Mar 19 2008

More Predators Over Pakistan Hunting Their Prey

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al-Qaeda must be jumping out of their skin as US reconnaissance drones (aptly named “Predators”) roam about the skies of Pakistan’s tribal areas looking for new prey:

The spy planes of the United States were seen hovering over Miranshah, the headquarters of the North Waziristan Agency, Mir Ali and its adjoining areas, according to a private news channel on Wednesday.

The flights of the US drones over the Miranshah, Mir Ali and Ghulam Khan created concern among the local tribes, the channel reported. However, the drones did not carry out any action, it said. The US drones fired three missiles three days ago resulting in the death of 20 persons while five sustained injuries.

The article goes on to note how al-Qaeda threats against girl’s schools have resulted in those schools closing down in fear of attack. Happy hunting to our Predators – may they find worthy prey.

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4 Responses to “More Predators Over Pakistan Hunting Their Prey”

  1. VinceP1974 says:

    We need to permanently hover one of these babies over mecca armed with a nuclear warhead.. and tell them… attack our homeland , and the predator goes to ground.

  2. WWS says:

    Vince, Al Qaeda is the one that murders innocent women and children in order to make a point, not us. Don’t play into leftwing propaganda like that.

    In fact, Al Qaeda tried something very like this when they blew up the Golden Dome a couple years back, a mosque that was close to being a Shiite Mecca. They thought this would cow the shiites into submission – instead it ignited a civil war that ended up destroying the people that started the bombing.

    Do I have to point out that Saudi Arabia is an ally, and is HELPING us track down Al Qaeda? I hate to give a silly idea more credence than it deserves, but you might try to think through all of the consequences of what you propose – suppose we were to do what you say. Do you think China will sit idly by? China is buying Saudi oil too, you know. The Saudi’s will invite China & Russia in to defend them, and when they send in troops to take over the Saudi oil fields (as they certainly would) the US would have to choose between economic death and all out nuclear war. The choice would hardly matter; this country wouldn’t survive either way.

    I know saying stupid stuff like “nuke mecca!” is a fun way to vent emotion, but really. Think about it.

  3. VinceP1974 says:

    I didn’t say “Nuke Mecca”… I said “Attack our homeland, and we will nuke Mecca”

    I guess you rather not try to deter them by threatening what is dear to them..

    Well too bad. This is war.

    Respectfully 🙂

  4. WWS says:

    Saudi Arabia is still our ally, not very likely to attack us. Again, Saudi Arabia is not Al Qaeda. Mecca belongs to the Kingdom, not to Bin Laden. Threatening the Saudi’s is the only thing that could save Bin Laden and make him a hero again.

    No one likes the Saudi’s very much, that’s a given. No one likes the French much either. We still find it far better to work with both of them than to threaten to nuke them, which would drive anyone into our true enemies camp.