Dec 27 2007

Democrats Finally Excel Over GOP – Worst Congress In History

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The Democrats took over Congress last year with the expectation they would out perform their GOP rivals. And looking back over 2007 we can see that they have excelled over the GOP – they were much worse and created an even more dysfunctional congress than the last one (which was turned out on its ear). Today David Broder notes the Dems new low:

After one year of Democratic majorities in the House and Senate, public approval ratings for Congress have sunk below their level when Republicans were still in control. A Post poll this month put the approval score at 32 percent, the disapproval at 60.
In the last such survey during Republican control, congressional approval was 36 percent. So what are the Democrats to make of that? They could be using this interregnum before the start of their second year to evaluate their strategy and improve their standing. But if Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the House and leader of their new majority, is to be believed, they are, instead, going to brag about their achievements.

Pelosi is a clown. She thinks if she just pretends the Congress did great things, and the news media puppets her positions (which they mindlessly will with the exception of a few true journalists like Broder left minding the store), then the propaganda will hide the reality. Boy, she must really think Americans are dupes – especially her base! Because she ain’t making this stuff up for the benefit of us conservatives, independents or GOP types! Who is she fooling?

While surveys by The Post and other news organizations show that the public believes little or nothing of value has been accomplished in a year of bitter partisan wrangling on Capitol Hill, Pelosi claims that “the House has had a remarkable level of achievement over the first year, passing 130 key measures — with nearly 70 percent passing with significant bipartisan support.”
That figure is achieved by setting the bar conveniently low — measuring as bipartisan any issue in which even 50 House Republicans broke ranks to vote with the Democrats. Thus, a party-line vote in which Democrats supported but most Republicans opposed criminal penalties for price-gouging on gasoline was converted, in Pelosi’s accounting, into a “bipartisan” vote because it was backed by 56 Republicans.

The woman is a disaster, which is sad. America deserved a lot better for our first woman Speaker of The House. And we had probably 150+ million better options to chose from inside our borders too. It is pathetic how bad Congress has been to those who gave them an opportunity to lead and show us their stuff. Clearly, from what we see in Pelosi’s childish fantasy story line of progress, the only thing they can do is make up crap. The fact is many leaders have navigated our Constitutional government and achieved great things. Pelosi and her followers blame the filibuster and the veto for her pitiful results. What a joke.

It is pretty simple. If Pelosi and Reid could not work within the filibuster and the veto when Bush had searingly low support and a country tired of the Iraq war then they couldn’t do it ever. How is it Speaker Gingrich and Leader Lott could get so much done under Clinton with their razor thin majorities? Clinton was weakened by his scandals is part of it. But the real part of their success was putting forth REALLY popular measures. The Dems never had the support they naively fantasized on Iraq – the one issue they expended all their political capitol (i.e., good will) on. Blaming elements of federal governance that have been around for hundreds of years is simply admitting they never had the skill in the first place.

Liberals are defensive, but so what? They failed and we all know it. Their leaders failed and now they fail to accept that their leaders failed. That is a double failure folks! What the far left has is their long desired defeat over Iraq. They got it! America will get success and the left will get the defeat they wanted, it will be all theirs – they won’t have to share it with the rest of us. And history will place them were they belong – as a shining example of the worst America has offered for leadership. And they did it in record breaking fashion – they beat out the previous GOP congress which was the prior title holder.

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