Nov 16 2007

More False Reporting On Iraq

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Confederate Yankee has the latest evidence of propaganda posing as ‘news’ in the biased and unprofessional modern news media. It is stunning how twisted a simple story of success in Iraq became under the keyboard of a single media ideologue.

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  1. stevevvs says:

    It’s sad really. But unfortunately, it’s been going on sense day 1. And what with the stance of the Dem’s, and their close association with the MSM, it may never end.

    Did you see the Diane West piece at TownHall?


    snip- Tancredo has helped many Americans once again think of the United States as a sovereign nation, not a honey pot — a worthy testament to a congressional career that he will be bringing to an end by not seeking re-election.

    But what about Tancredo’s presidential campaign? This week, he debuted a new TV commercial challenging voters, as well as his fellow candidates, to link the illegal alien issue to the national security threat of jihadist terrorism. And despite this being the age of jihadist terrorism, Tancredo’s TV spot is a first. It highlights the fact that our borders are open to more than just cheap labor by depicting the ease with which a terrorist enters a shopping mall — like other terrorists entered the London Underground, the Spanish trains, a school in Russia — to deposit a backpack-bomb that explodes at the end of the commercial. The message is refreshingly direct: “Tancredo. Before it’s too late.”

    Yes, there is something surreal about the commercial, but not because of the content. What is surreal is the hysteria that has greeted it. After 9/11, 3/11, 7/7, Amman, Amsterdam, Baghdad, Bali, Beslan, Davao, Hadera, Haifa, Jakarta, Jerusalem, Nairobi, New Dehli, Sharm al-Sheik, Tel Aviv, Tunisia and more, what dolt doesn’t wonder if and when jihadist cowards will attack our own trains, markets, hotels and restaurants? Tom Tancredo has only taken the mature and responsible course — not coincidentally, also the politically incorrect course — by raising this deadly serious issue with the American people. But for this he is castigated as a “fear-monger.”

    Or the Telegraph piece on Legal Immigrants and their Voting Patterns?

    snip-Republicans winning new citizens for 2008 vote

    By Toby Harnden in San Diego, California
    Last Updated: 12:01am GMT 10/11/2007

    Minutes after taking the Pledge of Allegiance, new American citizens are urged to register as voters by Democratic activists who see them as natural party supporters who could hold the key to the 2008 election.

    But with increasing illegal immigration threatening the economy and security of the United States, many legal immigrants anxious to uphold the laws of their adopted country are moving towards the more hard-line immigration stance of Republicans.

    Even in California’s Democratic-controlled San Diego, sizeable numbers of America’s newly-minted potential voters said that illegal immigrants should be penalised rather than given an easy route to citizenship as most Democrats advocate.

    “For a long time, immigration was OK,” said Sarah Wright, 49, a seamstress from Mexico who arrived in the US legally in 1986.

    “But now, no more. A lot of really bad people come from Mexico and commit crimes.

    “People are coming in and having two, three, four babies and going on welfare. Some are making money here and spending it back in Mexico.

    “That’s not right. They should go back to Mexico and get a permit.”

    Or the drug smugglers re-arrest for, once again, bringing yet another load in?

    Drug smuggler arrested for 2nd marijuana load
    Testimony against border agents sent Ramos, Compean to prison


    Posted: November 15, 2007
    8:39 p.m. Eastern

    By Jerome R. Corsi


    © 2007

    Osvaldo Aldrete-Davila, the drug smuggler who testified for the prosecution during the trials for Border Patrol Agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean, has been arrested on charges of bringing more than 750 pounds of marijuana into the United States.

    Aldrete-Davila was arrested today at the El Paso border crossing on charges involving what has become know as the “second load,” in which he smuggled a second 750-pound load of marijuana into the U.S. after he was given immunity by the prosecutor, U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton, for the first load.

    Or what Mexico thinks of drivers licenses for their illegals?

    Push to Give Driver’s Licenses to Illegals in U.S., But in Mexico It’s a Different Story
    Fox News ^ | November 15, 2007

    Mexican officials know exactly where they stand: no licenses for illegals. All of Mexico’s 31 states require foreign residents to hold a valid visa if they want a Mexican license, according to a survey published Thursday in The Arizona Republic.

    “When it comes to foreigners, we’re a little more strict here,” Alejandro Ruíz, director of education at the Mexican Automobile Association, told the newspaper.

    I never saw the Tancredo ad. But two people I work with who watch TV “News” saw it on Fox, and both said it was Awesome, Dead on Accurate. They loved it. Wish Id seen it, but on dial up, it’s a waist of time trying. And I don’t watch Tv “News”.