Jan 29 2008

al-Qaeda’s Deathbed Stance In Iraq

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Michael Yon is reporting on efforts in Northern Iraq to finally snuff out al-Qaeda, and how it is working:

Major operations against al Qaeda have begun in northern Iraq. Al Qaeda is in serious trouble. These are not ad hoc operations, but are deliberate, systematic, well-planned and working. I’ve been watching this unfold for months but have not reported due to sensitivity, but the real shooting has started and Maliki has announced it. There is every indication that this series of operations could be the death blow for al Qaeda in Iraq.

This is actually a follow-up confirmation of reports we heard from Iraqi officials a while ago:

Major General Abdul Karim Khalaf, director of operations at the Interior Ministry, told KUNA here “we have succeeded in establishing a capable intelligence apparatus to penetrate the al-Qaeda organization in Iraq and all armed groups targeting Iraqi national security.” He said emphatically that the sectarian sedition in Iraq has virtually ended, adding that the new intelligence apparatus is able to achieve its objectives regarding all armed groups operating in Iraq.

He went on to say that “al-Qaeda is now an open book for us, now that we have succeeded in penetrating it.” Khalaf did not reveal the extent of al-Qaeda’s reach in Iraq but asserted that trained Iraqi security elements currently operate under cover within this terrorist organization which he said will be dismantled soon.

We have a new political landscape in America. One where hyper-partisans are being shunned for more centrists, and one where America will see victory in Iraq against al-Qaeda. Bush has set so many things in motion that will take decades to play out it is amazing to envision what the world will be like in ten years. And it won’t be anything we expect. Can Obama or Clinton win in November with al-Qaeda vanquished from Iraq and Bin Laden on the run in Pakistan? I don’t think so. H/T Reader MerlinOS2 on the Yon post.

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  1. Whippet1 says:

    If hyperpartisans have been shunned for the centrists then we wouldn’t be seeing the far left “socialist” Hillary and Obama on the Democrat’s side. And if this wonderful success that has happened in Iraq could affect the election then no one would even be considering voting for a democrat after everything they have done to sabotage the war effort and every tool this administration has used to fight it.

    The media will not focus on any of the successes in Iraq or this President. The more good news, the less they will report. They will push their agenda and their liberal candidate.

    What the Republicans needed was not a centrist, moderate, or right- wing candidate. What we needed was a strong, experienced and dynamic candidate regardless as to where they fell on the Republican political spectrum. And we aren’t going to have one.

  2. crosspatch says:

    There’s good news out of Pakistan too.

    LAHORE: After the killing of three levies personnel by local militants in Orakzai Agency on Saturday night, 18 tribes of the agency have decided to form a Lashkar (tribal army) against the Taliban to flush them out of the area, reported BBC Urdu on Tuesday.

    A grand jirga of the 18 tribes was held in Ghuljoo, Orakzai Agency headquarters, on Monday morning, which was attended by around ten to fifteen thousand armed men.

    Talking to BBC, head of Rabiakhel tribe Malik Zaman Shah said all tribes had unanimously decided not to give shelter to any militant in the area and any tribe breaching the pledge would be punished with Rs 10 million in fine and a hundred houses of the tribe would be burnt down.

    It appears the Islamist militants are doing the same thing in Pakistan as they did in Iraq. They are alienating the tribes that shelter them. They do this through their brutality to these tribes and now they probably have a promise of some government protection if they stand up against the Taliban.

    These people are self-destructive. They engage in non-sustainable tactics. They constantly bite the hand that feeds and shelters them. And eventually they cut off their own base of support. What is becoming clearer with every passing day is that we don’t need to fight these people … given some training and support, the locals will do it just as well.