Aug 12 2005

Able Danger, Jersey Girls Update VIII

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Well, Jim Geraghty at TKS has now joined the hunt and it is always an eye opener when the professional bloggers jump in with their resources and experienced insight. I was really curious about how the Jersey Girls would respond to the news about Able Danger. I have winced at their push to blame 9-11 as a failure of the Bush administration, but given their loss and their demeanor I have had faith their good intentions would outweigh their seemingly one sided views.

Well, my confidene in them has been bore out in this post from TKS regarding their interview on Hardball (which I missed, besides my network went down for a few hours this evening)


    Certainly, it is a disturbing turn of events. If the information turns out to be accurate, I think that the commission report will be completely discounted, in the sense that this is not an insignificant piece of information.

    This is not an insignificant piece of information. And had they been identified, I would like to know why that information was not passed on to the FBI. Furthermore, I would like to know, if it was not passed to the FBI, who was it passed on to?

Good for them, they are focused on the most important issue. Why did Atta and al-Shehhi, two ring leaders and pilots on 9-11, disappear from interest in 2000. It is one thing not to prosecute. It is another to stop surveillance. More insights from Breitweiser

…have a page from the joint inquiry of Congress. It is a chart in the back of the book. It‘s from page 28.

And it says late 1999, Midhar at UBL camp in Afghanistan. Winter 1999, Mohamed Atta reportedly sited at UBL facility in Afghanistan, Marwan al-Shehhi at UBL guest house in Kandahar.

Well, if it says reportedly sighted, I would like to know who reportedly sighted them in 1999, if this operation did in fact not occur?

OK, I am going into broken record mode here. Atta and al Shehhi are known AQ trainees from 1999 and sighted in the US in 2000. An administrati0n obsessed with knocking out AQ threats at home, in an election year where national security bona fides would make all the difference in the vote, decide not to pursue these AQ agents handed to them on a silver platter.


First we need to know what Able Danger had, to see if was strong enough to warrant even a cursory surveillance. Then we need to know who knew about the Able Danger report and why was even surveillance dropped.

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  1. […] The failure of the 911 Commission to investigate Mohammed Atta’s presence in the U.S. six months earlier than previously thought was well planned. The old 9/11 commission was a politician/bureaucratic managed cover up run by several former Clinton administration officials and spineless RINOs. I think it was no accident that Jamie Gorelick was appointed to the commission. No accident that Sandy Berger was caught with “classified documents ” in his pants at the National Archives. This woman’s testimony was disregarded. […]