Mar 19 2008

Clinton Has Felled Obama, But At What Price?

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One of the barriers to Clinton taking the nomination away from Barack Obama was the fact he was the clear choice of Dems and Americans. Weeks after Obama’s smashing success on Super Tuesday he is witnessing how a war of attrition can sink a candidate, but not elevate the challenger. Check out two daily tracking polls at Gallup to see the damage Team Obama has taken. The first one shows Obama sinking against Clinton as she takes on one her widest leads in months:

The second shows how, for all her gains, all she did was sink herself and Obama. Check out how she matches up against McCain – who she once led in head-to-head match ups before the blood letting started:

Obama is losing to McCain too now, thanks to the infighting which is clearly turning off voters. But Hillary will get her place in history – as the first woman candidate for US President. Which is her second choice to being President herself. Trust me, she wants as much history out of this as she can squeeze – and too bad what it means to the party, the voters or the country. Blind ambition is just like that.

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  1. Terrye says:


    I am not sure Clinton did this, it might have been something that was just bound to happen.

    Another thing, Clinton has always done well with traditional Democrats, it is the unaffiliated but leaning left that Obama drew in that gave him more numbers. But Hillary was not lacking for regular Democrats to support. Shocking as that might be.

  2. WWS says:

    “at what price?” I’m tempted to say “for her SOUL!” but that was sold so long ago that nothing left to sell there. Very amusing to watch the left finding out the hard way that the Clinton’s every bit as monstrous as the right always said they were. Kind of like the Sunni’s finding out that Bin Laden and his thugs really were a lot worse than the Americans. Who’da thunk it? Meanwhile, while Hillary and Obama are mud wrestling, McCain is visiting our troops in Iraq and our allies in Israel. Who looks like a viable Commander in Chief?

    The worst thing for the dems is that if Obama takes the nomination, a lot of white dems that are turned off by Wright will jump to McCain. If Hillary takes the nomination, most of the black vote simply stays home on election day. Neither one can win anymore – and that’s why McCain is even farther ahead than the polls show.

    This would be bad even without the DNC telling Florida and Michigan that they get no say! As an old engineer I knew loved to say, these guys could screw up a steel ball in a sandbox.

  3. owl says:

    Well, we know it wasn’t McCain so I assume it was Hillary. I’m glad.

    Good riddance.

    I have seen a lot of disasters, illness and crime that have shocked and saddened me. But only two things have truly stunned. Watching that second tower turn to white powder and the dazed people covered with it. And then watching Rev Hate Speech scream “God Damn America” and know that he could have been the POTUS pastor.

    Now it will be said that be was not elected because he was a black man.

  4. Terrye says:

    It did not have to “be” anybody. Fred Barnes said the ABC reporter who first put the Wright tapes on TV bought them in the gift shop at his church. It is like the Rezko business, all this stuff has been there all along, but until he was out front people just kind of looked the other way.

  5. dhunter says:

    This changes nothing for the dem nomination Obamaba has it locked unless he jumps on the stump and uses Wrights words himself.

    Just listen to the left gush over his oratory.

    It only assures Hillary of the KKK vote and a Senator Bryd endorsement. Heck Florida and Mich won’t even tumble and give Hill her redo. Shes’ toast.

    Unfortunately, I don’t have the confidence that McCain is sharp enough to pull it off, that he won’t manage to somehow blow own his foot off at the most inopportune moment

  6. kathie says:

    I think that Obama lost himself along the way and was drawn to Wright and his church because Wrights message filled a hungry heart. He and his wife are black nationalists. If being so helps them in a world that was, is, unjust and gives them the fire to fight racism, good for them. But that wound disqualifies him to hold the office of President.

  7. Terrye says:

    I don’t think this was about injustice. I think Obama needed Wright to help him get established in politics.

    In 2002 Obama opposed the war. Then of course at first things looked pretty good, so in 2004 Obama was saying his position was not all that different from Bush’s. Then in 2006, the war became more unpopular and Obama needed a cause and dragging out the Black Panthers was not going to work in a general election.

    I don’t think Obama ever lost his way. I think this man has known just what he was doing every step of the way.

  8. kathie says:

    I was thinking of the Obama 20 years ago. Raised by a white mother, white grandmother, private school, eastern law school. Who was this black man, how would he make his mark, how black did he see himself? Maybe the church and his association gave him direction and a place in society, black society he was looking for. Just an idea!

  9. Terrye says:


    I think all young people go through something like that. For some it is a easy transition, for someone like Obama who had such a varied background it might have been almost TOO full. If you know what I mean. Too many choices can be almost more dangerous than none, when you are young.