Nov 20 2007

Note To Dems: Never Play Politics With The Lives Of Americans On The Front Lines

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The current crop (or is that ‘crap’) of Democrat Leaders is a wonder of a disaster. They cannot accept victory in Iraq, so they try to short shrift those on the front lines. Gingrich tried a shutdown of government services to force President Clinton to do the bidding of Congress. Lots of people got angry when parks closed. What did the Dems think would happen when they stopped the flow of needed supplies to our troops and went home to pig out on Thanksgiving Turkey and Christmas Cheer? This is what happens when you pull money from out troops:

If Congress does not come through with a supplemental bill President Bush will sign, money for defeating the largest killers of American personnel in the war on terror will run out Dec. 1, a senior official said here today.

Retired Army Gen. Montgomery C. Meigs, director of the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization, told Pentagon reporters that the organization will have to stop funding new initiatives and just maintain operations.

“We’re out of (funding) new stuff now; we’re going to have trouble sustaining current contracts after the first of December,” Meigs said.

The anti-IED organization needs the funding to sustain operations and to pay for equipment fielded but not yet turned over to the services for funding, Meigs said. For example, he said, his organization funds the Guardian man-portable jammer, the contractors to service it, and the training in the system.

The organization tests new projects, ideas, ways of doing business and equipment against IEDs. If they prove effective, the organization is nimble enough to quickly can get the equipment to the hands of servicemembers. Meigs said the organization has enough money “to keep the lights on” through April. The organization is funded via supplemental spending bills.

This is because Congress never passed spending bills. Little noticed by the public but most of the Federal government is running on Continuing Resolutions and have been since the Dems took over more than a year ago. Contracts are being authorized to spend on month-to-month allocations. Trust me, I feel this pain all the time. Anyway, the problem is real. Any delays in money will cause delays in getting needed protection to the field. This is not new, the Dems KNOW this would happen. They sent our forces in harms way a “Scrooge You” for Thanksgiving and Christmas anyway.

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  1. crosspatch says:

    Those words were published on defenselink. Those words will never see ink and paper in the public mainstream.