Mar 19 2008

al-Qaeda Preyed On Young Muslims For ‘Fighters’

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Bumped To Top: I strongly feel this story is the most important story we will see in many months regarding Iraq. It is the picture mankind will carry with it when it ponders al-Qaeda. Just as the Nazis are forever linked to the horrors of the holocaust, al-Qaeda will be linked to the atrocities it inflicted on its own Muslim community.

Only for someone hopelessly desensitized to the human condition (from our violence soaked pop culture in videos and video games), or someone so blinded by partisanship that votes over shadow the human condition – or someone suffering from both – would this story not resonate. al-Qaeda’s holocaust will be much worse than the Nazis because it has been aimed at their own – at the Muslim community. Whose sons are being duped into becoming suicide bombers of Muslims? Muslim sons. Whose families are pulled into the town squares and hacked up alive in front of the children? Muslim families. Whose bodies are smeared and splattered across the local markets and mosque walls after an al-Qaeda ‘message’ is delivered from their Allah? Muslim bodies. This story abuse, disillusionment and survival – and all the others like it – will be al-Qaeda’s imprint on humanity. It is just not clear to those of us living through history what our place in history looks like. – end update

I ran across this important news article, one which is from as local news station here in DC, which highlights how al-Qaeda targets young people to be their butchers, preying on the next generation of Arab Muslims. I mentioned in this big round up of articles in the previous post, but felt it was worth highlighting since, in my mind, it represents the essence of what al-Qaeda has become in the minds of many Arab Muslims:

Al Qaida recruiters lingered outside the mosques and picked lonely, young men to quickly befriend. Within days, enthusiastic candidates for Jihad were consuming massive amounts of al Qaida’s anti-American rhetoric.

Less than a year later, these recruits are in U.S. custody in Iraq.

Tricked by al Qaida into killing fellow Muslims, they’re now praying for a chance to go back to North Africa and Saudi Arabia.

Forty-eight middle class young men thought they could make a name for themselves and achieve glory by joining al Qaida.

Bored and disengaged, they were constantly fighting with their parents. Most of them were angry with their harsh, abusive and often absent fathers. Their jobs as taxi drivers and construction workers were taking them nowhere. They were stuck in dead-end lives with no purpose or excitement, and no way to become “somebody.”

Bouyed by an inflated sense of self-importance about their mission to kill Americans in Iraq, these young, strong, and in many cases, poorly educated fighters secretly packed their bags and sneaked out of their homes — most planning to never return.

“They all then flew to Damascus,” Smith says. “It often would take weeks or a month or two to get from Syria into Iraq and they were then handled by various facilitators inside Syria.”

They were quickly handed off to an Iraqi al Qaida, who right from the beginning shunned these foreign fighters. They were not welcomed into the group. They were often sequestered away from the rest of the fighters. If they were there as suicide bombers they were often under fed.”

After weeks and months of similar indignities came the ultimate humiliation.

“They became more and more indoctrinated into the ideology and then given a mission to go off and kill what they thought were Americans, but as we all know, the vast majority of the targets were fellow Muslims.”

But the group of 48 is different.

They have willingly divulged key information about the inner-workings of al Qaida that the U.S. military has documented, analyzed and summarized. It was essentially the same story 48 times over. The only differences were names, locations and dates.

Their conclusions, however, were surprising. They didn’t want to die. They didn’t want to fight anyone. They didn’t want to be martyrs. They only wanted to go home.

“They felt lied to and they were all looking for a way out. But unfortunately, their passports had been taken, their money was taken, so at that point, they were really in a survival mode.”

But Smith says after their capture by the Coalition, there was almost a sense of relief that it was finally over.

This kind of story is what will stick in the minds of the Muslim world and cement the image of al-Qaeda as, not only the enemy of Islam, but a predator which preyed upon Islam’s children. AQ uses Islams children either as hostages with guns to their heads or suicide bombers killing fellow Muslims. This is why al-Qaeda is doomed because they cannot sustain any support in the Muslim community using these kinds of tactics. And because AQ can only create more of a backlash in the region America can and will and must win this war – just as George Bush claims. We have exposed the animals for what they are and Muslim people are rejecting them.

The fact our mainstream SurrenderMedia refuses to do more stories like this one doesn’t mean these stories are not burning across the Muslim-Arab world and churning the stomachs of every mother and father out there. AQ has gone to the sewer to try and hang on – they should have just given up. A beaten down effort would have still garnered some respect in the ME, but not these atrocities. But that was their mistake. We don’t need to make our own and all of sudden run away as the tide finally turns on our enemies.

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