Sep 14 2007

Canadian Arrested For Bomb Threats In Austria

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Austria was the latest European country to arrest suspects in bomb attacks linked to al-Qaeda or Islamo Fascist causes. Turns out one of the members of the group which threatened attacks over the internet aimed at Germany and Austria was a Canadian, who has now been arrested.

The RCMP said that on Wednesday they arrested Said Namouh, 35, and charged him with “conspiring for the purpose of delivering, placing, discharging or detonating an explosive in a place outside Canada.”

The arrest, made in Canada, “is the result of a joint investigation with the Austrian authorities. The investigation revealed no direct threat in Canada,” the RCMP said in a statement.

According to local media, Namouh made threats via the Internet to carry out bomb attacks in Austria and Germany if those countries did not withdraw their troops from Afghanistan.

It seems we are experiencing the activation and disruption of a large number of terrorist plans for Europe when you look the detected and foiled in London this summer, Denmark, Germany and Turkey this month, as well as these internet threats on Austria. One thing to note is these threats were linked to our efforts in Afghanistan against al-Qaeda and the Taliban, not Iraq. Clearly al-Qaeda cells or sympathizing agents are in place in the West plotting deadly deeds to inflict on innocent humans. And no withdrawal from Iraq will deter them in their efforts. But surveillance and vigilance will.

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