Jan 07 2008

al-Qaeda Will Be Destroyed By Muslims

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It is becoming clear that al-Qaeda is fighting for its very life because all of its big targets are Muslims – not Americans. This happened in Anbar when Iraqis began to turn on al-Qaeda as well. al-Qaeda started bombing mercilessly to attempt to cower the Sunnis there back into submission. The result was even more blowback onto al-Qaeda and their demise (literally) in Iraq. Make no mistake about it, al-Qaeda is still dangerous there as the following news reports show.

There were coordinated car bombing attacks directed at the heart of the Iraqi opposition to al-Qaeda:

A well-respected Sunni leader who was key in helping reduce violence in his northern Baghdad neighborhood was among at least 15 people killed in three separate suicide bombings Monday, officials said.

Both blasts killed members of local Awakening Councils, continuing a spate of aggressive attacks by al Qaeda in Iraq fighters against the groups in recent weeks.

In addition, al-Qaeda kidnapped the family of an anti al-Qaeda leader in Iraq:

Dozens of suspected Al Qaeda militants have kidnapped a tribal chieftain, along with 13 members of his family, in Diyala province northeast of Iraqi capital Baghdad, a provincial police source said Sunday.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see who al-Qaeda is at war with – they are at war with Iraq. And while they have little hope of winning it, we cannot run away or look weak to those who now rely on as allies. Even if we are allies of convenience and not conviction, we need to be there to help those willing, ready and able to destroy al-Qaeda. Because in the end, it must be the Iraqis who purge al-Qaeda, and they must be doing a heck of a job if al-Qaeda is killing Muslims so as to teach them who is in control.

And it is not stopping there. It seems those who have been attempting a peaceful solution with al-Qaeda and the extreme Taliban in Pakistan are now also being slaughtered:

Suspected Islamic militants fatally shot eight tribal leaders involved in efforts to broker a cease-fire between security forces and insurgents in Pakistan’s volatile northwest, authorities said Monday.

The men were killed in separate attacks late Sunday and early Monday in South Waziristan, a mountainous region close to Afghanistan where al Qaeda and Taliban militants are known to operate, a security official and the military said in a statement.

Why go on this killing spree against fellow Muslims? Because the noose is tightening and the savages of al-Qaeda are lashing out for survival in the only way they know how. Of course liberal hand wringers will come rushing out and claim all is lost and the US should run away. Thank god these people weren’t around when Hitler stalked the Earth and we faced Dunkirk and near loss in North Africa. A force like al-Qaeda will not die quietly or easily, but it can be killed (just as the Nazis are now basically dead).

A new poll out shows the battle al-Qaeda faces in Pakistan (and in Iraq). al-Qaeda cannot abide democracy – it is poison to their fascist beliefs. So the more a Muslim country embraces democracy the more an enemy it is of al-Qaeda. The new poll out shows massive support for democracy in Pakistan:

The results, released about six weeks before elections scheduled for Feb. 18, show that a large majority of Pakistanis see democracy as fully compatible with Islam, the pollsters said. Democracy ranked especially high among the 60 percent of respondents who wanted Muslim-based Sharia law to play a larger role in legal affairs.

The poll, which has a 3.3 percentage point margin of error, surveyed 907 adults in 19 Pakistani cities from Sept. 12-28. About 49 percent of the respondents were women.

At least 60 percent of respondents agreed that al Qaeda and Taliban activities pose a threat to their country’s vital interests over the next 10 years. But more than 80 percent said the same of the U.S. military presence in Asia, including Afghanistan.

Pakistan’s problems right now are not because the US provides them military support. It is because al-Qaeda is massing there and attempting to take down their democracy. Pakistan needs to “Awaken”, and the bloodshed al-Qaeda is inflicting on its people should do the trick sooner or later. I think al-Qaeda’s war on its fellow Muslims is the largest indicator there is it is in trouble. It is not leading Islam, it is trying to beat it into submission. And it is our historic job to make sure that doesn’t happen. Because of al-Qaeda does pound a Muslim state into submission the War on Terror will rage for years more to come.

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  1. Neo says:

    Aminul Haq, a leading Al-Qaeda fugitive from Afghanistan and a close associate of late Afghan Jihadi leader Maulvi Younas Khalis, was apprehended from Lahore couple of days back, disclosed some credible Afghan sources.

    I wonder which came first, the apprehension of Aminul Haq, Osama bin Laden’s security coordinator, or the shooting of the eight tribal leaders ?