Nov 15 2007

The Mother Of All Media Propaganda Lies

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The media’s gullibility or support for Islamic propaganda did not begin with the war on terror. It has been around for years. And one of its earliest misrepresentations is now, finally, being exposed:

Suffice it to say here that the iconic image of the child Mohammed al Durah, pictured crouching with his father behind a barrel next to a concrete wall in an apparently vain attempt to shelter from the gun-battle between Israel and the Palestinians that was raging around them before he was allegedly shot dead by the Israelis, served to incite terrorist violence and atrocities around the world after it was transmitted by France 2 at the beginning of the second intifada. Yet it is clear to anyone looking at this in detail that the whole thing was staged.

What is being exposed is a deliberate effort by the Western news media to create a staged story to support its political agenda. After months of cover-up by the media on the successes now happening in Iraq we can look back to this staged lie as evidence the news media has been a puppet to power – anti-Western power. And who can forget the fiction of one Scott Beauchamp?

There should be a price to pay for pushing lies and charades. Truth in advertising is secondary to truth in journalism. We allow these people special privileges to poke around peoples’ lives and smear good people on the pretense they will provide a better good. We accept the warts in the hope there is a benefit to the general public. Violations of this trust should be punished. The most effective punishment would be to blacklist these propagandists from access to our government. The press lied and hundreds of Israelis and Palestinians (and some Americans) died. That is a crime in anyone’s book.

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  1. MerlinOS2 says:

    Even what they turned over as evidence to the trial judge has now been proven to be missing at least 9 minutes from testimony of those who had seen the original video.

    What is even now presented to the court does not support if the child even died or it was faked and still does not offer any proof that Israel was at fault in the alleged death.

    Simply graduates of the Rosemary Woods school of gap creations.

  2. crosspatch says:

    Understand that the media isn’t so much about reporting the news these days as they are about manufacturing it. News is, like television entertainment, simply a mechanism to draw eyeballs to advertising. A news organization makes its living selling ads. It is in the interest of the news organization to create controversy, strife, and scandal in order to attract eyeballs to advertising.

    Sometimes there is a political agenda, sometimes there is simply a desire to create a crisis that rivets people’s attention. If those pictures could create a crisis that creates a news event that causes more people to watch more news, then they have done their job of selling ads.

  3. stevevvs says:

    Glad to see your reading Melanie Phillips!

    We are aproaching the 10,000th Islamic Terrorists attack sense 9/11.
    For more info. on this you can go to:
    update on the FBI/CIA woman here:

    Take care.

  4. stevevvs says:

    Anyone see John Gizzie’s article on the Republican Candidates who lost in Va. in Human Events a few days ago? Very instructive. Human Events and John were Ronald Reagan’s favorite political magazine when the Gipper was president.