Sep 22 2007

Elections Matter, So Do Screw Ups

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The GOP had an opportunity to fix the immigration problem twice under Bush. Once when they still ran Congress and once this year when they could redeem themselves. But no, the amnesty hypochondriacs had to start bashing everyone in the conservative coalition who disagreed with them and starting a sit-home protest to teach everyone, especially Bush, a lesson. The lesson is they screwed up in reverse handing the reigns of power to those truly are open boarders proponents.

The latest example is now we see NY removing any requirement for citizenship or legal immigration status in order to obtain a NY drivers license. The immigrants may not be licensed to be here, but they will be licensed to drive here. Heaven help those who need to get into a line in NY for a driver’s license for the foreseeable future – the lines are going to be hell.

If this is what the amnesty hypochondriacs wanted with their brilliant plans then we can all thank them. Not only did they leave all the criminal aliens on our streets when we could have been deporting them, they also helped them get licenses, so they can move about and find more victims. Wonderful.

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  1. WWS says:

    oops, you got a bad link there. (links to the do not call story)

    The worst thing is that these kind of changes are a one-way ratchet. Once the requirements are lowered, they are never raised back up again. Just about all government programs work this way; once something is given it becomes an “entitlement” and the status quo becomes impossible to change. Not to mention that it is always much easier to lower standards than to raise them.

    In other words, this is damage that once done will never be undone. Not to mention that once it is established in New York it will eventually spread to most other states. (or else every illegal will know to get a New York license, which is valid everywhere else) Good job, know-nothings.

  2. Terrye says:

    AJ, I agree with you but the hardliners will not see it that way.They will just say this is another reason we have to close the borders blah blah blah…completely oblivious to the fact that while they pout, call people names, yell at people, get morally outraged when people yell back and all the rest of it, things just get worse and worse.

  3. Dc says:

    I think you have it backwards there AJ (and Terrye). Our newly elected DEMOCRAT Gov Spitzer, is the one who came up with this nonesense (to the objections of the citizens who live here—other than illegals). His office has gotten an earful and the political pressure is already mounting on him. (not to mention his scandals)

    It’s the same sort of stupid ass bill DEMOCRATS, and a few Republicans, made deals with to try and ramrod THEIR amnesty bill through congress that has been rejected “twice”.

    And the reason for that is..that contrary to your opinion, the facts are that most americans do NOT support the kind of direction those bills the Democrats were putting forward were taking. The fact that a few token replublicans made deals with them to “get a bill done” doesn’t change any of it. It also “cost” those people politically to do that.

    Now, on the one hand, you can say that’s your point, that they are being punished for trying to get something done about the issue by supporting the DNC inititives on this. On the other hand…you just made OUR point..that most people don’t support these kinds of initiivies…and that’s the very reason that it has COST them what it has in their own political support!!! And it’s not just “republicans” who are feeling that heat.

    You keep dragging this dead horse out to beat it again and again and again. People are NOT against reform/changes. They are against stupid-ass democratic inititives like THIS one (ie..just give them all jobs/SS numbers/drivers lic..etc…ie..get them “in the system”, etc.). The DNC and those who support them on this, are the same ones who dream up stupid shit like this (give them a DL), and then blame the people who oppose it as biggots. There interest in this has nothing to do with the actual problem of dealign with illegal immigration. It’s in how to take care of them, get them SS numbers, bank accounts, jobs, drivers lic, and get them in the voting booth…..using YOUR money to do it with.

    The answer to that is NO. It will be NO tomorrow. And NO in the future. Reform will happen when a bill is submitted that makes an attempt to deal with this problem at the root…ie..the people who COME HERE ILLEGALLY and how to reduce it, enforce our borders and our laws, etc.,. Not in how to make illegals more comfortable once they get here.

  4. AJStrata says:

    Thanks WWS – fixed the link.

  5. AJStrata says:

    We don’t have it backwards DC – it was the pouting, stay-at-home, we-can’t-trust-Bush, amnesty hypochondriacs who ALLOWED Dems so many wins in 2006. Those GOP losses are just as much the fault of the hard right as the crime spree those criminals continue are. These are the results of the screw ups on the right, they create opportunities for the left.

  6. Terrye says:


    The point is if they had passed immigration reform Governors and Mayors and dog catchers could not set their own laws.

    In fact I think Tennessee did the same thing.

    And you know what Dc? Sinse the hardliners have weakened their party, damaged their president and further isolated themselves it is only going to get that much easier for liberals to pass this kind of stuff.

    So far the hardliners have accomplished nothing. It was Bush who put more resources on the border than any president in history. His administration in spite of the whining from the right has done more to tighten security and enhance enforcement than that blowhard Newt Gingrich ever did. And yet they treat him like a leper. Do you think Bush would have half the problems he has if not for the fact that the right was doing everything it could to help out the left?

    No siree, the right brags about being able to bring down Bush’s approval rating, to hell with what that really means to Republicans or the country. After all if he just did their bidding all would be well.

    As for a dead horse, it is not the mushy middle people like me who decided to turn this into a political issue to use for personal gain rather than a problem to be solved. My guess is Tom Tancredo would like nothing better than to keep people riled about this for as many years as possible. Why would he want to resolve the problem? In fact I think this will go on and on and on and on.

  7. The Macker says:

    Talking tough is no substitute for quiet thought and considered action.

    1.why not reduce the incentives to illegally immigrate?
    2.why not get them to contribute to SS, above board.
    3. Drivers with llicenses and insurance are better than those without.
    4. These use LESS of my money.

  8. Dc says:

    No, you absolutely have it backwards. The tenor and focus of that bill was crafted by the democrats (the same one’s who pass these stupid ass laws today). This entire drivers license fiasco is a perfect example of DNC legislation and what their priorities and goals are for “immigration reform”. They are as clueless about what people’s concerns are as they are about military/terroism issues.The few republicans who went along with it for the sake of “getting a bill” got their asses handed to them. Twice. And have “now” changed their tone I might add.

    2nd, what have YOU accomplished with this?? Nothing! The point being…if we are going to get something accomplished we are going to have to do it in some way that recognizes and deals with peoples concerns (other than calling them hypocondriacs).

    3rd, All of this was reflected in the previous attempt at a “bill” and is exaclty WHY it was opposed so strongly.

    4th, for everyone of these examples of woulda, coulda, shoulda, there’s a line of examples on the other side.

  9. Dc says:

    1.why not reduce the incentives to illegally immigrate?

    By giving those who come here SS numbers, free healthcare, and a drivers lic??

    2.why not get them to contribute to SS, above board.

    Oh..that will will really stop/reduce illegal immigration (ie..the problem).

    3. Drivers with llicenses and insurance are better than those without.

    Well now…that’s ANOTHER problem. There are PLENTY of uninsured people here who are here LEGALLY. I’m all for insurance reform. And how does THAT deal with the problem of people crossing our borders and staying here illegally??

    4. These use LESS of my money.

    Oh really? I got news for you….they’ll all go into a pool and you’ll pay for it….along with the cost of issuing and admin lic that you give them and any other benefits or wish to think up to give them. BecausE THEY DON”T HAVE THE MONEY TO PAY FOR IT. Remember? They do the jobs nobody wants to do for wages nobody will work for.


  10. Terrye says:


    What have I accomplished? I am not the one that acted as if the United States was being invaded by nannies and busboys and tried to turn illegal entry into a felony. No that would be the former used to Republican Congress. I am not the one who made this into a huge issue knowing full well I did not have the votes to get what I said I wanted.

    That bill had Democratic input because they control the Congress and are going to go right on controlling the Congress. Why do they control the Congress? Because the GOP allowed itself to split into feuding factions and lose the election.

    But who do they blame? Bush of course.

    Tell me why did people like Hayworth and Hostettler and Allen just to mention a few lose? Why did the Democrats win? Because that is who the American people voted for. Like it or not. If Hillary Clinton went up against Tancredo she would whip his butt. Easy.

  11. Terrye says:

    And you know what Dc? I got into the other night with someone who said that she was angry because I used examples of things that had nothing to do with her.

    ie, racist comments etc. But the right allowed those people to speak for them, just like the anti war people let MoveOn speak for them.

    Now I do not think that you are a racist. I think you want to do what you really believe is the right thing to do. I do not doubt that.

    But when people like me get called traitor a few times we start feel a little less than welcome in the GOP. When hispanics all get treated like criminals they will feel less than welcome in the GOP.

    And if enough people feel less than welcome in the GOP, you lose all influence.

    This problem is not a new one and it will not be dealt with overnight. Millions of people are involved, and I am not just talking about illegals.

    Tell me, do you want to arrest every old lady who hires a Mexican to mow her lawn?

    I think this is an issue that has been used by certain people on the right to gain control of the party. They use illegal immigration the way people like Sharpton use race. So the last thing they want is compromise.

  12. The Macker says:

    Reduce illegal immigration by identifying all non-citizens and regularizing those we want. And making employment dependent on status.

    You misunderstand the SS and DL proposals. Their purpose is not to reduce the number of illegals, but to make them pay their way and not endanger the rest of us, while we get a handle on things.

  13. Dc says:

    So, then perhaps you would like to explain to everybody how giving benefits to illegals will reduce illegal immigration?

    It’s easy to identify illegals now. They are the ones WITHOUT drivers lic, WITHOUT SS cards, and WITHOUT all the friggin shit you want to give them!!

    Here’s a novel idea, give the benefits, drivers lic, social security, etc..etc.. to people who are ALREADY vested, who are ALREADY in the system, who are waiting in line to come here LEGALLY!!! And PUNISH those who come here illegally. Or even…give those benefits and resources to American citizens who don’t have insurance, etc.,??

    You cant deal with this problem by giving status , benefits and or making people’s lives generally more comfortable to come here illegally. it’s only going to cause MORE illegal immigration to this country. Not less.

    You “dis”courage the illegal behavior and “en”courage legal ones. NOT the other way around!!! And as long as you do, no matter “what else” you do….you are going to have people flood across the borders. What do they have to loose???


  14. Terrye says:


    sheesh is right. It is not even possilbe to have a rational conversation about this.

    Do you really think that the only people in America who do not have a drivers license are illegals? Do you think it is really that difficult for them to get something that looks like one?

    I am not saying that giving them a drivers license is a good idea, but the state did it so that they would have insurance.

    If you really think that it is all that easy to round up and process and deport 12 million people just jump right in there.

    But I get it, everybody is just refusing to enforce the laws. The feds, the counties, the towns, the states, the border agents, the ICE people, everyboydy. It is a conspiracy and could be easily fixed if bad people just wanted to fix it.

    BTW, if Americans were willing to do a lot of this work these people would not be here in the first place. The idea that they are stealing jobs from people dying to work in restaurants, or hotels or lettuce fields is not right.

    Some of these people have been here for years, decades even and to just up and treat them all like some kind of virus that sprang up out of nowhere a couple of years does not fix anything.

  15. Terrye says:

    And it should be remembered that being illegal is not a felony, it is not a federal crime. In fact the only penalty is a civil proceeding that results in deportation. So they are not criminals. Now if you guys think you can make them felons go ahead, but you will have to build a bunch of prisons and hire hundreds of thousands of cops and spend billions and billions of dollars on judges and courts to prosecute them all.

  16. Terrye says:

    And besides I heard that one of the reasons so many people were pissed at these people was not because they had drivers licenses, but because they did not and drove anyway.

  17. The Macker says:

    Paying into SS, paying for a DL and buying insurance are not exactly “benefits” or “gifts.”

  18. Dc says:

    They are exactly that.

  19. patrick neid says:

    get over it………

  20. Aitch748 says:

    It does seem that, despite the death-for-amnesty (“we won, you lost, get over it”) crowd winning the day, things aren’t going the way they’d like, are they?

    Man, I’m so done with this issue. I guess we can put it to bed for another ten years, or at least until somebody does the equivalent of International A.N.S.W.E.R.’s staging of a parade with signs telling whitey to get the hell off the Latinos’ continent. Then we can all listen once again to people running around screaming about ILLEGALS raping puppies and ILLEGALS driving drunk and how Mexico has committed an ILLEGAL act of war by staging an ILLEGAL invasion of America by ILLEGAL landscapers and ILLEGAL cleaning ladies.

    (We ARE over it, Patrick; we’re laughing at you.)