Feb 18 2008

The Battle For Islam Rages

It is clear that al-Qaeda’s pummeling over the last few years since 9-11 has shown that organization to be mostly hot air with the ability to blow up innocent people, but not topple governments. It failed in Iraq and Lebanon, and is failing in Afghanistan. Pakistan is one place I would hesitate to say is out of reach, but the elections today are a sign it just may be. In Iraq and Saudi Arabia, and even in Pakistan, polls show vast majorities disapprove of Bin Laden and al-Qaeda. But that does not mean Islam is finally turning from brutal thuggery as a way of political expression.

But it just might be coming soon. The assassination of long time Hezbollah terrorist Mughniyah in Damascus Syria this week brought another groups of thugs into the limelight and political debate in the Middle East. In response to the assassination Hezbollah is preparing for war with Israel, being the country Hezbollah thinks took out their head thug:

The Lebanese newspaper A-Safir reported Saturday that the Lebanon-based guerilla group Hezbollah has deployed 50,000 “activists” along the southern border with Israel and declared a state of high alert in southern Lebanon.

According to the report, the organization has also evacuated all buildings in the area designated for social or political purposes in recent days, in preparation for a confrontation with Israel in the wake of the assassination of Hezbollah terror chief Imad Mughniyah.

Mughniyah, the organization’s deputy secretary general, was killed in a blast in an upscale Damascus neighborhood late Tuesday. On Thursday, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah blamed Israel for the assassination and vowed to retaliate. Israel denied any involvement in the incident.

As I noted in previous posts Mughniyah was apparently meeting with Iranian, Syrian and Islamic Jihad elements to plan an attack on a neighboring Arab State. I believe this would be Iraq as a last ditch attempt to destabilize that budding democracy in the heart of the Middle East. And this collusion appears to be continuing, as Iran’s Revolutionary Guard claim Hezbollah will soon destroy Israel:

Mohammad Ali Jafari, whose cadre is the elite force of Iran’s ruling mullahs, said in a letter published Monday that last week’s assassination of Hezbollah’s terrorist commander Imad Mughniyeh was the beginning of the end for the Jewish state.

“In the near future, we will witness the destruction of the cancerous existence of Israel by the powerful and competent hands of the Hezbollah fighters,” Jafari wrote.

Of course the Surrendercrats under Pelosi in The House of Representatives picked now to blind our intelligence capabilities in the NSA by putting a judge in the role of commander-in-chief or general to fight our war on terror and protect our forces in Iraq and our ally Israel. Given Iran’s nuclear program now is not a good time to lose track of whacked Hezbollah martyrs lining up on the border of Isreal. Something is coming to a head in the ME – and we all know what the Surrendercrats will answer with – “runaway”.

But I am not so sure the pending showdown will go Hezbollah’s way (if we are lucky) and it will not re-enforce support for Jihad and other bloody madness. All the decades of bombings have brought nothing to the Palestinians or the thugs in Iran and Syria. For example, look at how things played out in Kuwait regarding the assassination:

The Kuwaiti government called on rival Muslim factions to show restraint on Monday after a rally by minority Shiites to mourn the slain commander of Lebanon’s Hezbollah took a sectarian turn.

“I call on the media and citizens to leave this issue to the government,” said government spokesman Faisal al-Hajji, adding that the cabinet had taken legal measures to ensure “the security and stability of Kuwaiti society” but without giving details.

His comments follow a Shiite rally at which Imad Mughnieh was lauded as a “martyr hero” by Shiite MP Adnan Abdulsamad. The rally was condemned by Sunni MPs and organisations, who in turn branded Mughnieh a “terrorist” and a “criminal”.

They described Saturday’s rally as a “provocation” to the Kuwaiti people.

The cabinet, following its weekly meeting, condemned organisers of the rally for glorifying a “terrorist whose hands were stained with the blood of innocent martyrs and who was behind many terrorist and criminal attacks”.

The cabinet also accused Mughnieh of hijacking a Kuwaiti passenger plane in 1988 that led to the killing of two Kuwaiti men whose bodies were dumped on the tarmac of Larnaca airport in Cyprus.

Don’t forget the Shiites in Iraq, as well as the Sunnis, have taken the brunt of al-Qaeda’s butchers. It is one thing to champion a fight against the evil and decadent west, it is another to suffer the jackboot and bombs of fanatics. Clearly something is going to happen soon if Hezbollah and Iran can be taken at their word – but I am not sure it will play out as conventional wisdom once expected. And who knows, maybe some people who have grown tired with the endless bloodshed will step forward and provide intel that will defuse what is coming.

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  1. WWS says:

    I doubt that Hezbollah is stupid enough to launch anything more than a missile barrage – they could never survive an actual frontal assault, and an attack like that would be a dream come true for the Isrealis. (defense with modern weaponry is far easier than offense, as Hezbollah showed last summer) With a missile barrage, of course, Israel has to decide whether or not to launch a counterstrike against Hezbollah – and they completely botched the attempt last time they tried.

    Interesting note about Mughniyah’s death which probably does point to the Mossad – he wasn’t killed with some sloppy car bomb of the kind that Syria kills it’s enemies with and that is commonly used by AQ – rather, someone entered his car and replaced the headrest with a headrest made out of high explosives. Small explosion, little collateral damage, guaranteed to take the targets head off – very elegantly done, from a purely operational POV.

  2. Terrye says:

    I think that the time will come when these jihadis just wear everyone out, including other Muslims.

  3. MerlinOS2 says:

    Two presidential campaigns, both Dems have staff members visiting Syria around the time of the car bombing and then Pelosi sits on a bill that was strong for passage.

    But reports are out the Dem caucus wanted 4 to 1 to play this delaying action.

    Dots…more Dots

  4. dave m says:

    There are two events that would renew the jihad wars overnight,
    and we appear not to be watching either.
    First – Iran finishes building the atomic bomb and deploys them
    through the IRGC at which point we can safely assume that
    they will be used against the USA, Europe, and of course,
    Israel. We know this because Iran has told us their target list,
    and because we also know their president is guided by a sect
    of islam that believes their “savior” will only return to an Earth
    that is in flames (and also that it their duty to cause those flames)
    Crazy? Sure, but crazy people kill people. Future historians will
    marvel at that rogue NIE report that came out a few months ago.
    Second – Pakistan elects a coalition government including
    strong islamist tendencies (oops they just did that) and loses
    a couple of their warheads to al-kyder or the taleban. In both
    cases we lose several million lives, a couple of cities, and trillions,
    maybe that’s actually quadrillions of dollars.

    Both paths are active and proceeding. If the USA elects a pacifist
    President, then the attacks will come sooner. Afterwards, recent
    victories in Iraq will not be remembered.
    Wretchard (Belmont Club) writes that the “war on terror” is
    actually islam’s “golden hour” by which he means the last chance
    to win a stable peace by changing minds. If the war on terror,
    or whatever you want to call it, fails or is ended prematurely,
    then much more terrible consequences both for us but overwhelmingly so for the islamic portion of the world are in store.

  5. ray says:

    “We consider Iranian intervention more dangerous to Iraq than American intervention” “I believe an American withdrawal from Iraq would be a disaster.”

    He also does not think of the American occupation as a bad thing anymore, because the whole region would fall under Iranian influence as well as Al Qaeida’s ideology.

    Who? Former Leader of the ‘Terrorist’ Islamic Army of Iraq, Abu Azzam Al-Tamimi. Found from