May 25 2008

Moqtada Sadr Nothing More Than A Lousy Drug Dealer, Mahdi Army Made Up Of Heroin Addicts

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The future of Islam has taken an interesting turn.  British intelligence activities in the Shiite southern half of Iraq, especially around Basra, learned that Moqtada al-Sadr’s Mahdi Army is actually made up of heroin addicts who were first hooked onto the drug and then paid from Iranian funds to kill westerners to support their habit.

Iran is paying insurgents hooked on heroin £150 a month to kill British troops in Iraq, according to secret documents leaked to the Sunday Mirror.

The cash – more than the average wage in Iraq – is allegedly channelled through fanatical cleric Moqtadr al Sadr to pay for his Mehdi Army, which controls much of Basra and Northern Iraq.


The report’s author, Major Chris Job says: “We learnt from a number of our KLE (informers) that the source of the problem was the level of unemployment in Basra. JAM (Arabic name for Mehdi Army) using funding from Iran paid the unemployed youths in the region of Û300 (£150) per month to attack MNF (Coalition Forces).

“We also learnt that JAM had a drugs culture and that youths got hooked on being associated with JAM. In addition to the large pool of manpower, intimidation was rife.”

No wonder these “fanatics” can’t fight worth a damn, but are capable of horrific acts of brutality and violence on their fellow Arab Muslims.  No wonder the Sadrists did not want Iraqi or US forces into their areas where this sin of sins would be exposed.  In a religious cult were alcohol is forbidden, along with dancing and the placing of certain vegetables too close together in markets, the drugs are strictly forbidden to be used.  Except when you need a brain fried, totally controlled army of mindless killers.

The Sadrists will reap another huge backlash for doping up poor, out of work kids to man an army of fascist thugs.  Their image as true fundamentalists is going to crash down as they are seen for what they are – abusers of Muslims.

And it will not help either that the current cease fire agreements were actually the Sadrists only option to avoid full confrontation with US forces.  The fact is the US was ready to cleanse Sadr City by force, and the Sadrists had to sue for peace to avoid the pending storm:

Under the deal, brokered between the Iraqi government and forces loyal to radical cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, two Iraqi divisions will take up positions in the vast slum in eastern Baghdad but no US troops will be allowed in.

The ceasefire is the third negotiated with Sadr and scuppers US plans for an assault on his stronghold. Seven US battalions had assembled on the edges of the Shia bastion, with tanks, armoured cars and a stockpile of munitions ready for a battle of attrition which was projected to last weeks. Just four battalions will remain when troop reductions are completed.

The Sadrists and Mahdi Army are all bluster and full of themselves when talking to the gullible western media.  But the fact is they sued for peace to avoid final and complete defeat.  They have been caught red-handed committing horrific atrocities against fellow Muslims, and now we learn their legions of the famed Mahdi Army are nothing but legions of heroin addicts being forced to kill to support an addiction inflicted on them by the all mighty and pure Sadirists.

And on top of all this, the Mahdi Army is losing their weapons caches in droves to the Iraqi forces now in control of what once were Mahdi Army areas.  Without weapons the blustering is all the more comical, and impotent.

Here’s the real deal.  If the Mahdi Army is really a drugged out force looking for their next fix they should start to run into supply problems really soon.  And those addicts are going to start going nuts, and I mean violently nuts.  When that happens all hell will break lose, and no one will be able to control their efforts to try and get a fix.  What will Iraq look like when a armed addicts start running around in groups looking for a fix?  My guess is they start annihilating each other and their handlers.

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  1. Boghie says:


    “when you need a brain fried, totally controlled army of mindless killers.

    poor, out of work kids to man an army of fascist thugs.”

    Some poor Lefty reading your site will think you were talking about our military. I have heard such things from our Senate and Congress, eh.

    You had better clear your commentary up before some Kossaks or Senators start accusing you of accusing them of…

  2. AJ: where are all the Anti-American/Pro-Jihadi Leftist Nutbags who troll your site; such as “Bootlicker”, “THECENTERISABUNGHOLE”, “Worm”, etc., I’m sure they will be here to defend their Allies, the Heroin Addicts of Moqtada Ass Sadr’s “Army” any time now…

  3. WWS says:

    This is very believable – many of the most hard core inner city gangs in the US and Mexico have used similar tactics for decades. Addiction is one of the “best” ways possible to get total control of someone, and Heroin is one of the nastiest addictions out there. Don’t forget that most of the worlds heroin still comes from the wild parts of Afghanistan, the areas right up against Iran’s borders, which is what also makes the Iranian connection so plausible. Given the geography, the easy money, and the absolute contempt that the Iranian leadership has for anyone in the world who isn’t them, I think it very probable that the Iranian Govm’t in some capacity or another is the world’s single largest heroin distributor today, with the Taliban coming a close second. (and none of that nonsense about how the Iranians and the Taliban would never, ever, EVER work together to cause trouble for the west!)

    But this tactic leads to one of the ultimate catch-22’s: sure, it’s an easy and fast way to raise an army of subservient killer zombies with no brains, but then when things really get tough you’re stuck fightimg a real war with nothing but an army of subservient killer zombies with no brains. And if your supply chain breaks down and the drugs wear off, they all collapse into quivering masses of jelly.

    Guess Sadr didn’t think about that one.

  4. BarbaraS says:

    I wonder if this is how Al Quaeda recruits their people. After all, they are violent and cruel also and blindly follow their leaders’ orders. Maybe this is the way they recruited suicide bombers. Kids so drugged out they didn’t know what they were doing. These kids could be convinced of anything in order to get their next fix.

  5. Terrye says:

    I have heard that many of the suicide bombers were high when they killed themselves. In fact I read that a lot of the AlQaida and militia safe houses that American troops have come across are full of drugs and porn.

    It does not surprise me. They are just using people.

  6. Terrye says:


    Iran has a real problem with drugs among its own population.

  7. Jackafuss says:

    Good report.

    I see nothing on the site about the Iranian oil that is piling up on super tankers. The US must be having great success imposing sanctions?

  8. robert verdi says:

    The NY Times has a great story as Sadrist now are blaming each other for their defeat.

    Amid Calm in Sadr City, Officials and Cleric’s Backers Swap Charges of Weakness
    Published: May 26, 2008
    BAGHDAD — As some semblance of normal life began to return to the Sadr City area on Sunday, the Iraqi government and followers of the radical Shiite cleric Moktada al-Sadr accused each other of being weak. The verbal sniping occurred despite a cease-fire that had finally brought calm to one of Baghdad’s most volatile areas.

  9. VinceP1974 says:

    Here is a video of Obama showing off his package (in his pants) on an airplane to the women of the press covering him.

  10. WWS says:

    I’m not sure that the story about Iranian oil piling up is factual.

    If it is, and it may be, there’s a simple reason, and it has nothing to do with politics or sanctions. The world in general and the US in particular has an acute shortage of refining capacity – it’s a major bottleneck helping to drive gasoline prices up. That’s the problem with the calls for OPEC to produce more oil right now – wouldn’t matter. There’s not enough refining capacity in the world to refine what we’ve got right now. If the tankers are sitting out there, loaded up, it’s because there’s no refinery in the world with available capacity to take them right now. Everyone has to wait in line.

    Obviously the world needs to build a lot of new refineries to meet surging demand. Thanks to our regulatory regime, they’ll be built anywhere except the US, probably in the OPEC countries who have the most interest in moving their product. Of course, that means we will continue to pay whatever price OPEC sets even after extra refining capacity is added.

    Just for grins, I can give you an easy way to knock about 50 cents off the price of gasoline, one which can be done within 30 days with no investment cost – and also one that no politician of any party will dare mention.

    Direct the EPA to rewrite the gasoline formulation rules so that no more than 3 basic blends of gasoline are sold in this country, rather than the 14 that are now mandated by law. Refineries have to be set up to produce one blend at a time, and switching back and forth produces downtime each time the switch is made. (the required blends change by the season as well as by the area) What’s worse, if there is a spot surplus of one blend, say in Texas, it is against Federal law for that surplus to be transported to a place with very high gas prices due to supply constraints, such as California. It’s a perverse system that crushes the efficiency of the few refinferies we do still have.

    If anyone was serious about dropping the price Americans pay for gasoline, this is the kind of idea they need to be talking about. But no one dares mention it – kinda lets you know what direction prices will be headed.

    Forget all the pretty stories about how OPEC, or speculators, or evil “big oil” companies are the cause of high prices – this is something we have done, and continue to do, to ourselves.

  11. scaulen says:

    I don’t like the idea of another truce with them. They’ve broken the others as soon as Iran has resupplied them. Sure maybe we can reduce the weapons and drugs flowing in to a trickle, but eventually they will get back to a level that they feel they can start causing havoc with. The Mahdi army and all their thugs need to be broken, not allowed to sue for peace when they start losing. They have to be taken out of business, decimated to the point that any one thinking to try what they did will have second thoughts. They need to be made an example.

  12. DSmith says:

    I found this video to be very interesting

  13. VinceP1974 says:

    The current governor of Alaska was on Glenn Beck’s show saying how the Congress is the one who is blocking us from doing ANYTHING to get energy.

    This Congress sucks.. and the President sucks for not going right to the peolpe and stating he’s bypassing them and opening up Alaska to pumping