Nov 15 2007

Is The News Media Dumping Musharraf For Islamists?

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I am still of the belief all is not as it seems in the media when it comes to Pakistan. But I am also taken back by the media’s wild claims. Take for instance the ridiculous claim call for the overthrow of Musharraf:

Usama bin Laden’s latest recorded message is the third in just two weeks following three years of virtual silence from the al-Qaeda leader. In it, bin Laden calls on Pakistani Muslims to acknowledge that Musharraf’s actions are examples of his loyalty to the United States and representative of his unbelief. For bin Laden and his compatriots, such unbelief marks Musharraf as ‘kufr’ and places the requirement on believers to make “armed rebellion against him.” The misguided understanding that bin Laden and al-Qaeda have of Islam makes it obligatory to fight against those who rule outside of their interpretation of Islam, and its overly broad application of tawhid. Yet bin Laden crafts a different message for the Pakistani Army, whom he advises to “resign” from their jobs, “disassociate yourself from Pervez and his Shirk (polytheism)” and “enter anew into Islam.” There is a reason for this, which will be discussed below.

You want an analysis go here. Another thing I find stunning is some news outlets are CALLING FOR the uprising (reference the end of this story):

For all her rhetoric about fighting extremism, for example, there is no reason to imagine that a Bhutto-led civilian government will make any more headway than Musharraf in the unpopular military campaign he is waging for the US in the Talibanised tribal areas. However, if Hasan proves over-optimistic and Musharraf digs in with American support, the possibility of a wider popular uprising is likely to grow – and with it, the chance of real and necessary political change.

We see the media carrying the Islamists water for them again! It is not enough they spent 4 years trying to convince the world defeat in Iraq was the only option while carrying as lead every massacre al-Qaeda committed as if it was the fault of America. Now they are calling for the overthrow of our ally in the war on terror? And get a load of this tidbit of information contained in the same article on Bhutto:

Despite having insisted earlier this year that she would do no such thing, she has even appealed to the leader of the country’s Islamist coalition, Qazi Hussain Ahmed, to join a common front against the dictatorship.

Bhutto comes with a lot of baggage and has gone back on her promises to the West. She is aligned with Islamists who have answered Bin Laden’s siren call, and now the news media thinks the time is ripe for a coup?

And there is more. One of Bhutto’s allies is another Islamist and sports icon Imram Khan (who has also been put under house arrest). He has been touted before as the new head of the Taliban:

The Taliban intend to extend from their base in North Waziristan to Afghanistan to fuel the resistance there against the US and its allies. Similarly, the movement will spread to “mainland” Pakistan in an effort to topple the pro-American government in Islamabad. Pakistan is a key component of the United States’ “war on terror”.

This anti-government movement will need a leader. The jihadi hardcore is looking for one who will be untainted and not hand-in-glove with the military establishment. So far, a general consensus is emerging that international cricketer turned politician Imran Khan, head of the Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaaf (Pakistan Justice Movement), might be the man for the job.

How could the media promote the take over of a nuclear armed country, an ally to the US, by folks associated with Islamic Terrorism?

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  1. Mark_for_Senate says:

    That is a simple answer. I have finally been convinced that most all of the MSM are probably the most misinformed, clueless people on the planet who have an attention span and memory retention of about 21 minutes.

  2. dave m says:

    I pretty much don’t even read MSM anymore unless I want to know
    the leftist position on current events. I think this favoring of Bhutto
    is an indication of their non-intelligence. Whilst it might be fun to
    imagine that CBS and CNN and the BBC* have been taken over
    by a fifth column of islamists, fact is that when terrorists get
    nukes, the first two cities that will be destroyed are New York and
    London. Guaranteed. Most elitist reporters live there and if they
    actually thought they would be vaporised, they might not cheer for
    this outcome. The fact that they do indeed cheer for this outcome
    means they cannot do simple logic. They probably like Bhutto
    because she’s a woman, maybe she’s like Che’ , and she’s
    being picked on. I doubt they can analyze further than that.

  3. cali_sun says:

    Musharaf is by no means perfect, and I can’t think of anyone who is.
    I also think that Bhutto has an agenda before she returned to Pakistan. She fooled Pres. Bush, and now she exposes her true colors. She is a corrupt politician, and one can only hope that she will not once again help the Taliban, as she had done in the past.

  4. MerlinOS2 says:

    For any who wish to look at what is really moving this whole issue, I would highly recommend reading the two following links that will tell you more than the media has been willing to say in the last 4 years.  Well worth the read.



    They are both filled with so much info packed so dense that it is almost impossible to quote any of it without doing the articles an injustice.

    Read them to inform yourself and judge what you see in our press in the future.

    This is no simple issue no matter how many try to cast it as that.


  5. WWS says:

    dave – the first two cities to be nuked would be Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. This isn’t intended as a “protect helpless Israel” post, as Israel would undoubtedly respond with a general nuclear strike against all of its arab enemies and the iranians – at that point, what would they have to lose?

    But for my own self interest and my families, I don’t want to live in a world that has seen even a limited nuclear war, and I don’t want to be eating and drinking Strontium-90 for the rest of my life. (among other nasty things that will be spread worldwide) Al Gore notwithstanding (quoted today as saying that climate change is the only lasting issue of the day) I believe that preventing a nuclear war anywhere has got to be this countries highest priority, because we will never be able to escape the consequences.

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