May 31 2008

Obama Must Face His Mistakes On Iraq

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Obama talks a big talk about how others must admit their mistakes. This transparent campaign slogan is coming back to haunt him big time as the he is forced to face his own mistakes on the war in Iraq:

The widespread conviction among Democrats that we are destined to fail in Iraq was the key to Barack Obama’s emergence as Presidential front-runner. He postured himself as the candidate who had opposed the war from the beginning. But what helped Obama in the Democratic primaries may prove his undoing in the general election. Through the months when Obama’s dedication to failure was bringing him closer to the nomination, conditions in Iraq were improving, not worsening. This contradiction is now becoming acute, and Obama faces it squarely as he tries to decide whether, how and when to go to Iraq.

Obama once claimed to hold views on Iraq which were not much different than those of George Bush:

“Obama, the U.S. Senate candidate from Illinois, said he believes the Bush administration has lost too much credibility in the world community to administer the policies necessary to stabilize Iraq.

On Iraq, on paper, there’s not as much difference, I think, between the Bush administration and a Kerry administration as there would have been a year ago,’ Obama said during a luncheon meeting with editors and reporters of Tribune newspapers. “There’s not that much difference between my position and George Bush’s position at this stage. The difference, in my mind, is who’s in a position to execute.’

The execution of the war has been stupendous since General Petraeus leveraged the growing Sunni split with the barbaric al-Qaeda (The Awakening) and poured resources into the streets to help turn the tide against al-Qaeda (The Surge). Yesterday I too noted that Obama had an unavoidable date with destiny, one where he either supported America’s interests or the interests of a lost minority of voters who pray for defeat in Iraq to teach Bush a lesson. How Obama handles Iraq is important because he will lose support whichever path he takes.

One choice loses the far left but makes in-roads with the centrists, who want to leave Iraq victorious. The other choice leads to losing the general election in order to appease the defeatists on the far left. Trying to split the difference will lose everybody. Whatever choice he makes Obama has a date with destiny because this is how the Iraq war issue will play out in the 2008 elections.

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29 Responses to “Obama Must Face His Mistakes On Iraq”

  1. ivehadit says:

    Norm, describing your behavior is NOT attacking you personally and you know it.

    This “personal attacks” issues is a scam of the english language and the Left knows exactly what it’s doing when they scream, “PERSONAL ATTACK! YOU CAN’T DO THAT!” It is a distortion of the truth of what the words mean, something the democrats have been doing since clinton said, “it depends on what the meaning of is, is”.

    It’s bogus and is a method of trying to shut down the debate…of ideas. The Left is devoid of those so maybe we have to cut them some slack.

    In the law, there is the discussion of theory vs. intent. I say the “intent” of the Left is one of distortion and *manufacturing* news when they know they can’t win on ideas. The Left sold its soul a long time ago to this type of behavior. And it is intellectually dishonest and of born of negative intent, one being power lust.

  2. norm says:

    sorry ivehadit but i’ve had it…calling me a pussy and whiney and defeatist and brain-dead and demented is not about ideas. you are right that it is an attempt to shut down debate, as well as covering for the fact that the person using the method has none of their own. the people posting here are not about debate…they are about preaching to the choir. aj posts and 6 others comment…yes yes rah rah sis boom bah. and if you disagree then the personal attacks come flying. not ideas. just attacks. no – it wasn’t, and hasn’t been, me using the method. but it’s the same method at work in the phoney appeasement argument, which is used to shut down the very adult idea of negotiation and diplomacy. we can go back thru the past 7-1/2 years and see the right use this method over and over again in the same way. have ideas different from ours? you’re unpatriotic. it was used on joe wilson. you can see it today being used on mcclellan. don’t talk about the issues. attack the person. he’s disturbed. disagree with climate change? don’t offer peer-reviewed science as a counter argument…just call the opposition chicken littles or goracles. sorry pal but that is the only intent of the so-called right…distortion…because they long ago ran out of real ideas, not to mention ideals. only to the so-called right does “bomb bomb bomb iran” qualify as an idea. obama is a muslim intent on enslaving america is not an idea. the idea behind conservatism is not huge government and huge deficits. ideas are anethama to the so-called right.

  3. VinceP1974 says:

    He’s still complaining! Still no vision for the future.

    All they do is complain and point the finger. And call for defeat. And say how wrong the US is.

    That’s all.


  4. norm says:

    thanks for proving my point…again.

  5. Dc says:

    Fire getting a little hot there norm??

  6. VinceP1974 says:

    norm is just gettign ready to type another 20 paragraph treatsie on the deceptive causes of the iraq invasion.

  7. gwood says:

    Norm, you have displayed here precisely what we object to in the thinking of the anti-war left. You were called a name, and you reacted by wanting to fight. There was an opportunity for you to choose diplomacy, but you failed to take the high road you and yours constantly advocate for much more serious confrontations.

    Saddam had oil money, manifest hatred for us, and post-9-11, a template for doing us harm through clandestine means; he had thumbed his nose at the UN, fired on our boys in the air, and attempted to assassinate a former President of our country. We decided to get angry BEFORE he started calling us names…..oh, and he knows (excuse me, KNEW) our address.

  8. Dc says:

    Nope…could not have happened. Cause the books I read said it was different.

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