Feb 29 2008

We Now Have Our 3rd Infamous American Traitor

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Though I know many hyper partisans would like to include George Bush and Nancy Pelosi as traitors to America, the reality is (a) we are in a real war and (b) there are Americans siding with our enemies. The first traitor was John Walker Lindh who was captures fighting for the enemy in Afghanistan. He is serving time in prison since the courts felt he was more misguided and brainwashed than anything else.

The 2nd, real American traitor we know about is Adam Gadahan. He was in communication with one Kalid Sheik Mohammed (KSM), the mastermind of 9-11 and and GITMO war criminal about to go on trial. At one point he was even asked by KSM to execute a suicide attack on America:

he C.I.A. was not aware of the extent of Gadahn’s involvement with Al Qaeda until after September 11th. When analysts at Langley later searched their databases for information about his overseas activities, his name surfaced “several times before 9/11, but only in lists of names that somebody passed to us,” the former senior C.I.A. officer told me. Abu Zubaydah was apprehended in 2002 and the chief planner of the terrorist attacks, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, in 2003, and both spoke about Gadahn during their interrogations, an intelligence official said. Mohammed said that he had last seen Gadahn in Karachi and that he had asked him to join a plot to blow up gas stations in Maryland, but Gadahn declined, explaining that he had recently married and his wife was pregnant. (In his last call home, Gadahn told his parents that he had married an Afghan refugee.) However, the official added, Gadahn participated in a number of “face-to-face brainstorming sessions” with Mohammed.

You don’t just ask anyone to be an attacker, especially an American, unless you are very confident of they will keep a secret. And you don’t “brainstorm” ways to kill Americans unless you are a trusted follower of the cause. Gadahan, in my mind is the best known real traitor to America.

But now we have another American traitor apparently, someone from my region of the country:

Even before the 2001 terrorist attacks, American-born imam Anwar al-Aulaqi drew the attention of federal authorities because of his possible connections to al-Qaeda. Their interest grew after 9/11, when it turned out that three of the hijackers had spent time at his mosques in California and Falls Church, but he was allowed to leave the country in 2002.

In mid-2006, Aulaqi was detained in Yemen at the request of the United States. To the dismay of U.S. authorities, Aulaqi was released in December.

“There is good reason to believe Anwar Aulaqi has been involved in very serious terrorist activities since leaving the United States, including plotting attacks against America and our allies,” said a U.S. counterterrorism official who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

Aulaqi, 36, was the spiritual leader in 2001 and 2002 of the Dar al-Hijrah mosque in Falls Church, one of the largest in the country.

Emphasis mine. Apparently we have had some success in tracking and monitoring this target if the bulk of our evidence and concern has been collected since he ran from the US. Like Gadahan he has continued to expand and grow his treason with time.

In several terrorism cases in Britain and Canada over the past 18 months, investigators found in the private computer files of some suspects transcripts and audio files of lectures by Aulaqi promoting the strategies of a key al-Qaeda military commander, the late Yusef al-Ayeri, a Saudi known as “Swift Sword.”

Federal prosecutors in New York alleged in a 2004 terrorism-related trial that a U.S. branch of a Yemeni charity for which Aulaqi served as vice president was a front that sent money to al-Qaeda. Documents filed around the same time in federal court in Alexandria assert that a year after 9/11, Aulaqi returned briefly to Northern Virginia, where he visited a radical Islamic cleric and asked him about recruiting young Muslims for “violent jihad.” That cleric, Ali al-Timimi, is now serving a life sentence for inciting followers to fight with the Taliban against Americans.

This case is why the games the Democrat House of Representative is playing with our intelligence groups – putting up new barriers between intel and law enforcement beyond those which allowed 12 highjackers to enter the US and kill 3000 people on 9-11 – is truly dangerous, not just foolish. There are people here who must have had connections to al-Qaeda. And we cannot afford to miss the activation messages from Bin Laden’s thugs to one of these sleeper cells that may still exist in the US.

Are there more American traitors? I would be surprised if there were not. We have arrested a lot of amateur wannabes. But regarding ones who fight directly for the enemy I find 3 to be a very small number. And remember, this is an election year, a year for terrorists to send us and the world a message that they are not defeated and that we must succumb.

The Democrat Congress may be destroying their own Presidential candidates’ hope. Because if we are attacked both they and their retreat-at-all-costs candidates will get the lion’s share of the blame – and deservedly so. If we did not have Surrendercrats keeping hope alive for our enemies that someone in America will arise to surrender to them we might have beaten the heart and support out of al-Qaeda by now. I would not bet al-Qaeda would stay its hand this year in hopes a Surrendercrat gets elected. al-Qaeda doesn’t understand America. They probably believe we would run away if we got hit again right now.

Which is why I think this year is the deadliest year we face – because al-Qaeda needs to change America’s resolve if it wants to survive. It is the cornered and injured animal, and it will lash out more before it fades away.

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  1. dave m says:

    Ricin found in Las Vegas hotel?
    Government says they are sure it is not “terrorist related”
    which means that it is.

  2. owl says:

    Which is why I think this year is the deadliest year we face – because al-Qaeda needs to change America’s resolve if it wants to survive

    If not this year, I see next year the same as I viewed 2000. I babbled to all that would listen that 2000 was the most important election of my lifetime because something was attacking us. My fear was that it also seemed to be coming from within with the media ignoring. Even my imagination could not come up with the NYC skyline and those horrific pictures of 9/11.

    So now we have a candidate that sees wearing a flag pin as a useless symbol along with placing the hand over his heart. After 9/11.

  3. Snapple says:

    I read that al-Aulaqi is not an American, but he told everyone that he was.

    He also wrote an article in National Geographic cautioning us not to overreact after 9-11 for fear of inciting more Muslims.

    He portrayed himself as a moderate.

    He was pretty slick.

  4. Snapple says:

    Here is an old article about Aulaqi that gives some information regarding his citizenship.


    You might try to find his article in National Geographic.