supporter has seen the tape. This was when Johnson’s lies caught him.

I had my doubts any tape existed, but if it did I knew it had to come out now to help Clinton stop Obama. She has one shot at the Presidency, whilst Obama could have a couple of shots in coming years. The Clinton’s are desperate to avoid the historic comparison between Bill and W, because one allowed a national threat to grow while the other faced it down and turned it from the future of Islam to the enemy of Islam. I am of course speaking of al-Qaeda and 9-11, which turned Bush into a strong and historic leader, and shrunk Clinton by comparison.

The Clintons have to get back into the White House, they are desperate to. The reason Johnson’s BS excuses don’t fly is you have to know how things are shopped around DC for public dissemination. The best of all worlds would be if the GOP did Clinton’s dirty work, which is why someone in the GOP could have been shopped the video and that is why they can tell Johnson they have seen it.

If there was no one in the GOP willing to bite and face the backlash from the African American community (and few would be so dumb as to get into this kind of smear against the wife of a top black leader) then the next logical step is to show it to Obama Super Delegates to see if you can cause a rush to the exits (Obama still needs the Super Delegates to seal the nomination). This is how Larry was able to find an Obama supporter who had seen the video. Whoever is the puppet master (and make no mistake about it, Johnson only as the IQ points to be the puppet here) tipped Larry to the video and who to call (who it had been shown to so far) to get confirmation of the tape. Larry probably doesn’t get it, but one of his sources is the one pulling his strings.

The video can’t be all that damning, because the Super Delegates are still heading to Obama and the GOP is not going near the tape. So what’s happening now? Johnson finally admitted yesterday that the timing of any release of the tape right now is optimal for the Clinton Camp. Yesterday Johnson came out with “BREAKING NEWS” post on the video, except most of the post is now not available at his website. But another blogger did post much of what was originally posted:

“New and dramatic developments. This is a heads up. I’ll post the news Monday morning by 0900 hours. Now I know why people who have seen the videotape say it is stunning. Barack’s headaches are only starting.”

… Again, at this point, this is still a rumor. And I do note that he does not promise to release the video no Monday, but to update us with news.

But if the Clinton campaign does have video of Michelle Obama saying this, Monday would be a good time to leak it. Here’s why:

1. In politics, you never want to release all the bad information about your opponent at once. Obama just resigned from his church under duress. His goal was to separate from the church. But a new video featuring Michelle would demonstrate that the problem wasn’t merely the church — that his family was enmeshed in this radical ideology.

2. Hillary will win Puerto Rico today, giving her some momentum. Obama is rumored to be announcing a large number of superdelegate endorsements on Monday, so that his victories in the Mountain West can be what puts him over the top in terms of the delegate count. This video (or confirmation that a video exists) could cause some of the superdelegates to get cold feet, or — depending how bad it is — even consider reversing course.

Another option might be to “suspend” (but not dissolve) her campaign, and release the video before the convention. I can’t see why holding the video until then would be prudent — but you never know what else she might plan on releasing in the next few weeks.

Again, this all may, or may not, be true. So far, it’s rumors on the internet. But the source (whom I’ve spoken to on the phone) seems to be credible. And it certainly does not seem unrealistic to believe that such a tape exists. Stay tuned …

Emphasis mine. Johnson notes how an insider would optimize the release of the tape to nicely fold into and extend the current news cycle. It is interesting, and a bit coincidental, that Obama decided to quit his Church this weekend after standing by it for so many painful months. But it could just be coincidence. All I know is Johnson has finally shed the canard (for now) that this is a GOP hit job – it is not. He clearly indicates the Clinton Camp has the video. His puppet master was not careful enough to make sure Johnson didn’t mess up the message (which is why I think most of the post is now missing over at Johnson’s blog).

Update: Sorry folks, clearly the comment about the Clinton camp was from the blogger I linked to (missed the quotation marks). However – I still think this is a Clinton Camp hit job, so everything else I posted still seems to be in play from my perspective. We will see tomorrow. – end update

It looks to me like the Clinton’s tried the GOP, tried to persuade Obama supporters, and probably even tried the news media. None of the conventional propaganda paths have worked, probably because the tape is too hot or the hype around it is too hot. That left them with Larry Johnson – buffoon. This is why this is an act of desperation, the methodology being employed just doesn’t make sense for the Clintons who have access to all sorts of media outlets and ears. Seems they are going to have to throw this mud all on their own – so to speak.

Addendum: Seems the tape was the subject of Geraldo on Fox this morning:

Geraldo Rivera discussed the Michelle Obama Racist Rant Tape this morning on FOX News, with guest Roger Sloane, who stated this tape does exist, showing Michelle Obama off on a crazed, racist, anti-American rant, and that “a network” does in fact have the tape.

Roger Sloane is the man who broke the Elliott Spitzer prostitution scandal.

Well, we know what will be pushing the success stories about Iraq of the news this week, now don’t we?

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31 Responses to “Clinton Campaign Goes Nuclear On Michelle Obama”

  1. VinceP1974 says:

    I figured if the GOP had this tape they would make use of it in the most ineffective way.

  2. norm says:

    and obama is a muslim out to enslave america. wouldn’t your time be better spent posting images from video games? racism and fear-mongering. fear-mongering and racism.

  3. VinceP1974 says:

    Oh what a surprise norm’s only response is to call someone a -ist.

  4. Terrye says:

    It would seem this would be the kind of thing to release early in the campaign, before Super Tuesday. Nip it in the bud as Barney Fife would say.

  5. Terrye says:


    I would say that considering the kind of crap we have been hearing out of Obama’s church, it is your side of the aisle that needs to be watching the racism. I hear the Clinton supporters were screaming NO-bama! after the deal the DNC made on Michigan and Florida. Considering what a freak show they have made out of their primary I don’t think the GOP has to do much of anything.

  6. kathie says:

    I heard Sloane comment on the tape. The Dem response was that all republicans do is smear people because they have lost on the was, gas prices, health care, education etc.

    The dems have a new mantra……it’s the republicans that say all the bad, racist things, never mind that it’s the dems and Bill who are saying negative things against Obama.

  7. Since Larry Johnson, just like “Worm”, is an Anti-American/Pro-Jihadi Leftist Democratic Traitor Nutbag, its no wonder this is a BS story devoid of facts and truth, and full of fraud, innuendo, lies, backstabbing, dissembling, etc…

    Again Larry Johnson was trying to implicate Richard Scaife, as the “Republican Billionaire” in this BS story, because Scaife is the idiot who spent all of Bill Clinton’s terms in office paying other idiots to make up stories about Clinton, and now, Scaife like all good Nutbags, Left or Right, has proven to be the absolute worst kind of “RINO”, and has come out of the closet as a Hillary Supporter.

    Bottomline, Larry Johnson is such a lying, fraudulent, Lefist Buffoon, he can’t even take a possibly true story (the “tape”), and turn it into a good lie, i.e. the EVIIIIIILL BUSHITLER RETHUGLIKKKANS did it!


    “Worm”: Ass-clown

    Larry Johnson: Buffoon…

  8. VinceP1974 says:

    Can someone explain to me what Dale is trying to say.

  9. Redteam says:

    Dale, why not tell us what you really think. Sounds good too, kinda like what I was thinking.
    Vince, he was saying Larry Johnson, as is worm, is a nutbag.

  10. Vince, I’ve checked out your website, and the link to Atlas Shrugged; you are on the correct side, and your heart and mind are in the correct place, so I won’t atatck you.

    What I’m saying is clear: Larry Johnson is a liar and a fraud and complete and utter Traitor.

    If you don’t know who he is, and his past, I suggest you look up his Bio on the net.

    This is a guy who wrote an article weeks before 9/11, saying the US was hyping the Islamic terrorism threat, and basically the US was under no threat from Islamic Terrorists…

    Additionally, he has been in the tank for the Traitors, Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame, from the very beginning.

    Finally, it is Larry Johnson who has been pushing this so-called Michelle Obama tape, from the very beginning, and he has tried to put the story out there, that it was the Republicans who had the tape, and were going to release it, when clearly, IF there even is a tape, its clearly something that was dug up, and released by the Democrats, specifically Hillary’s campaign.

    For those of you who are HOPING this tape actually exists, I would say that just because Larry Johnson says it exits, that means that in all probability that it does NOT exist.

    Just a good rule of thumb to follow, when dealing with some as inherently dishonest as Larry Johnson…

  11. PS: IF the tape does in fact exist, and is released, I’ll come back on this Blog and apologized for my above post; but the bottomline with dealing with Larry Johnson, is that he is such a liar, a good rule of thumb it to believe the exact opposite of what he says.

  12. VinceP1974 says:

    Dale: Ok now I understand. I was uncertain where you coming from becausae i detected some sarcasm but wasn’t able to tell where it was going.

    I think i remmeber hearing about this guy re: the Plame stuff..

    i have a low opinion of him too then

  13. MerlinOS2 says:

    There is a posting over at JOM with this info about it being talked about on TV, but did anyone hear it themself?

    The tip over at JOM was supposedly by Larwyn, but the poster used a lot of upper case even for the name which is not consistent with what Larwyn does.

    I will wait and see if such a tape surfaces.

  14. MerlinOS2 says:

    Update now the Larwyn person is on JOM and says the info is correct and it does sound like here.

    Oh well lets see what tomorrow brings.

  15. […] Now somehow the tape been transfered to Mrs. Clinton.   Sure.  I second, A.J. Strata’s, Strata-Sphere, assertion that there in no tape, never was: As I noted when the rumor first came out, Johnson’s […]

  16. VinceP1974 says:

    I dont think the Dems can reverse course and nominate Hillary.. I think Obama is too close… the blacks would go insane and rip Howard Dean to shreds and eat his intrails.

    I checked out the No Quarter blog… am I right in noticing the commenters are mostly Clinton Dems? They really dont like Obama.

  17. Terrye says:


    What an ugly picture you put in my head.

  18. lurker9876 says:

    Looks like the tape does exist. But if the networks will not air it, some blogger will find a way to air it.

    Can’t wait to watch it.

  19. VinceP1974 says:

    I heard Cavuto might air tomorow.


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