Sep 03 2007

Iraq Foils Terrorist Attack Against Shiia Shrine

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The sands have shifted in Iraq. As al-Qaeda is being routed by the Iraqis who have learned to reject their brutal ways, Iraqis have learned to ban together and stop more and more terrorist attacks – attacks now primarily focused on Muslims.

Forty-five insurgents and three civilians were confirmed to have been killed and 11 civilians kidnapped and 55 terror suspects arrested in acts of violence and reports of security offensives in Iraq on Monday. Premier Nuri al-Maliki also Monday gave details of a foiled plot to attack a Shiite holy shrine and the head of the country’s anti- corruption council who fled to the United States.

Al-Maliki was on Monday quoted in press reports as saying that a plot to sabotage one of the main Shia shrines in Karbala during a pilgrimage last week was successfully foiled.

Al-Maliki, who released a statement on the plot on Sunday, was quoted as saying the attempt on the shrine of Imam al-Hussein is still under investigation. Al-Hussein, the grandson of the Muslim prophet Mohammed, is a revered Shiite figure.

According to the al-Maliki, terrorists and the so-called “takfiris” (excommunicators) were possibly behind the attempted attack.

“However, what we can clearly talk about are the attacks on the sanctity of Karbala and on the Imam al-Hussein Shrine which we witnessed,” VOI quoted al-Maliki as saying.

And as these successes in foiling attacks happen Iraq becomes more stable and Iraqis more cohesive. With success comes confidence and respect. Things are changing Iraq.

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  1. Boghie says:

    A thought…

    The Liberal basis for ‘getting something done’ is for the government – or some agency – to do there job. That job is to officially coalesce in an official quorum and make an official vote. They think things get done in a bureaucracy bureaucratically.

    So, obviously, nothing big will get done in Iraq when the Parliament is in session.

    Just like nothing gets done in America when Congress is not in session.

    Could the fact that ‘backroom deals’ are maligned to the extent they now result in the inability to get anything done. Everything is done – or not done – in an official setting. A setting where nobody can compromise, nobody can make a deal. While ‘backroom deals’ are not a great thing, yelling and screaming platitudes at one another doesn’t seem very effective either.

    So, Iraq may resolve some of its most intractable issues diplomatically in smoke filled rooms.

    Is there a lesson here…

  2. MerlinOS2 says:

    Offering a grateful hat toss to Cassandra over at Villainous Company she linked an article that I consider , as she does, a must read.


    Do it you will understand why later. 


    If I had a way to reach through the screen a move your mouse for you I would, it’s that good. 

  3. lurker9876 says:

    MerlinOS, I read Robert Kaplan’s article when it first came out. I just about cried when reading what happened to Bud. It’s a great article. Yup, it’s that good.

  4. MerlinOS2 says:

    Thanks Lurker

    I agree.

    I was neglectful in not saying Cassandra put the hat toss off to Glenn Reynolds , so my link was sort of twice removed and should have fully fleshed it out.

  5. MerlinOS2 says:

    I have too many memories of back then.

    Some are old friends from home or new friends from over there who got taken out after a long time, but all to many were new kids on the block who after a couple of days took the long silent trip home.

    That is not something you will forget like the second or third car you owned, it carries much more weight.

  6. MerlinOS2 says:

    I say kids with good reason.

    When I got to Nam I was pushing 30 and the unending trail of kids who thought they new it all wouldn’t take advice from us “old farts”.

    In the end they froze their knowledge at what they knew.

    Whether it was right or not.