May 13 2008

Will Clinton Stay In After Her Romp In West-By-Golly?

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Hillary Clinton is going to clean Barack Obama’s clock in West Virginia today, so what will that bring us? If I were Hillary I would stay in at least until the last primaries to show respect for the voters – something the Democrats panicking over the primary battle are afraid to do. It would give her full clout in negotiating whatever she can going into the convention. I would also stay in because once Obama is the presumed nominee not only will buyers remorse set in, the liberal media will be airing all Obama’s dirty laundry in order to clear the road to November – something Obama may not survive politically.

Obama’s past is really a wild card. He was born into a Muslim family and by all accounts was a Muslim of some nature until he heard the acidic and anti-American calling of Reverend Wright. There is no way for Obama to separate himself from his past. And let’s be honest here, if America was concerned about a Muslim owned company taking control of some of America’s docks, as they were in the Dubai Port deal a few years back, even a converted Muslim who has joined a radical Chicago Church is not going to give Americans the warm fuzzy feeling that Obama is looking out for them. This may not be fair or accurate, but it is reality. The Dubai Ports reaction showed that much. Race is the least of Obama’s problems.

Obama may be such a unique American story he cannot create ties to enough of the American population to win. Americans are more than aware we live in a complex world which is constantly being misrepresented and spun by political and media elites towards their won agendas. They do not trust the image being portrayed by the liberal media. Obama is still too much of a cypher with too many unanswered questions, hampered by too many questionable choices regarding who he decided to associate with over the years, to create a connection with America. This nagging question is driving the vote in West Virginia, which is not as backwards as many think it is, and is much more representative of ‘fly over’ Main Street USA than not.

Obama is going to get pummeled by more dirty laundry, his facade has been shattered after the Rev Wright and Bill Ayers scandals, and Tony Revko is waiting in the wings (as is a Rev Wright book) to cast further doubts and increase the wave of buyer’s remorse heading Obama’s way. For all these reasons (not to mention the wild card stumbles and missteps sure to come) that Clinton should hang on into the convention. Honestly I have no idea what will happen, but the Clinton’s are power hungry enough, and have sound enough reasons, to go all the way with this race. I would too.

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  1. kathie says:

    MSM really hate the Clintons they put up with them, but now they have a legitimate reason to dump them. They will ignore any negative findings about Obama. They are totally in the tank for the first black President, in the same way they will never change their story about the importance of Iraq to our national security. They no longer print truth, they are the merchants of propaganda, just like the “Yellow Press” of yore. I think the Clintons know they don’t have a chance in the medias eyes anymore. They have out worn their welcome.

  2. norm says:

    obama was born into a family with a christian mother and a non-religious father who left when he was two years and whom he only saw once again…when he was ten. hardly a formative influence. if your argument depends on distortion then it’s really not much of an argument is it? there are some that say there are more muslims in this world than christians. that’s bad news for people like you that are scared to bejesus of anyone different. frankly i’d vote for anyone over another political hack that cowtows and panders to the likes of falwell and hagee and the rest. but sites like this also traffic in hate, so i’m pretty sure where you stand on that.

  3. 75 says:

    Apparently Norm will pass over the “centrist” candidate for the candidate who supports the religion of beheadings and honor killings of little girls. Norm’s living proof that leftist partisanship has reached absurd levels.

  4. kathie says:

    Obama’s mother was an atheist, his father a Muslim, according to Obama. Rev. Wright brought him to a form of Christianity, Black Liberation Theology. It is an interesting personal story. He is an interesting guy, what ever his color, religion, political views. Does he hold dear the values that I do…….frankly I don’t know. Does he hold dear your views Norm?

  5. norm says:

    sorry kathie i don’t use religion as a litmus test. bush claims to be devout, and he’s a total f’up. he claimed to be for states rights, but wasn’t. he claimed to be for humble foreign policy, but wasn’t. he claimed to be a conservative, but wasn’t. so much for sharing values eh? mccain changes his mind daily. so much for values. obama believes that we can change the way washington works, and i’m willing to give him a shot. after the past eight years i’ve come to the conclusion that he can’t do any worse.

  6. AJStrata says:

    For the record, I am not calling Obama a closet Muslim, I am simply noting his evolution from a Muslim background to a fringe christian church. In fact, if anyone went to my Dubai Port posts I linked to you would find I find the entire reaction scurrilous and over the top, and that UAE, the home country of Dubai Ports World, was the best Muslim state ally the US ever had.

    My point was nuances don’t matter when emotional reactions come into play. And right now there is a general distrust of Muslims since (a) they do not like America’s free and open society and (b) the radical elements in that religion are guilty of mass murder of innocent Americans and other people.

    The point I was making is the association of Barack Hussein Obama (as Reverend Wright himself repeatedly said) to Islam during a time of war with radical Islamists is a factor that will suppress his support – much more then his race will.

    Most Americans view politics and politicians through vague snippets and hazy impressions. Obama’s reputation is getting hammered as more and more he is getting negative impressions tagged onto him, making it a wise decision for Clinton to hang on and see if he can weather this next phase of the primary campaign.

    Just because I observe and note behaviors, impacts and results doesn’t mean I support them or like them. I am just being objective.

  7. Neo says:

    Hiliary is in this for the long haul.

    Don’t expect her to give up until the vote at the convention shows that she has lost.

    Frankly, if I had donated any money to her campaign, I would expect no less.

  8. 75 says:

    Norm, what in Obama’s past actions has you “convinced” he’s for any change in Washington? Or is it simply that you despise the current administration so badly that you would be willing to vote for anyone else, even though the current administration is not running?

  9. kathie says:

    NORM YOU NOTED THAT OBAMA CAME FROM A CHRISTIAN MOTHER. I was correcting your statement. I said nothing about a litmus test. I don’t care what you test. DOES OBAMA SUPPORT YOUR VALUES. IF HE DOES, WHAT DO YOU VALUE THAT OBAMA SUPPORTS. THAT IS ALL.

  10. The Macker says:

    Good question. People like Norm are always short on specifics.

  11. MerlinOS2 says:

    Somehow the stepfather who was Muslim gets ignored in all this even with taking the family to Jakarta for several years.

    Lot of airbrush being done there.

    Mom claims to be on food stamps and son is going to a top of the line college prep school in Hawaii.

    Tuition there today is over 17k per year. Not cheap at all.

  12. norm says:

    kathie…barrack obama on dec. 22nd…”… my mother was a christian from kansas, and they married and then divorced. i was raised by my mother. so, i’ve always been a christian…” thanks for “correcting” me. if you oppinion is based on factual error it isn’t much of an opinion. values? obama walked away from the opportunities of an ivy league law degree and went back to chicago and worked to protect community interests regarding landfills, helped win employment training services, playgrounds, after-school programs, school reforms and other public amenities. a lot of things get said in elections. based upon the other two posers, i’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.
    75…despise is an emotional response…a response typical of people who believe things like obama supports the “…beheadings and honor killings of little girls.” i do have contempt for incompetence. i will not vote for anyone who has supported, and will continue this administations failed policies.
    aj wrote that “…obama’s past is really a wild card. he was born into a muslim family and by all accounts was a muslim of some nature until he heard the acidic and anti-american calling of reverend wright…” he joined wrights church when he was twenty…” he was born to a father who did not practice religion. his mother raised him as a christian. that is a long way from being “a muslim of some nature” until he met wright. sorry…i don’t think the word objective means what you think it means.

  13. 75 says:

    Nice waggle, Norm, but that’s ok, no one here expected you to answer the questions anyway. But it’s nice to know you are emotionless.

  14. Terrye says:

    I would not vote for Barack Obama if you put a gun to my head norm.

    But he is a Democrat so he could promise to let his buddies from Hamas sleep in the Lincoln bedroom and you would support him.

    I think Hillary will stay in until June at least. I think she might be serious about getting Michigan and Florida seated. Interesting how the party which always makes such a big deal out of counting all the votes can just ignore two states.

    Or maybe I should have said nine, since it seems the Chosen One has found 7 more states I didn’t know anything about.

  15. The Macker says:

    So you have contempt for “incompetence.” That’s a strong stand!

    Then you heap praise on a neighborhood organizer who spent a couple of years milking local government for pet projects.

    Then you heap contempt on the first man in history to remake the ME with institutions of freedom and consensual government.

    Some insight, Norm.

  16. Redteam says:

    Barack himself said that The Rev Right led him to Christianity. where did he lead him FROM?

  17. kathie says:


  18. kathie says:


  19. KauaiBoy says:

    What exactly has Obama done to deserve being president?

    That’s right, exactly nothing unless collecting a paycheck in the Senate for doing nothing counts. His list of accomplishments has no beginning. Nobama for me thank you.

    McCain has at least served his country more honorably than any sitting member of congress could ever dream to and when the choice is this simple I’ll take the Irishman (oops).

    But it is nice to watch the Clintons & Co. having to accept the reality that they were worshipped only when they had the spoils of office and for that reason only. Let’s hope this train wreck continues and even leads to open mutiny and anarchy at the convention. I can see Hillary and all the Code Pinks running up and down the aisles while the college students and Nation of Islam join forces and sacrifice James Carville and Paul Begala to their god Soros. What a freak show.

  20. dave m says:

    Breaking today:
    Obama found pictured on the front cover of Trumpet
    Magazine with Louis Farrakhan on three separate occasions
    in 2006. If it happened once, maybe you could have some
    deniability. (Trumpet is Rev Wright’s publication) Say “Don’t
    put me on the cover with that man again” – but [i]three[/i]
    Obama knew since at least 2006 what he has been about.
    He is lying about it now.
    Maybe the word shouldn’t be “lying” – maybe it should
    be “using taqiyya”.
    Here’s the link: