Aug 31 2007

Even Liberal Papers Note Democrats Confused And Conflicted On Terrorism

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Terrorism is befuddling the left because they have, in fits of uncontrolled Bush Derangement Syndrome (BDS), opposed all Bush does to protect America – good and bad. And since what Bush is doing is mostly good (note the 6 years without another attack on our soil) that means the left and the Dems in Congress, who take all leads from their supporters instead of thinking for themselves, cannot figure out how to politically deal with terrorism.

A growing clamor among rank-and-file Democrats to halt President Bush’s most controversial tactics in the fight against terrorism has exposed deep divisions within the party, with many Democrats angry that they cannot defeat even a weakened president on issues that they believe should be front and center.

The Democrats’ failure to rein in wiretapping without warrants, close the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay or restore basic legal rights such as habeas corpus for terrorism suspects has opened the party’s leaders to fierce criticism from some of their staunchest allies — on Capitol Hill, among liberal bloggers and at interest groups.

The insanity of taking up causes that help terrorists in their efforts attack us again – just so they can oppose Bush and attempt to garner some media PR gains – just doesn’t register with these people. These people are obsessed with Bush. They cannot understand why Americans are not willing to die in terrorist attacks to prove THEIR views! Crazy, eh?

Addendum: The media may also be turning the corner on Iraq as we see more and more stories touting the successes in Iraq soon to be reported out to Congress:

The season now ending with school bells and the return of Congress was supposed to be the “Iraq Summer.” A coalition of antiwar groups promised 10 weeks of phone banks, billboards, petitions and protests targeted at 40 Republican members of Congress who support the war. “It’s going to be like laying asphalt in August — hot,” boasted one organizer.

During their summer vacation, Americans discovered that Gen. David Petraeus doesn’t take one. And his energy and urgency have shifted the Iraq debate in some fundamental ways.

A few months ago, it was the received wisdom that Iraq was in the midst of a rapidly escalating civil war. That claim is no longer plausible.

With the surge fully in place only as of last month, the suddenness of these results is startling. Skeptical military experts have returned from Iraq with praise for the Petraeus strategy. And supporters of the war have been left to wonder: What if these approaches had been employed a year earlier?

Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have been quick to praise the accomplishments of American troops in the surge. And one Democratic House member, Washington’s Brian Baird, has gone further since returning from an Iraq visit. While gains are “still precarious,” the “situation on the ground in Iraq is improving in multiple and important ways,” he said. “I do not know the details of what the September report will contain, but I trust and respect Gen. David Petraeus and U.S. Ambassador Ryan Crocker. I have seen firsthand the progress they have made, and I firmly believe we must give them the time and resources they need to succeed.”

Democrats are finally at the point where they climb off the limb they crawled out on last fall and winter, or they saw it off on themselves. If they come down to hard or too pessimistic they will be rejected by the American people as so incompetent they can only figure out how to lose, not win. That is not the American way. It probably is the Democratic way though, especially given the insantiy permeating their voting base. It is time to see if the left is so obsessed they will continue to fight and argue for defeat – at all cost and no matter the gains. Then they will have cemented their place in history – as losers extraordinaire.

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  1. dave m says:

    Surrendercrats try to surrender,

    This is comical. WAPO reports the following from Harry Reid:
    In what could be an indication that the momentum may be shifting away from the Democrats, the Washington Post reports this morning that Sen. Harry Reid, in an apparent shift, said yesterday “he is now willing to compromise with Republicans to find ways to limit troop deployments in Iraq.” Reid “acknowledged that his previous firm demand for a spring withdrawal deadline had become an obstacle for a small but growing number of Republicans who have said they want to end the war but have been unwilling to set a timeline.” Said Reid, “I don’t think we have to think that our way is the only way. … I’m not saying, ‘Republicans, do what we want to do.’ Just give me something that you think you would like to do, that accomplishes some or all of what I want to do.”[/i]


    PULEEZE – I want to surrender to somebody, anybody, (sort of like
    an old song by that band Queen), and if he can’t surrender to
    Al-Qaeda he’s willing to surrender to the Republicans.