Jul 29 2005

I Don’t Get It

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The bizarre story of a suicide in the lobby of the Miami Herald is well known by now since it was splashed on Drudge for a day.

But while the man’s actions were initially incomprehensible, information that Mark In Mexico has posted makes the suicide at least understandable.

But the news media is now acting bizarrely as it fires, leaks and osbtructs.

So the Herald fired the reporter for making the tape (a misdemeanor in Florida, like running a stopsign) after the reporter immediately told his bosses he had done so “with shaking hands”, thinking he might be listening to the last words of Arthur Teele, Jr., which he was, then publishes quotes from the tape, then refuses to give up the tape. This is ethics?

Ethics? The Miami Herald is going to go court to resist handing the tape over to police (and I assume the man’s family too). Are they smelling a book/movie deal here? Or are they just insane?

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