Aug 27 2007

So Much For The Mad Putin Theory

So here is the thumbnail sketch of what has been happening in Russia. As the Soviet Union falls a small group of Oligarchs make deals with Yeltsin’s fledgling democracy to keep things in some kind of order why they steal off all the money and resources. The economy tanks and the old Soviet Union is disintegrating. As Yeltsin leaves a stronger leader steps up – Putin. He boots the thieving Oligarchs and turns the economy around and stops the disintegration. In parallel Muslim radical Chechen’s try and break free, but are forced back into the government (since not all of Chechnya is Muslim nor radical). In response these fanatical Muslim bomb apartment buildings, raid schools and kill children, and use chemical bombs on theatres.

Then something truly bizarre happens. The top Oligarch teams up in London with a Chechen ally and a Chechen rebel leader and they begin to put out stories and books that claim the Chechen did none of these things, it was all the government of Putin. This causes the liberal media (who always suspect government and never ‘dissidents’) to go investigate these claims. Now the Putin government, if the claims are as much BS as we all are pretty sure they are, is not worried about any investigation. It finds the whole thing sadly pathetic.

But what if the Chechens, working with their propagandist in London, fear the media investigations will show there is no conspiracy by Putin? What then happens to their reputation and credibility? Well, they have the answer right in front of them. Like moths to the flame the liberal media sock puppets start looking. If they do not penetrate the facade they are fine. But if someone did penetrate the facade, like one probably did, then the answer is clear. Kill the journalist and blame her death on Putin – so as to keep the conspiracy theory alive and the puppets on their strings making some in the world believe there is no way Chechens could bomb buildings, kill children, gas theatres – or plant a nuclear dirty bomb in the middle of Moscow (as the Chechens did in 1995 – the only known nuclear dirty bomb ever deployed).

It is a reasonable string of events given the modern day manipulation of public opinion by nefarious and dangerous groups. So people need to sit back and analyze this kind of news, not accept it as facts for puppet from media puppets:

Russian prosecutors have arrested 10 people in connection with the murder of Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya. The killers are said to be a Chechen gang with links to Russian security forces.

Speaking a few hours later at a news conference, Chaika added more detail. He said that an ethnic Chechen crime boss had organized the killing of Politkovskaya, and that Russian police and security officers were involved. Chaika also said that the person who ordered the Politkovskaya killing is “abroad,” without going into further detail. “Our investigation has led us to conclude that only people living abroad could be interested in killing Politkovskaya,” he said.

I think we are on the brink of some major break through in both this case and the Litvinenko case. Those abroad who have FSB contacts include Berezovsky – who sat on the Russian equivalent of our National Security Council. We all know his long time associates Litvinenko and Lugovoi (yes, both were long term associates of Berezovsky’s) were tied to the FSB and other remnants of the old KGB. The fact is, depending on the truth to the matter, the folks who are lying are the ones who would be interested in stopping the investigation into the matter. And there is more than one murder here:

He also said that the organized crime group suspected of Politkovskaya’s murder may also be linked to the murder of central bank deputy chief Andrei Kozlov, as well as to the 2004 murder of US journalist Paul Klebnikov. Kozlov, who was killed a few days before Politkovskaya, had led a crusade against money laundering, while Klebnikov had written exposés about Russia’s oligarchs and insulted an underground Chechen leader in a book.

The Chechens have a record of bloody brutality. Putin has a reputation for a iron will. It doesn’t take much objective analysis to see which way the pendulum swings. Putin HAS what he wants – killing now gains him nothing. Berezovsky has openly called for the violent overthrow of Russia since, in the next election, there is little chance the people of Russia will reject all Putin has done for them since the days of Yeltsin’s back room deals with the Oligarchs. Who has something they want so bad they would kill for? Chechens and Berezovsky and the Oligarchs all fit that bill.

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  1. nomad_990 says:

    All the threads nicely tied up…. Call me suspicious and/or paranoid but its way too tidy. especially in Putin’s Russia. Oh and he turned the economy around by seizing just about anything worth seizing for the ‘national’ companies. The average Russian ain’t that well off as they were before. Pay attention to what some of the Russian bloggers, the ones who haven’t been scared off by the FSB/KGB/NKVD, are saying.

  2. Snapple says:

    You are just believing the Russian propaganda.

    You don’t have a clue about Russia.

  3. whatever_13 says:

    Excuse me, Snapple. That Russian propaganda is nothing compared to the American propaganda. Some people actually think, before believing anything – you should have read this article more carefully. And if you read Russian, you could see that there’s more diversity/democracy over there than there ever was in US.

  4. nomad_990 says:

    Your democracy ‘over there’ lets the government bash the head in of anyone who dares to want to have a political party other then the ‘official’ ones. Or making more and more elective offices ones that are appointed by the state. That isn’t a democracy to me.

    Of course these are Russians so they are ‘used’ to being told what to do by their ‘masters’.


  5. Dc says:

    I suppose it’s the oligarchs flying new military hardware playing wargames?? Planting flags in the artic with subs?

    Putin, started “slowly” reigning in things…and is not reeling it hand over fist.

  6. Dc says:

    sorry…meant “now” reeling it hand over fist.

  7. nomad_990 says:

    Some more good updates including reactions for Ms Politkovskaya’s paper. they don’t really believe it either: