Nov 01 2007

The Devastation Of al-Qaeda In Iraq, Media Needs To Tell The Story

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al-Qaeda is being systematically destroyed in Iraq – and with good reason. al-Qaeda has always been an group of Islamo Fascist thugs trying to look respectful to the Muslim World as they strive for complete control. They used the boogey-man of “America” to shore up their credibility – to appease all the blame-America feelings that have been pumped up across the world by a jealous and petty liberal media. al-Qaeda, like Hitler’s Nazis, was going to prove an ethnic-religious superiority. And they were going to show it with brutal force (as did the Nazis).

But unlike Europe’s appeasers and wimps of the 1930’s, America did not simply melt away when the brutality came our way. We did not wither and go fetal. We went out to remind al-Qaeda (and the world) we are still a free and – when needed – strong people ourselves. Just because we shun violence doesn’t mean we are not able to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

And when al-Qaeda had to fight back, the legitimacy they had so long tried to present started to fall away – and their real selves poked out with brutal clarity. Here is but one of thousands of stories which will be coming out of Iraq that expose the true nature of Islamo Fascism:

A statement out of Multi National Forces-Iraq indicates that a person was rescued from an al-Qaeda-Iraq prison. The person released from the prison was a 19-year-old male, and the prison was located in al Hammadi, a village 10 miles southwest of Baqubah. His rescuers were members of the 2nd Squadron, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division, and it occurred during an air assault.

The 19-year-old hostage was bound to the ceiling of the building he was in with his arms pulled behind his back. He was taken to Forward Operating Base Warhorse, where his injuries were attended to. He suffered from dehydration, bruising, cuts, and joint injuries.

The individual was taken on October 25th and is quoted as saying that he was kidnapped, “at a shop by five men in a car, because of my brother who is in the Iraqi Army. They wanted information and for my brother and me to work for al Qaeda.” The man said that he did not give in to al Qaeda in Iraq. He did not give them any information or promise loyalty to them.

He mentioned that he was soon going to stand trial for his refusal to help the al Qaeda. He was to be judged by an al Qaeda leader, and the penalty was going to be death.

A far cry from American recruiting efforts. And when people speak of torture they need to look at this treatment. Hung from the ceiling by the arms which were pulled back? Beaten with cables in order to make him turn on his brother so al-Qaeda could capture and/or kill him? This is the new image of al-Qaeda sweeping the Muslim world. It is an image the liberal media in the West is too squeamish or afraid to let get out. For if these images did come out, then al-Qaeda would be seen as the 21st Century’s version of the Nazis – which they are.

In the face of such rampant and continuous atrocities the Muslims of Iraq – not saints themselves – turned to the America to rid them of the beasts they had blindly let amongst them. And that is the new dynamic in Iraq – Muslims allied with America to rid the region of Islamo Fascists:

Sunni Arab leaders from Iraq’s Anbar province asked Defense Secretary Robert Gates on Thursday for U.S. help in expanding their police forces.

Morrell said the Anbar leaders told Gates they hoped that the improved security they helped achieve in predominantly Sunni Anbar could be replicated elsewhere in Iraq. They also asked for U.S. help in expanding and equipping the provincial police force.

“They asked for all manner of our support,” Morrell said.

Iraqi Muslims asking America to help them fight off al-Qaeda thugs. Rewind to 9-11-01 and try and wrap that result around where we stood as the twin towers and part of the Pentagon and the remains of a passenger plane lay smoldering in front of our horrified eyes. We have come an amazingly long way since al-Qaeda was seen as our equal and a credible alternative to the Muslim world. Now it is becoming clear, with each new terrible story of their true nature, that al-Qaeda is not a credible alternative but just another power-hungry pestilence humanity has visited upon it over history.

And now we have a totally different Middle East anchored by a totally different Iraq:

Al Qaeda may not yet be defeated in Iraq, but the group’s terrorists are on the run, a senior official in the area said today.

“We’ve taken out a significant part of their leadership. We’ve gone after their foreign fighter facilitation network. We’ve gone after their financial networks. And … we also have gone after very heavily their propaganda network,” said Navy Rear Adm. Gregory J. Smith, spokesman for Multinational Force Iraq, via telephone to a group of military analysts.

As much as 80 percent of al Qaeda’s media structure has been destroyed, greatly hampering the group’s ability to spread propaganda, recruit and gain financing for its operations, Smith said.

Reports in the country have shown a downward trend in violence against coalition forces, civilians and the Iraqi security forces, Smith said. He added that he remains cautiously optimistic, but he also warned of the lethality that still exists within al Qaeda’s network.

Still, Iraqi citizens are continuing to mobilize their local village forces against al Qaeda and other extremist groups, Smith said. So far, nearly 70,000 concerned citizens have formed 120 groups across the country, he said.

70,000 Iraqi citizens aligned with 150,000 American soldiers and I would guess now 120,000 fielded Iraq forces – all fighting something like 10-15,000 al-Qaeda fighters. There is no place for al-Qaeda in Iraq. It’s PR facade has been removed and the truly ugly nature of its violent ways has been exposed. And the nature of Islamo Fascism will continue to be exposed if the media would just do their job and communicate what al-Qaeda did to the Iraqis when they were invited as allies to Iraq. Nothing more – just do their job. And let humanity judge whether it was better to let al-Qaeda have a regional reign of terror or whether America had the better option by allowing democracy to flourish in one of the most oppressive regimes on the planet. No more spinning and biased reporting. Just tell the whole story. We will be the judge of whether it was better to defy the fascist brutality of al-Qaeda or simply hide inside our borders, praying we don’t get too hard on the next 9-11 style attack.

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  1. lurker9876 says:

    Actually, we were wimps until Bush 43 came along. We capitulated to the likes of Al Qaeda and Osama saw through our weakness. Little did he know how strong Bush would be and lost. Osama, Omar, and Zawahiri failed.

    God bless Bush for being strong for our own country. We are truly thankful that he had 530 plus votes over Al Gore. The odds of Al Gore capitulating to Osama would be very high had he won.

  2. dave m says:

    The media will never tell this story.
    It is as unlikely as the media declaring that Marxism
    was a failed philosophy.
    If Iraq is seen to be a success by most, the NYT and the BBC*
    will run stories finding “corruption” and maybe even
    a “flu outbreak”.
    No good news will be declared by the MSM about Iraq.
    This is a full scale generation long war between a media
    that longs for a one world controlled by socialist principles
    and the rest of us who have the common sense to see that
    their world will not work.
    They don’t intend to surrender in their lifetime.

  3. crosspatch says:

    Michael Yon has an important story out today as well.

    What is really mothering me, though, are the Foreign Service personnel who are refusing posting to Iraq. To the best of my knowledge there has not been a single US diplomatic casualty to date yet some of these people are playing to the media as if being sent to Iraq is a “potential death sentence” according to one quote in the media.

    I say any member of the US foreign service who refuses an assignment in Iraq should be terminated immediately.

  4. crazy says:

    The problem is losers determine when a war is over, not the victor. Victors can declare themselves the victor all they want but until an enemy surrenders or is sufficiently defeated that it disbands and dissolves the fight continues at a future time and place of the enemy’s choosing. In the GWOT, Saddam and/or his commanders should have been forced to formally surrender as Hirohito did and the AQI leaders that survive attempts to capture them should likewise be forced to surrender or publicly tried as the war criminals that they are with swift and public execution of their sentences. The enemy must lose all hope that he might succeed if only he hangs on a little longer or tries a little harder or tries something different in a different place.

    Despite all the positive news from Iraq and elsewhere in the GWOT we are not fighting a war we are attempting to provide enough security for nation-building to succeed. History doesn’t contain a single example of this method managing to do anything besides temporarily contain the problem. Maybe this effort will be the first.

  5. dhunter says:

    The 20% of the AlQeada media that has not been destroyed is right here the the USA. New Yuk Times, Washington Post, Associated Press, Reuters, CNN ,ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC.

    The AlQaeda allies in US congress are afraid they might be snared by NSA giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

    “Common Osama just hang on a little longer, blow up a few more innocent civilians we will blame it on the evil George Bush and the American invasion and we will force him to surrender.”

    Say the Dim members of congress just pick your favorite one.

  6. MerlinOS2 says:


    They don’t want to go because there cocktail partners in crime are doing their best to pull the rug out from under BlackWater.

    Besides those backwards Iraqis don’t appreciate caviar.

  7. dave m says:

    I want to say something about the Blackwater incident,
    since you brought it up. It’s relevant to the war that the media
    conducts against our country.

    I have been confused trying to understand the incident, but
    here’s my best guess: At Haditha, al-qaeda set up a trap for our
    Marines, blew them up, shot at them, and led them to a house
    containing civilians, women and children. Once the civilians were
    killed, Al-Qaeda made sure the media got the story, and as usual,
    the media lapped it up.

    But it wasn’t entirely successful, the military eventually figured
    out what happened and the real story is getting out.

    But what if Al-Qaeda only pretends to attack? No actual
    rounds are let off. Just do a stage act convincing enough to
    get Blackwater to believe they are in imminent and fatal
    danger and provoke them to shoot their way out. The
    result appears to be another bunch of dead civilians and
    more importantly Blackwater appears to have acted
    without provocation. The media get their moment and
    any defense would sound so lame as to not be worth offering.

    A perfect and fatal trap. Could it be?