Apr 19 2008

Clintons And Dems Face The Monster They Created

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Why is propaganda dangerous? I believe it is because it has two elements that can get out of control real quick. First it tries to harness mob think, creating a false sense of emergency in tandem with labeling some group as the root cause of the emergency. This focuses the mob’s anger and resentment onto the political opposition. It was used to great extent in Nazi Germany to make the Jews the source of all Aryan problems past, present and future.

The second component is what makes it hard to stop – it is built upon lies. Once someone buys into the lies many will refuse to face the fact they may have been duped or wrong, so they hold to the lie until something shakes them so soundly they can face the truth. This personal vesting in the propaganda makes it hard to stop. The fact it is built upon lies makes it escalate. As for some they have to become further invested in the lies so as to avoid the pain of being wrong. In some cases the lies are so outlandish in order to hold back reality to the outside (and still untouched) observer it seems like insanity to believe such garbage.

But if you build up the lies slowly, over time they can seem incredibly reasonable. Look at the Palestinians after decades of being brain washed. Now I have used extreme comparisons to make my point because a broad range of people can easily appreciate them. But deep down we are no different humans than Germans and Palestinians – so we too are susceptible to manipulation if we are not careful.

And so I get to the point of my post. After decades of the Democrats feeding the far left incredible propaganda, including how the GOP wants to starve people by throwing them out of welfare and school programs to the idea Bush and Cheney invaded Iraq for oil based on forged documents and 9-11 was actually committed by them, we have the expected results. An angry out of control mob, which has been told for decades the GOP is trying to kill people (while giving tax cuts to the “rich”). They are backed up by a military industrial complex which has been compared by democrat leaders to the Nazis, Pol Pot and Stalin relative to GITMO, have been accused of terrorizing women and children in the night, have committed acts reminiscent of Genghis Khan.

The heroes of the far left are now propagandists who can create the best lies about evil America, the ones who ran to the guns and bible in their evil bitterness. The old time heroes are those who “God Damn” America and who set bombs on the symbols of power back in the 60’s – killing to prove a point. After decades of creating the mindless mob think on the left, which exists on pure fantasy (I know, I used to believe in them), the Clintons and the Dems are shocked at how they have turned on them, for simply trying to be occasionally reasonable in the battle against the evil GOP.

At a small closed-door fundraiser after Super Tuesday, Sen. Hillary Clinton blamed what she called the “activist base” of the Democratic Party — and MoveOn.org in particular — for many of her electoral defeats, saying activists had “flooded” state caucuses and “intimidated” her supporters, according to an audio recording of the event obtained by The Huffington Post.

“Moveon.org endorsed [Sen. Barack Obama] — which is like a gusher of money that never seems to slow down,” Clinton said to a meeting of donors. “We have been less successful in caucuses because it brings out the activist base of the Democratic Party. MoveOn didn’t even want us to go into Afghanistan. I mean, that’s what we’re dealing with. And you know they turn out in great numbers. And they are very driven by their view of our positions, and it’s primarily national security and foreign policy that drives them. I don’t agree with them. They know I don’t agree with them. So they flood into these caucuses and dominate them and really intimidate people who actually show up to support me.”

Emphasis mine. It is true the radical far left wanted us to take our licking on 9-11 and apologize for being stronger and more productive than the rest of the planet. They want America punished – for what who knows and honestly who cares. They have issues with America, irreconcilable ones if massacre is the only answer for them. The Democrats created this monster out of laziness and indefensible policies, replacing debate on issues with propaganda to keep their base ‘energized’ – which equates to keeping the mob angry. They had to feed more exaggerated lies to keep the anger focused and the voters coming out over a period of decades. They had to feed their beast.

By contrast Reagan rallied his base on optimism and thanks for our great nation. Sadly even the far right has succumbed at times to trying to generate anger in the mob instead of reason on the issues. I hope it wakes up and realizes America is not a mob-think country but a diligent, hard-working, caring testament to mankind’s potential. We are not evil, just human. When we makes honest mistakes it natural because humanity is as imperfect as nature. But when we use exaggeration and propaganda to rally the mob against political opponents we are undoing all we have done before. This is not an honest mistake, it is criminal negligence.

The far left monster is out of control now. It feeds on extrapolations from the propaganda to make new propaganda (such as the idea 9-11 was an inside job). There are also those in the Democrat Party with no scruples and a lust for power that blinds them to the dangerous game they are playing. And there are those who know exactly what they are doing, building a new world power structure where they reign supreme. The monster is out and out of control.

All I can say to the Clintons and Dems is you should have thought about what you were doing when you were raising this beast. Now that it has a mind of its own and is destroying the Democrat Party it is too late to moan about the monster. The true irony in all of this is the only way to destroy it is to ally with the GOP and start destroying the mythology the beast thrives on. By destroying the propaganda and bringing the GOP back to respectable status the beast loses its power.

Same for the baby-beast on the right, though that one does not seem to be surviving. McCain is beating down that proto-monster nicely, mainly because everyone on the right still basks in the sunshine of Reagan’s optimism. The right respects individual accomplishments, it still sees the shining city on the hill. If it can jettison the purity wars and go back to respecting diversity and losing debates with honor and integrity (instead of propaganda of its own) it will survive to lead America again. The left… They seem to be a lost cause.

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  1. AJStrata says:

    many thanks Ivehadit!

  2. ivehadit says:

    The thanks belong to you, AJ! We love this site!

  3. VinceP1974 says:

    Is it a form of mental illness to keep making obviously correct (and heaven forfend true) statements to an idiot and to expect enlightenment within said idiot?????

    Left by Dorf77 on April 19th, 2008

    Yes it is! That’s is why I dont bother. Something with Terrye.. she’s a broken record with the border . “We can’t seal it 100% perfectly, so therefore don’t do anything”

    Such logic!

  4. Whippet1 says:

    Yes we do!

  5. VinceP1974 says:

    In my last comment:

    Something = same thing

  6. Terrye says:


    I’m a broken record with the fence. That is interesting, the comment you were responding to was not about me and this thread is not about the border.

    Maybe I am not the one who is obsessed. And I know I am not an idiot.

    And btw, I never said we should not do anything. Never. I said in fact that we should use a fence and technology and more people.

  7. Terrye says:

    And AJ never said we should not do anything. That is one thing about some hardliners. They think there are two kinds of people: the people who think just like them and the people who do not want to DO anything.

    Some logic.

  8. missy1 says:

    “Is it a form of mental illness to keep making obviously correct (and heaven forfend true) statements to an idiot and to expect enlightenment within said idiot?????”

    “said idiot” will never be enlightened, but I appreciate when members of this forum respond with the “obviously correct statements” I doubt I’m the only one, I lurked for a long time, how many others are out there?

    AJ has attracted outstanding people to his blog because of the quality of the site. “said idiot” is a nuisance, but he generates information that these very patient people might not contribute had he not annoyed them. Thanks to all!

  9. Whippet1 says:

    Very true Missy1. And “said idiot” can mobilize all of us to a common cause like no other!

  10. Lesley says:

    AJ – great essay. Thank you so much. I linked your piece at JOM because I think it deserves to be even more widely read.

  11. VinceP1974 says:

    Very true Missy1. And “said idiot” can mobilize all of us to a common cause like no other!

    For a moment I thought you meant Obama.

  12. M. Simon says:

    Proud member of the Vast Right Wing Freak Show.

    We have the Dems freaking out. Yeeeee Haaaaaaa.

    And AJ you are not alone. I bought into the D crazies in my yoot as well.

  13. AJStrata says:

    Thanks Lesley, very much appreciated.

  14. Whippet1 says:


    “For a moment I thought you meant Obama.”

    That goes without saying!!!