Jan 07 2008

Eye On Pakistan

More things to watch as allied forces zero in on Bin Laden and the suspected al-Qaeda sanctuary in the Waziristan area of Pakistan. First is the arrest of a Bin Laden body guard, which I assume is becoming quite familiar with the mechanics of water-boarding:

The alleged security coordinator and bodyguard for Al Qaeda terror chieftain Usama bin Laden was arrested in Pakistan sometime last week, the influential newspaper The Nation reported Monday.

Amin al-Haq, 48, also known under the alias Dr. Amin Ah Haq, was arrested last week in Lahore during a special police operation and is being interrogated by Pakistani intelligence, the newspaper reported citing an anonymous law enforcement source.

Osama better start moving! But where can he go now that Waziristan is surrounded? It looks like the Waziristan locals surrounding him are on the offensive, probably hoping to stave off attack:

The killing of eight tribal elders involved in peace negotiations in the Waziristan region of Pakistan is the first flash of violence in the area for about six months.
The bloodshed unfolded in a series of attacks between Sunday night and Monday morning around Wana, the lawless capital which is a hotbed of al-Qaida linked violence.

The Pakistani military reported attacks on two “peace committee” offices in Wana and the nearby Shikai Valley, a rugged mountain retreat where soldiers discovered a network of al-Qaida safehouses in 2005.

The bloodletting underscores the collapse of government authority in Waziristan, where 100,000 troops are deployed, and the perils run by those engaged in controversial efforts to broker peace between the government and well-armed militants.

The Pak military is heading into Waziristan to clean out the terrorists, which will either nab Bin Laden or force him out into the open (if he is there):

Caretaker Interior Minister Hamid Nawaz Khan has said that a major operation is being started in Waziristan to arrest leader of Al-Qaeda Baitullah Mehsud while strategy in this respect have been devised.

Baitullah Mehsud is involved in terrorist and extremist activities and we have strong evidence about his presence in Waziristan; Hamid Nawaz said this while talking to media men here on Monday.

A major operation to capture leader of Al-Qaeda is being started, the minister said, adding that, operation would be launched soon after revealing his hideout in Waziristan.

Rumor has it Baitullah is providing security and forces to al-Qaeda. We will know soon enough. As al-Qaeda attacks the local moderates they are creating a backlash against them – as happened in Anbar Province, Iraq:

Nine members of pro-government Taliban commander Maulvi Nazir’s group were gunned down in two attacks on his offices in South Waziristan, triggering a backlash against Mehsud tribes, officials and local tribal elders said on Monday.

I do think the endgame is coming in Pakistan. Seems impossible to avoid it.

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  1. conman says:

    AJ, this is not the first time that you have claimed that Pakistan is on the cusp of pursuing a major military offensive against Al Qaeda and wipe them out. You made the same claims in these previous posts:

    Major Attack on Al Qaeda, October 30, 2006
    Al Qaeda Amasing for Attack, February 19, 2007
    Are Al Qaeda Being Pushed from Pakistan, April 8, 2007
    Al Qaeda Under Attack in Pakistan, July 25, 2007
    Closing in on Al Qaeda Central in Pakistan, September 17, 2007
    Pakistan Pounding Terrorist Encampments in Tribal Areas, October 9, 2007
    Major Push Against Al Qaeda in Pakistan Coming Soon, November 14, 2007

    And then there is this wonderful quote from you in your post entitled Al Qaeda Amasing for Attack, February 19, 2007, that is just too good to pass up:

    “Much the news out in the last few days is saying al Qaeda is gaining strength in the Waziristan Province just on the Pakistan side of the Afghan border. This tells me one thing – al Qaeda is massing for attack. Of course, the media thinks a ragtag group of Islam Fascists in Toyota Pickups are a match for the modern militaries of the West, so they see this as a gathering threat. Me, I see it as a gathering of targets making attacks by the US or our allies highly productive in terms of taking out the Islamo Fascists. So let them gather. Maybe they can hold hands as we send them on their way to Allah.”

    Of course, your predictions never panned out, especially the last one I quoted since even you now appear to recognize the danger of Al Qaeda in Pakistan (it took you a while, but I’ll credit you for finally getting there). I’m wondering – what is it about your sense this time that is so different from your previous predictions?

  2. Terrye says:


    Well let’s just wait until Obama becomes president. After all he intends to invade Pakistan and get Osama. Or so he said. And of course I am sure he means what he says.