Nov 21 2007

Very Cool Website

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Want to see an up to date map of terrorist activities and associated news stories? Go here – it’s awesome.

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  1. stevevvs says:

    Excellent find A.J. This website reminds me of two things.

    1. In Obsession and Islam: What The West Needs to know, (Both available thru A.J.’s Amazon link) They both put up maps of the world and show you where Islamic Attacks are happening. There are a lot of Dots on the map!
    2. at they have lists of Islamic Terrorists attacks. One list is of the last Two Months, and others go back to 9/11. They are very instructive!

    Thanks for posting that!

  2. stevevvs says:

    Every day I send out Neil Boortz’s Nuze to those who want it from me. This was in there today and thought perhaps those at this site who may have a few spare dollars this year might be interested.


    As I said on the show yesterday … my wife, Donna, will be visiting our wounded soldiers at Walter Reed Army Medical Center around the 14th of December. She would like to take some things she can leave with the men and women who have served our country so well. We’re asking for gift cards … Target, Best Buys, Home Depot, Circuit City, Phone cards, Starbucks … you get the idea. Try to buy ones that don’t expire. If you have some lying around, send them to:

    Walter Reed Project
    c/o Neal Boortz
    WSB Radio
    1601 W. Peachtree Street
    Atlanta, Georgia 30309

    And thanks………………….