Nov 06 2007

The True War Crime In Iraq Is The Biased Reporting

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One of our readers pointed me to this blunt and scathing assessment of the biased reporting on Iraq which, in essence, presents a fantasy world view of Iraq at odds with what people in country are experiencing. And for one reporter who seems to still have a journalistic credo, the situation between what is being reported and what is happening is simply too much to ignore:

When I first got to Iraq six months ago, I had my fingers crossed. I literally had no idea what I would find. My biggest fear was that I’d see a group of very discouraged men and women trying to implement a failing policy. I thought I’d see Iraqis poorly coping with an oppressive American military.

It’s hard to explain the shock I got when I finally got into Iraq. Unlike what I had read in the newspapers, I didn’t find demoralized troops complaining about a dangerous quagmire in Iraq, and believe me, I asked.

I found men and women who complained because they weren’t allowed to leave the safety of big bases and meet Iraqis. I met Iraqis who trusted American troops more than they trusted their countrymen. I met Iraqi policemen who were risking their lives to fight religious fanatics.

learned just how different points of view were while hanging out in the Green Zone and listening to reporters complain about the waits at check points, which exist only to prevent suicide bombers and bad guys from carrying out a destructive mission.

Meanwhile, I had been living 24 hours a day with soldiers who did not complain and were risking their lives to secure those check points so that the reporters, among others, could complete their mission.

Maybe this person is referring to tactics like those used by the AP to hide and cover up the effects of the Surge by averaging the level of violence over the year 2007 instead of noting the drammatic drop off in violence seen since the Surge went into full gear. Another example is the lengths Surrendercrats will go to create fantasy reasons for the drop off in violcence:

f violence is decreasing in Iraq, it may be because insurgents “are running out of people to kill,” House Appropriations Committee Chairman David Obey (D-Wis.) said Monday.

“There are fewer targets of opportunity,” Obey said in a speech to the National Press Club.

Unmitigated bullshit. al-Qaeda has been targetting the masses of Iraqis who have turned on al-Qaeda. The ranks of the Iraqi army, police and leaders taking up arms against al-Qaeda is growing – providing plenty of ‘targets of opportunity’. The violent nature of al-Qaeda is not gone, just the numbers of thugs left alive or free to do the carnage they love to do in order to feed the liberal SurrenderMedia.

What IS happening is, while we have seen losses build as we engaged the enemy, the enemy is taking on casualties which are probable many times higher in number. Examples of how we are dismanlting al-Qaeda’s ability to inflict atrocities can be seen here, here, here and here. When given the opportunity to get on the news:

A suicide bomb blast killed and injured more than 100 people, including six parliamentarians in northern Afghan province of Baglan on Tuesday afternoon, local officials said.

“A group of parliamentarians were visiting a sugar factory in Baghlan province when a suicide attacker detonated a bomb,” Abdulrahman Sayed Khali, provincial police chief, told Xinhua.

Baghlan lies about 150 kilometers north of Kabul, the capital city of Afghanistan.

According to parliamentary sources, 13 of the 18 deputies who were part of the delegation had been killed or injured.

“Six parliamentarians were killed, including Mustafa Kazimi, a well-known member of parliament and a former commerce minister,” Khali said.

Many school children were among the dead because they were welcoming parliamentarians at gate of factory, he added.

The liberal media and Surrendercrats in Congress obsess with waterboarding and never even comment on the brutality and atrocities al-Qaeda inflicts on innocent and free loving people. The lack of honest reporting of al-Qaeda’s many, many atrocities, along with the efforts to hide from the public the affects of the Surge on al-Qaeda’s abilities to commit these atrocities, is the true war crime of this war. Our news media is puppet of cowardly leaders, more willing to cover up for terrorists than show what the true nature of our fight with these terrorists. Not only is this battle a clear conflict between the forces of good and evil, good is actually winning. We DO wear the white hats in this instance.

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  1. crosspatch says:

    Guess the country:

    “That convention center will have the capacity to handle gatherings up to 25,000 people,” says USACE project engineer Matthew David. “It will include exhibition halls, offices, conference rooms, and a restaurant.

    Next door to the convention center is an eight-story 3,076-sq.-meter office structure. “Businesses will be able to come in and rent space as needed, from one office to several floors of offices. Work there includes new restrooms, electrical, fire protection with sprinklers, lighting, new ceilings, plastering, a new mechanical system including two 200-ton air conditioning chillers, office furniture, a lighted parking lot, and a cafeteria.

    It’s Baghdad, Iraq but one would never know it from the reporting we generally see.

  2. crosspatch says:

    Oh, and IraqSlogger has now decided to charge people $80 bucks a month for news out of Iraq.

    Maybe that is the real deal. The “free” media has incorrect news. If you want the “real deal” you need to pay $80 a month for it.