May 28 2005

EU’s Constitution Combustion

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The EU constitution is truly a disasterous piece of work. Way too long and filled with policy – not a political and legal framework for states to work together under – it should, for the sake of Europe, be voted down. I have held off on this subject (too busy chillin’) but the pending vote is going to force my hand. Having worked for a EU company for some time I began to see why their economy(ies) will never be able to compete with ours unless their is massive restructuring. The kind the failed constitution tried to buttress against with all its policy proclamations.

Anything that breaks the strangle hold of Brussels and France and their elitist political leadership (and yes, this is really a class apart) that would be good for all of Europe. And if the democrat leaders of the old soviet states could get a stronger voice and re-invigorate the politics that would be good to.

I will be adding more to this as it goes along, but for now I will start linking and excerpting key points being written about.

WashPost Editorial on the breadth and depth of EU unrest

In Germany last Sunday, an election in the industrial Ruhr region rebuked Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder’s ruling Social Democratic Party for its economic reforms, even though the opposition conservatives are equally reformist. In France this coming Sunday, it’s not clear whether a referendum will endorse the proposed European Union constitution, even though nearly all of the political establishment is campaigning in favor of it. A Dutch referendum on that constitution, to be held Wednesday, is expected to withhold endorsement, even though all the main political parties, not to mention the main business and labor leaders, are urging a yes vote.

While the WashPost is confused, it is obviously clear the political class has ,or is, losing support of the masses. For the liberal MSM mindset this must seem to be impossible, like floating in air defying gravity.

The Guardian is not impressed with the chicken little calls from the EU supporters either. When you have to become hysterical to try and move the population on something they are living quite nicely without, well it is obvious you are simply desparate.

Denis MacShane, the former minister for Europe, was at it on the BBC’s Question Time, hinting about the triumph of the dark side, about fascism and racism and the inexorable rise of the totalitarian right.
Fear is a tactic used by politicians of every hue, but it remains deplorable and, I suspect, counterproductive. Europe’s electorates are not stupid; we tend to react very badly to threats from the political classes, and we don’t like being patronised.

I think that is a universal position.

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