Oct 25 2007

US Targets Iranian Thugs, Not Iranians

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As one poster noted yesterday here the complexity with Iran is primarily the theocratic thugs (yes, those Islamo Fascists) who run the country are not well liked by the Iranians in general. Iranians (Persians) and Americans actually have a history of getting along well and being allies. So we need to be careful to target the problem – the Mad Mullahs and His Most Weirdest; Ahemdinejad – the Persian Napolean Wannabe. So while the SurrenderMedia is scratching their head about America’s recent sanctions on the Iranian Revolutionary Guard (the jackboot oppressors of Iranians) it makes total sense. Good move. I expect it will not be enough and other more strident steps will be required. But it is a good next move.

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  1. stevevvs says:

    I replied to his comment at that thread:

    Hey Ron,
    I think a Military Victory of sorts is achievable, in both Iraq and Afghanistan. I just have aprehensions about what it will be like if we ever leave both those countries. It’s funny, the left is silent on us staying in Japan, Germany, South Korea, etc. for decades now, but in an area of constant trouble and termoil, the Middle East, they want us out yesterday. Actually, I hope we stay in these countries for decades, I cant see peace and any stability without us. But if we leave, that is when I see everything reverting back to the way it has been for the last milenium. With them DEMANDING the Sharia Law being the Cornerstones of both Constitutions, it’s hard to imagine either country ignoring what that really meens in terms of governance after we leave.
    I’m currently reading a book by Bat Ye’or titled: EURABIA The Euro-Arab Axis. Wow! It’s got my eyes wide open! I highly recommend it.
    But for today, I thought I’d share some things I did not know about Saddam Hussein. Check this out!
    On June 4, 1994, Saddam’s regime issued Decree 59, which prescribed- in accordance with traditional SHARIA rulings- amputations of the Right Hand for a theft of LESS than $10.00, amputations of the left foot for a second theft, and DEATH for a third.
    Decree 109, issued on August 18, 1994, prescribed tattooing or branding with an “X” between the eyebrows all persons who had undergone legally sanctioned amputations.
    Decree 115, which was issue on August 25, 1994, ordered the “Cutting off of the auricle of one ear for each person evading military service” or deserting, as well as those who sheltered such offenders. Pages 24-25
    It doesn’t sound like the kinds of things a “Secular” Saddam would do. These are Islamic Punishments in “Secular ” Iraq!

    Thought I’d repost it here. Take Care.

  2. crosspatch says:

    I really want to agree with people who say that the average citizen shouldn’t be punished but when push comes to shove, NO government serves but at the pleasure of the population. The people in the former Warsaw Pact countries are an example. When the people get tired of the government and they fear life under that tyranny more than death, then that government no longer has any lever with which to intimidate the people.

    When the people would rather overturn the government or die trying, the government no longer stands. History is full of examples of this including our own revolution against England. The same will happen at some point in Iran if the people really do not support the mullahs.

    Remember that there are elections to the Majlis this year and a new presidential election next year.