Nov 21 2007

Embryonic Stem Cell Lies Continue

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Stem Cell Lies Continue – but at least it is the falsehood of pretending what positions the ESCR fanatics took now that they have egg on their face with the recent news on stem cells derived from skin cells.

Those who claimed you had to kill young humans to gain access to stem cells are all over themselves trying to claim they were vindicated now that we learn adult stem cells, created from skin cells, will do the job. What a bunch of BS from a group that never grasped the topic in the first place. These fools who tried to leverage their 3rd grade understanding of biology to claim we had to kill people te to get spare parts.

First off, yes embryos are ‘people” because ’embryo’ is a scientific term for a stage of life. The term ‘people’ is a layman’s term for homo sapien sapien – which is a species of life in biology. The human DNA in embryos makes them of the species homo sapien sapien. Challenge any biologist or scientist they will not refute this fact. We no more confuse puppies and babies (as stages of life of an organism) because their DNA signature is now clearly visible to the layman’s eye. But the determinate factor is the DNA in the cells, not the shape or hairiness of the ears.

And DNA tests will show something else about human embryos – they are distinct individual organisms from their parents. We can identify species by their DNA, but we can also differentiate individual organisms within a species with their DNA. These are the same tests used in every court across this land. Science can prove without any doubt an embryo is a human individual in a symbiotic arrangement with its mother. If one compares the embryonic stage of mammals with the early stages of life in Marsupials – where the young leave the womb very early to grow in the pouch – one can see the fallacy of assuming a stage of life equates with a form of life.

The ignorance of many on this topic is legendary and laughable. As are the new attempts to pretend the losers in this debate where never wrong. Check these lame attempts to deny the error of their ways! From the Washington Post:

Others involved in the stem cell debate cautioned that much work remains to be done to prove the value of the new cells. No one yet knows, for example, whether the new cells will be as effective as conventional embryonic stem cells may prove to be against certain diseases, or whether the new cells will even prove safe for use in people.

For those reasons, several said, it would be wrong to halt efforts to loosen the president’s controversial restrictions on federal funding for stem cell research, which prevent federal dollars from going to research on cells from embryos destroyed after Aug. 9, 2001.

These “new cells” are as safe for people as any other human stem cell! The fact is adult stem cell therapies abound and are making major progress in battling diseases today. Embryonic stem cells results are consistent in their production of tumors and cancerous growths. So this is a bunch of BS. No one can show this process will not work, just as they cannot prove ESCR will not work (outside the fact it has not worked to date). Now check out this NY Times piece:

The discovery that skin cells can be reprogrammed to mimic embryonic stem cells is likely to transform the sticky political debate over the science, a debate that has pitted Mr. Bush against two-thirds of the American public including prominent Republicans like Nancy Reagan and has even helped decide some elections.

The findings have put people on both sides of the stem cell divide on nearly equal political footing. Each side can now say it has fruitful research to pursue.

As I said, this is laughable, but predictable from people who coulod probably not pass a High School biology test. The ESCR results are a big fat zero. The Adult Stem Cell results are manifold. What kind of person takes a string of defeats and then looks at a string of successes and declares them equal? A liberal in denial – that’s who. Look, we don’t need to kill young humans to get stem cells, get over it! And finally, we have one more lame attempt by ESCR fanatics at CNN they have not been dealt a serious blow morally, politically and to their credibility:

All sides involved in the controversy over the use of embryonic stem cells in research claimed vindication Tuesday after two teams of researchers reported having reprogrammed human skin cells to act like the stem cells, which have the potential of morphing into other cells and thereby curing disease.

Pathetic. And does CNN still believe John Edwards claim Christopher Reid would walk if he and Kerry were elected? Again, we don’t need to kill young humans as so many claimed was the only way to succeed in getting stem cells. All the major scientists are abondoning the ESCR path. Only those too ignorant to know the science of biology are still pretending this breakthrough means nothing. You know, the fact is some people go through life never understanding what is happening around them. And there is simply no cure for self imposed ignorance.

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  1. WWS says:

    “And there is simply no cure for self imposed ignorance.”

    Come to think of it, with all the good news you’re reporting Sooth and his sockpuppets haven’t showed up with any comments in a couple of weeks now. What a coincidence.

    But yeah, these latest tests are a total vindication of Bush’s ESCR policies – it’s just that no liberal can ever admit that Bush was right about something.

  2. MerlinOS2 says:

    Perhaps the strangest part of an offshoot of this whole issue from an ethics and experimentation standpoint is the work being done in Europe on human animal hybrid genetic studies.

    Exactly where they are trying to go and to what purpose their work is trying to achieve somehow never seems to make it into the discussion.

  3. crosspatch says:

    Here is what is constantly misrepresented to the American people:

    The media keeps fanning air into the myth that the Bush administration has banned embryonic stem cell research. That is patently not true. There is no ban on biotech firms performing research using embryonic stem cells. The ban is on using FEDERAL FUNDS to do such research.

    In this day and age, a much smaller portion of bio research is done with federal funds than was the case a decade or more ago. Biotech research was done in the past mainly in academia. Now it is done mainly by commercial biotech firms. In many cases commercial firms DO NOT WANT federal funding because the question of ownership of the results of the research arises. They would rather do it privately funded and own the results of the research outright.

    The only people screaming for federal funds for embryonic stem cell research are biotech researchers in academia. What would be different between a biotech researcher with a PhD in private industry and a PhD in purely academic research? And given the growth of the biotech industry, why as that PhD still working in academia anyway?

    But anyway … science is free to research all they want with private funds and if private biotech thought for a moment that there was a significant chance of a major profit in developing therapies for various ailments using that method, they would right this minute be all over it. AND … governments in other countries around the workd have no such ban and they have been unable to develop any therapies based on that line if research.

    If a company wanted government funding badly enough they could go to Germany or France or Japan and get it. They haven’t. One has to ask why. I say the reason is because there is no “there” there.

    I don’t care what anyone “believes”. Take a look at the reality. The realities are that:

    Companies are free to engage in the research with their own money but aren’t.

    Other countries have no such restrictions but their academics have not made any progress in this field and have developed none of the promised “miracles”.

    US biotech companies are not climbing all over themselves to get overseas and get government funding for other countries on this kind of research.

    US academics are not climbing all over themselves to get foreign government funding for this kind of research.

    Not a single therapy has been developed using embryonic stem cells.

  4. Bikerken says:

    How foolish it was of all those yahoos out here in Californicatia to vote for that IDIOTIC 3 Billion dollar state grant for only embryonic stem cell research! None of that money is allowed to spent for anything else, including Adult stem cell research. This is a great example of how so many people can be fooled into doing something completely stupid in the name of political correctness. The people who wanted this money simply attached it to abortion rights and convinced a bunch of ignorant sheep to go along with them. That 3 billion dollars is despartely needed in other areas for this state. I wonder if they realize how dumb that was now.

  5. wiley says:

    Kudos for AJ — no one has presented a more complete & cogent assessment of the stem cell debate. From the start, AJ has been right on in his anlysis, backed up with facts & logic. He has exposed the ignorance, nonsesne and hypocricy of the ESCR fanatics.

    Bikerken — great point. Wonder if/how the guber-nator can undo the damage. Similar consequences portend from the onrush of “global warming” legislation being developed to push down our throats.