Nov 02 2007

When Islamic Extremists Come To Town…

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It is interesting to look back to 9-11 and reaize how much we feared the Islamo Fascists who had highjacked our own airplanes and people and used them as missiles against the symbols of democracy and American success. It seemed (especially when viewing cheering Palestinians in the street) that the Islamic world was ready to follow the path of extremists like those running Iran and the Taliban – who at the time were in firm (and brutal) control of Afghanistan.

But now, 6 years on, we find that the Evil Satans are the Islamo Fascists themselves. We see it in iraq (see post above), and we see it in Lebanon, and we see it in the heart of the areas the Taliban once ruled:

Afghan officials said 50 Taliban fighters had been killed in the clashes and described the Taliban withdrawal as a major government victory. “They have received heavy casualties, faced humiliation, and they are gone,” said the governor of Kandahar Province, Assadullah Khalid, who led the tour.

The clashes with Afghan and NATO forces took place 15 miles north of the city. It was the closest the Taliban had come to Kandahar since 2001. Fearing a major battle, thousands of villagers fled.

The advance occurred two weeks after a local pro-government leader died of a heart attack. The leader, Mullah Naqibullah, had prevented the Taliban from entering the Arghandab area since 2001 and had survived repeated assassination attempts.

Afghan elders who spoke on the condition of anonymity, fearing retribution, said they believed that the Taliban had moved into the area to test whether elements of Mr. Naqibullah’s tribe, the Alokozai, would support them. The vast majority of residents fled the area, they said, indicating that the Taliban enjoyed little popular support.

Abdullah Jan, a villager who remained in the area, said many of the Taliban appeared to be 18 to 20 years old. Some covered their faces with scarves, he said, a sign that “they were not Afghans.” He praised Afghan and NATO forces for not bombarding the area and killing civilians.

“They didn’t use air power; all operations were infantry,” Mr. Jan said.

So when the Taliban come to call people run for the safety of NATO and Afghan troops. And when those troops come in to clear out the Islamic Extremist the Muslims are grateful the evil is gone. The Islamo Fascist movement has been decimated. Not only do they field young know-nothings whose only talent is brutality, they have lost the support of the Muslim street. Deservedly so.

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  1. piniella says:

    It seemed (especially when viewing cheering Palestinians in the street) that the Islamic world was ready to follow the path of extremists like those running Iran and the Taliban –

    No it didn’t. Just 2 examples:

    Ayatollah Ali Khamene’i, supreme jurist-ruler of Iran:

    “Killing of people, in any place and with any kind of weapons, including atomic bombs, long-range missiles, biological or chemical weopons, passenger or war planes, carried out by any organization, country or individuals is condemned. … It makes no difference whether such massacres happen in Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Qana, Sabra, Shatila, Deir Yassin, Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq or in New York and Washington.” Islamic Republic News Agency, September 16, 2001,

    President Muhammad Khatami of Iran:

    “[T]he September 11 terrorist blasts in America can only be the job of a group that have voluntarily severed their own ears and tongues, so that the only language with which they could communicate would be destroying and spreading death.” Address to the United Nations General Assembly, November 9, 2001,

  2. Dc says:

    The main supporters (and recruits) of AlQueda and like winded radical types across the globe..are young college students (including here).

  3. WWS says:

    Here is the link to fantastic article about the current Taliban in Afghanistan – I rate it a must read!

    “taliban bench warmers” – covers how most of the current Taliban are now foreign fighters, probably detoured from Iraq. However, since they are foreign, they are alienating the local population (just as they did in Iraq) and worse yet (for them!) they are young and militarily inept. This leads them to engage in spectacular mass attacks such as the one just concluded, but it also leads to them being killed in mass numbers repeatedly, something that is always fatal to a guerilla movement.

    “In this type of war, when you mass against forces like us . . . without firepower, we’re able to destroy them quite easily and we’ve shown that over the last six to seven months,” said Col. Thomas McGrath, the American commander in charge of training Afghan security forces near Kandahar. “They’re bringing in cohorts of young men who really don’t know any better and it’s been a colossal failure for them.”