Jan 07 2008

Amnesty Hypochondriacs Lose It On Conservative Talk Radio

Boy, what has happened to the conservative movement? Today it reminded me more of the last bastion of racism in the 1960’s and 1970’s than a modern party ready to lead a diverse nation. I listened to Laura Ingram, Mark Levin and Michael Savage and it was really ugly. You could almost see the spittle coming out of the radio as they just launched out at McCain and his position on the Bush-McCain Immigration Bill (they love to call it the McCain-Kennedy Bill though it had tons of GOP support).

All of them were just railing against everyone who disagrees with their efforts to deport/expunge all the illegal aliens from the country. The names came fast and crude: ‘traitor’, ‘corrupt’, ‘shill’, ‘liberal’…. Like I said, the last time I heard vitriol like this was back when Martin Luther King and others were knocking down the racial barriers and the ‘nativists’ were just spewing whatever their little minds could think of to fill their ‘end of the world’ paranoia. Savage then went off to call all those from south of the border ‘human locust’ who were destroying America.

The old GOP is dead (and smells pretty bad). The question is whether it shrinks to nothing or becomes more centrist. The lame calls for real conservatives vis a vis Reagan are just ridiculous. Reagan and Bush both cut taxes, but could not reign in drunken-spending by Congress. But Bush did better than Reagan did on the spending side! And Reagan gave the country real amnesty when he was in office. The Bush-McCain proposals were much more stringent and gave NO ONE an quick path to citizenship and ENDED the ability of immigrant workers to gain citizenship.

But the Amnesty Hypochondriacs don’t care about facts or the country. They know that liberals will surrender the war on terrorism, but they are more focused on ridding the country of those ‘human locust’. They are so obsessed with that they are willing to give Bin Laden a win before they will let long term immigrants stay in this country. Their priorities are basically effed up. As is their role in leading this nation.

It will be interesting to see what can happen to the GOP, but it is dead unless it can track to the center. Dead – an very few will care if the amnesty hypochondriacs are the only ones in a super minority party ranting at all the unfairness in the world, which has rejected them and their uncontrollable anger.

Update: Readers Terrye and Sally Vie reminded me I wanted to post the latest from Victor Davis Hanson on the issue of immigration and the GOP:

So while it is easy to say, “I oppose amnesty in all its forms,” note apparently how difficult it is for the candidates to make the next intellectually honest and logical corollary, “Thus I am for the mass deportation of all illegal aliens.”

It is fine and good to talk of “attrition” by slowly and incrementally rounding up illegal aliens as they come in contact with government agencies and need various licenses, papers, statements, etc., but you are still talking about deporting millions, who are currently working and crime-free, rather promptly. The odd thing is that should illegal immigration cease at the border, the pool of illegals here, properly screened, would become static, and not be replenished, and, if the past is any guide, within a generation melt into the American pot.

So it seems that while “amnesty” is a political death sentence, so is mass deportation-the only element of the immigration debate that would play into the hands of the Democrats who otherwise lose big on the issue.

Is VDH a traitor or corrupt or anti-American or a RINO? If you are a amnesty hypochondriac the answer is of course ‘yes’ to all four.

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  1. Terrye says:

    This is why I think it is silly for people to jump on Huckabee for saying something negative about the president. Listen to these people, they are nothing but negative. Neither Bush or Reagan would have made the kind of comments they make.

    And check out the link to VDH left by sally vee in earlier post, it speaks to this in an honest way.

  2. the struggler says:

    I’ve gotten to where I can’t listen to Laura I. anymore.She’s got the same show on illegal immigration on every morning.I can deal with Savage because his rants are all over the board.He’s usually entertaining.I like Savage.

  3. SallyVee says:

    Well A.J., I’m glad you got a little dose of the poison airwaves today. Last time I heard Laura she was talking up the New World Order and how GWB had made some deal with someone (Tom Cruise? Hugo Chavez?) to sell American sovereignty for like ten bucks and a six pack. Lately, she’s had plastic, a FoxNews glossy makeover, voice training, and a shiny new and slightly smaller cross placed around her neck — without it, let’s face it, how the hell would we know she’s a Christian? When Fox dumped Michelle, they seem to have chosen Laura as the blonde replicant. She is a marginally better host, and smiles once in awhile. So far she has kept her wilder radio shtick under wraps, but it seeps out here and there if you pay attention.

    Oh, and have you heard that Lou Dobbs is launching a daily radio show? What a refreshing change of pace that will be!

    Struggler, I know what you mean about Savage. He’s so psychotic it’s almost fun once in awhile to take a trip through his brain blizzard. I usually end up feeling really rational and calm afterwards. And when he does his Jewish mother bit, or the stuff about his dog eating at the dinner table, it IS funny.

  4. kathie says:

    Look we have the loony right and left……..and then we have AJ and the ever admirable VDH. Now that we get our news so fast and often, we hear a lot of loud voices and know it all’s. I’m learning not to get carried away with what they say. May be sometime soon the MSM will stop putting only the hard right all over our screens as if they represent a common ground. But probably not as they, the MSM, love characterizing all Republicans as loony, hard edged, uncaring, and the left as right, moral and caring.

  5. AJStrata says:


    I get doses every day. After Iowa they tried to understand what was happening with Obama and toned it down. They realize the old guard is being rejected for the hyper-partisanship. But the Romney comments during the debate just busted what little self control they have.

    Sadly for them I outgrew them (which wasn’t hard to do since I have followed politics my entire life and I know the workings of the federal government).

    Your right, occasionally Savage has a likable side – but it doesn’t make up for his human venom.

  6. Jules Roy says:

    “Boy, what has happened to the conservative movement?”

    The conservative movement failed decades ago. What you’ve had in the past few years is a complete neocon/Trotskyite takeover. Neocons are merely fanatical National Greatness Imperialists and Israel Firsters who conned the grassroots into thinking they cared about America and its social crises. As long as ordinary Americans are willing to kill and be killed for neocon ideology the neocons will pretend to be on their side. But lip service and symbolic gestures are all real conservatives should expect

    To the neocon butchering tens of thousands of brown people around the world is patriotic, but defending an invasion of your own country, if the invaders are brown, is racist.

  7. Jules Roy says:

    “But the Amnesty Hypochondriacs don’t care about facts or the country.”

    Is that why the George Bush/Ted Kennedy/La Raza crowd shout “racist” every time someone brings up illegal immigration? Perhaps the Bushbots think immigration is another “mission accomplished”.

    Personally I don’t care what you do to your own former nation. What concerns us is that Americans are not content with minding their own business and keeping their maladaptive destructiveness to themselves.

    The American ruling class have a mission to force their maladaptive “values” (corporate capitalism, anti-white racism, cultural relativism and homogenization, mass manipulation democracy, feminism, and your cretinous, nihilistic Hollywood/MTV trash culture) on everybody else. The American ruling class won’t be happy until the entire world is as homogenized as they have become. The USA is like the USSR of the 21st century, except the Soviets were only half-hearted in their efforts at world conquest. The Americans, led by neocons and their leftist twins, won’t stop on their own volition. They need to be defeated either militarily or from within the US itself.

    That’s the bright side of Hispanicization. The neocons will be tossed out as Hispanics do not believe in mad pseudo-religious missions to reform humanity.

  8. AJStrata says:


    I assume you have a quote of President Bush calling the opponents racists?

    LOL! Why so insecure about a few nannies and landscapers??