Aug 14 2007

Terrorism Returns To Russia

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It seems a terrorist tried to derail a high speed commuter train in Russia and dump it and its passengers over a bridge. The angle about dumping the train over the bridge can be found in this Russian news article (translated into reasonable English).

According to the investigation, a homemade bomb with power capacity equivalent to 2 kg of TNT was set on the way to a bridge: it looks like the terrorist intended to make the train fall from the bridge, which could have resulted in numerous casualties. But the speed of the train, one of the most rapid on this rout, was about 200 km/h, so after the explosion happened, the train overshot the bridge and was derailed already after it.

There are lots of possible responsible agents. This article notes it has been only a year since the Chechens had been on a terrorist rampage in Russia:

There was no indication of who might have planted the bomb. Groups linked to an insurgency in Chechnya have carried out violent attacks in the past but have staged none outside southern Russia for at least a year.

One could read that many ways – one of which is it was about time for another Chechen attack. One has to wonder about this incident and the calls from Chechen ally in London Boris Berezovsky to overthrow Putin’s government. It is well known the Po-210 victim in London last year, Alexander Litvinenko, was hailed as a martyr by Chechen terrorists due to his strong ties to their cause. I am not saying there is a link, but if Berezovsky needs to incite an uprising before next year’s elections he needs to start now.

But while I am wildly speculating, one has to wonder what it is about bridges and terrorists this past week? We had the Minneapolis bridge collapse, without any clear reason for the failure. And now we see a bridge in China collapse. And in Iraq a bombing attack on a bridge (which is actually a common tactic of the terrorists there). Now a train-bomb near a bridge. Just noting this has been a bad week for bridges around the world.

OK, back to serious reality. Russia being targetted by terrorists should be a wake up call to everyone in America and Europe. The largest terrorist attacks that preceded 9-11 where not the USS Cole or the African US Embassies, it was bombings of Russian apartment buildings (supposedly by Chechen rebels) in 1999. It seems Russia is at times the world’s canary in a coal mine. Worth paying attention to.

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  2. Jules Roy says:

    I don’t know if you are a neocon or not – I thought so until I noticed you are not one of those pro-Chechen fanatics so common on the Aemrican ‘right’. Let us not forget that most neocons not only joined anti-white/Christian liberals in sympathizing with the Chechen cause they also supported the West’s anti-Serbian pro-Muslim policies.

    Putin is no angel but clearly the damage done to US-Russian relations can be blamed on the neocon attempts to undermine Putin. The Orange Revolution in Ukraine was also not what it appeared – George Soros organizations were heavily involved. Putin is also right on Kosovo while Bush has continued Clinton’s dreadful policy toward the region.

    The only place where Putin can be accused of serious bullying is in the Baltics. All three states are NATO countries and more deserving of the support the West’s been giveing Berezovsky, the Chechens, and the ‘Orange’ Ukrainians.

  3. Terrye says:


    Are you stupid?I am a moderate and not that far right myself, but I have never heard anyone on the American right say anything good about the kind of people who attacked that school in Russia and killed all those children. Those were Chechens. The only thing I have heard Americans talk about is how the Russians can kill a lot of Chechen civilians and the left usually looks the other way.

  4. Terrye says:

    And what is a neo con Jules, a Jew or someone who actually believes in liberty instead of just yammering about it while they suck up to dictators, like so many of your kind make a habit of doing.

    Still carry your little red book of Mao sayings? He killed 60 million and was a hero, just like Stalin, just like Che and Fidel, etc.