Sep 13 2007

al-Qaeda Taking Heavy Blows In Iraq

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To offset the sad news in the following post, we have been whooping up on al-Qaeda the last few weeks:

In one operation involving more than 1,000 U.S. troops and Iraq Special Forces in the Hemreen mountain area and Diyala river valley, three al-Qaida fighters were killed and 80 others were arrested, the Army statement said.

The report said four of the arrested men are considered senior leaders in the terror group, Kuwait’s KUNA news agency reported.

al-Qaeda is not winning, but the gains we are making in Iraq right now cannot be done or retained by leaving Iraq too soon. As Guiliani points out, we win and al-Qaeda loses – it is pretty simple.

Republican presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani said Wednesday there is only one acceptable outcome to the war on terror, lifting a quote from Ronald Reagan.

“They lose, we win,” the former New York mayor said to loud applause after a campaign swing that took him to four states in a day.

Stay the course and win this damn thing.

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10 Responses to “al-Qaeda Taking Heavy Blows In Iraq”

  1. MerlinOS2 says:

    The Taliban got smacked down for 40 more in Afghanistan yesterday

  2. Cobalt Shiva says:

    Come Mister Taliban
    Tally me banana clip on me AK-47

  3. kathie says:

    …..and he said “we’re kicking ass.”

  4. Oops, Bootlicker’s going to be upset, his Allies and Idols are feeling a little heat!

    Ever wonder how such an idiot can be so wrapped up in the desire for his own country to be defeated, have such a death wish to surrender, and actually cheer for the enemy that is killing his fellow Americans?

    What type of special level of Hell is there in Dante’s Inferno for Traitor’s such as Bootlicker?

  5. Oops, Bootlicker, put your black mourning band on, more of your Allies and Idols have gone to collect the 72 Virgins!


  6. Oh darn, Bootlicker, more of your goat-fornicationg Buddies have bitten the dust!

    Time to rend your clothing and put ashes on your face in mourning, the damn Infidel Americans are actually KICKING YOUR IDOL’S behinds up one side of Iraq & Afghanistan, and down the other!

    I’m sure it pains you!

    Freaking Traitorous Anti-American/Pro-Jihadi Leftist Nutbag MORON!

  7. roonent1 says:

    AJ and everyone, this off topic but about Hsu and his ties to Harry Reid. It is a must read. It is long but well worth it. The proper media and authorities should be alrted to this.

    Caught in the Searchlight: Hsu, Reid, and the Searchlight Leadership Fund

  8. km says:

    Off topic, but not by much. That NY Times MoveOn discount? Illegal. Thought you might want to do something with it.

  9. lurker9876 says:

    Bush is giving a great speech right now. This speech has just put the Democrats between a solid rock and a hard place. He left the Democrats and the waffling Republicans NO room to waffle.

  10. ivehadit says:

    The President was so calm and confident. He knows we are really “kicking ass”. We are so lucky to have had him as our leader during this wretched time. He has held us up, as one of the firefighters said of George as he was consoling the relatives of the slain in the tent at the World Trade towers on 9/11.

    George has held the terrorists feet to the fire, against so many who have sought to bring him down, not out of principle, but out of raw political power grabs. May their karma visit them in tripicate daily and may they NOT be rewarded by the American public come November, ’08.

    G_d bless George W. Bush and G_d bless America, still the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.