Nov 03 2007

A Full Work Week Without Coalition Combat Deaths In Iraq

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Another sign of progress in Iraq as that there was a full five days which went by in October with not one combat death among US or coalition forces!

During a five-day stretch between October 19 and 23, there were no deaths among coalition forces. Although three US servicemen died from “non-hostile causes”, this was the longest period without combat deaths for nearly four years. And, between October 27 and 29, there were three more days without coalition deaths.

For a country spiralling out of control the last two weeks in October were damm quiet. Out of the last 16 days (October 16-31) there were 8 days without a combat deaht. That means 50% of the time there were no deaths due to fighting. And while the myopic press is looking for a day without a single death in all of Iraq (like that would happen out of 25 million people), the fact is the last half of October indicates there could be one helluva big Thanksgiving this year. What if THAT trend continued into November and we saw 1-5 combat deaths every two weeks? What would the Dems and SurrenderMedia say that?

Would the Dems finally admit Bush did the right thing, the preferred thing. That he did defeat al-Qaeda’s efforts in Iraq and did guide the Iraqi Muslims to a bright and free future and his approach was infinitely better – in hindsight – to the Dems approach of surrender and run away? What will happen in November when combat deaths equal or are lower than the accidental deaths normal to deployment activities? And what will the press do when there are no war related deaths (also known as no al-Qaeda massacres) across all of Iraq? Will the still opine for the plan to run away from the fight the believed in so strongly less than a year ago? Will they still prefer the Dems over Bush when Bush succeeds?

The liberals cannot hide from (a) the successes in Iraq and (b) their own predictions these same successes were impossible and we should turn tail on the Iraqis and leave them to al-Qaeda’s butchers. You cannot turn back time and change events. It is never the making of the mistake that is fatal – all humans do it. It is how one deals with their mistakes that sends them into history as examples of human progress or human foolishness. As with their precursors, today’s Neville Chamberlains are going to share their inspiration’s place in history on the ledger of the fools.

Addendum: And if the death toll is not enough of a sign how about these news stories? How about a major drop off in large IEDs in Iraq:

Army Lt. Gen. Raymond T. Odierno, the day-to-day military commander in Iraq, said 53 of the armor-piercing bombs were found on roads in October — 30 that detonated and 23 that were discovered before they exploded. That is down from 99 in July and 78 in August. In September, 52 exploded or were detected.

Or if that doesn’t do it, how about the fact that the world is rallying around the new Democratic Iraq (which I doubt they would be doing if the smelled defeat):

An international conference on Iraq’s stability and security closed Saturday with two dozen nations and organizations pledging to support the U.S.-backed government in Baghdad and help take action against terrorism.

In a final declaration adopted by the conference, Iraq’s neighbors and regional trading partners along with representatives from the European Union, the Group of Eight industrialized nations and the U.N. Security Council’s permanent members also vowed to help prevent the passage of illegal arms into Iraq, and ensure tighter control of borders with Iraq.

If the world is not running away, why should the US run away? And if that is not good enough news, then how about the fact Iraqis are returning in droves to begin their new futures in Iraq?

In a dramatic turnaround, more than 3,000 Iraqi families driven out of their Baghdad neighborhoods have returned to their homes in the past three months as sectarian violence has dropped, the government said Saturday.

“Drammatic”? Only if you decided there was no way for the US and Iraqis to turn things around and then proceeded to bury your head in the sand for the last 40 months. If you just now are looking (or just now getting the news because the SurrenderMedia can’t stop it from getting out anymore) it would seem drammatic what is going on in Iraq.

Finally, statistics show the US is heading towards PEACETIME casualty levels. Imagie that! With two supposedly doomed war fronts we are seeing death rates comparable to peace time…..

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