Oct 16 2007

Clinton: CIA Not Risking Their Lives Enough

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A President, to lead, needs to know how to ignite energetic support among the people and get them to redouble their efforts. It is this surge of focused activity that makes ‘progress’. Sen Hillary Clinton (and her PR team apparently) is do damn tone death to the subtleties of leadership and admiration and respect, and so used to dictating to her slaving minions, she does not understand how to ignite this kind of energetic wave of enthusiasm and sacrifice. So when she tries to point out a problem and provide a new direction she comes off sounding like an overbearing nag:

At a time when many Democrats are faulting the CIA for its aggressive interrogation practices and a new Hollywood film is attacking the agency for transferring terrorism suspects to shadowy regimes, Senator Clinton is going against the grain by critiquing the CIA for shying away from the hands-on overseas work needed to keep America safe.

“Combating terrorism around the world will require better intelligence and a clandestine service that is out on the street, not sitting behind desks,” Mrs. Clinton writes in a summary of her foreign policy views to be published in the forthcoming issue of Foreign Affairs. “As president, I will work to restore morale in our intelligence community, increase the number of agents and analysts proficient in Arabic and other key languages, and raise the profile and status of intelligence analysis.”

Emphasis mine. Mentally add in Clinton’s nagging nasally voice and it comes off even worse than the written version. You know some people have an innate talent to rally others. We saw this in George Bush with the bullhorn when he exclaimed “And soon the people who knocked down these buildings will hear from all of us.” I had a boss once who looked like a stately gentleman; tall, thin and always well dressed. He had a way of telling you that you had screwed up royally and needed to get it fixed ASAP in such a way that you would smile back and say “Thanks Dennis”. He could motivate you to walk across crushed glass and be proud you were doing it.

But back to Senator nag. She is NOT increasing the morale of the intelligence community. These people pray everyday they don’t miss something, that they find the terrorists before someone dies at their hands, they sometimes feel guitly for taking time off to eat, sleep or simply live because they fear something may get by.

And here comes someone from a party that has torn down and exposed some of our best intelligence tools to the media in order to spin conspiracy theories telling them, in essence, to get off their lazy asses. The woman just doesn’t have what it takes to lead this country. BTW – neither do I. I just happen to know it and she doesn’t have a clue.

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  1. cali_sun says:

    It’s quite ironic coming from someone, who allowed the foundation of 9/11 to be laid; Gorelicks wall etc., and most of all someone who had the Nat’l Security Advisor steal classified documents to hide the ineptness of the Clinton Admin to fight radical islam; currently rewarded for re-writing history in favor of Slick Willie.
    Hillary has no credibilty at all regarding nat’l security, awarding a thief ( although my speculation is that she’s thanking Berger for hiding the truth; not to jeopardise her run for the White House) once again with info on national security.
    It is beyond the pale how far these narcissist will go, and attempt to dictate!

  2. The Macker says:

    If the Dems were honest, they could introduce a resolution in congress, acknowledging their role in destroying our intelligence organizations, beginning with the Church Commission, and on through Jamie Gorlick to the present. Clinton’s hypocracy is without limit.