Jan 08 2008

Dem Turnout In NH Massive, Another Blowout Of GOP?

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There is a tidal wave brewing and its name is Obama. Drudge is reporting the NH polling stations are running out of ballots across the state. Looks to me like Hillary will be crushed. What is also going to be worrisome – in this state which is very much 50-50 – is expect to see another 2-1 edge in turnout for the Dems as we saw in Iowa. The wave is building still – not receding. Which means Hillary is not the only one who will be swept away.

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  1. Terrye says:

    and conman, it is only one election in the end. The Left always screams bloody murder and claims they have been robbed when they lose an election, they are children after all. But I have learned over the years that there is no such thing down and out in politics.

    Now I also realize that Obama thinks he can do this peace in our time thing. I myself still think a war with Saddam was inevitable. I am glad he is gone. I am glad Libya’s nuke program is gone and the AQKahn network is gone. but your average Obama supporter probably does not even know who AQ Kahn is. He or she is too busy day dreaming about their hero making friends with dictators and mass murderers.

  2. Terrye says:

    Speaking of Independents, I saw this over at Captains Quarters:

    Interesting split on CNN’s exit polling among independents. Barack Obama won the demographic, but not by nearly as much as anyone expected. He only carried independents by 7 points, and lost women by 13. He carried women in Iowa, and that may be the difference here.

  3. kathie says:

    Slightly more Rep. then Dems voted, interesting!

  4. wiley says:

    As I posted in the Romney-Independent thread, it’s way too early to dismiss Hillary – don’t underestimate the mighty Clinton machine. Looks like they had great success in turning out the vote in NH’s “big” cities. And I suspect her emotional presser helped with the women vote.
    It will be very interesting going forward, on both sides. I think the dems will be decided on Super Tuesday, but the repubs will still be undetermined.

  5. crosspatch says:

    I think it is very interesting that a lot of the news reporting is coming from the psychological position that Obama had won NH handily. All the reporting on Hillary’s tears, Bill’s rip into Obama, etc. are all from the psychological position that Hillary was way behind. They were attempting to create a reality by creating the illusion of that reality ahead of time, just like they have been trying to do with the economic numbers. The truth is the news media lies purposely.

  6. wiley says:

    Obama did have a good lead in basically every poll, and there is evidence that HRC got a huge bump from late deciders. In any case, she definitely has a big edge now to get the nomination.

  7. Terrye says:


    Surely not. I am shocked! Shocked!

  8. Frogg says:

    Tuesday, January 08, 2008

    The enthusiasm chasm [Mark Steyn]

    Bill Gardner, New Hampshire’s Secretary of State, is reporting that maybe 20,000 more people voted in the Democratic than in the Republican primary. If so, that’s not bad for a party whose base is supposedly demoralized in a state swept by a Democrat landslide just over a year ago.

    01/08 09:21 PM

    National Review
    http://corner.nationalreview.com/post/?q=ZWM4ZDA2MTU4NzcyZmRjMDEzMGJlMmM2YTE2NzE5MmI=%5DNational Review

  9. Frogg says:

    It might also be said that in the exit polling it was pretty clear that GWOT was the main issue in NH. Immigration is a huge issue in practically every state. Just look at what local and state governments are doing to crack down on illegal immigration with full support of their citizens. McCain and Huckabee both changed their positions on immigration to a more acceptable stance. McCain said he “gets it”. He knows Americans want the border secured first. Huck wants to kick ’em all out of the country (yes, I know it is a weak toucback plan) and just recently wants a Constitution change to get rid of the automatic citizenship if born here to parents who aren’t citizens. Voters didn’t adjust on the immigration issue……the candidates did. No hypochondriacs here.