Aug 14 2007

Liberals Failures Abound, From Impeachment Dreams To Terrorism

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While I come down hard on the conservative core in the post below, I have nothing but contempt for the radical left which is so immature that they have succumbed to fantasizing about Bush and killing as an analogy to impeachment:

Bush and Cheney merit — overwhelmingly, screamingly — impeachment and conviction. But that doesn’t make it a good idea.

You may recall the scene in Clint Eastwood’s 1992 Western Unforgiven where Eastwood’s character levels his gun at Gene Hackman’s malevolent sheriff, whom he is about to dispatch to hell’s lower depths. “I don’t deserve this,” Hackman protests. “Deserve’s got nothin’ to do with it,” Eastwood replies, and pulls the trigger.

And that — a touch overstated, I’ll admit — is pretty much my position on impeachment. Does George W. Bush deserve to be impeached? Absolutely. Problem is, that doesn’t resolve the question of whether trying to impeach Bush (and, necessarily, Dick Cheney, too) is a good idea.

It is hard to tell if the thought this person is trying to form is impeachment is bad, but assassination would do the trick, or whether Clint Eastwood should not have pulled the trigger at the end of the movie? Whatever he is trying to say it is pretty ugly in all directions. Bush cannot be impeached because he is a conservative and immature liberals do not have the patience and intestinal fortitude to put up with Presidents they did not support. The fact they wanted Gore and Kerry Kelley is not nearly as bad as their inability to respect the process like adults. [AJStrata: yes Aitch, the man is completely forgettable – except for his claim to fame, which is on a sticker we have up: “I voted for Kerry, before I voted against him”]

It is not like they have a lot of laurels to stand on. Their foreign policy is dangerously naive (combining a wish to surrender Iraq to al-Qaeda, discuss terms with Iran, and dismantle our defenses against another 9-11), their take on the economy expensive to those who make a living for themselves, their mark on education clear after decades of destroying the school systems in the nation (their ‘strong point’). So when liberals moan about being in the minority most the rest of us take a gleeful sigh of relief.

But the fact is liberal policies are dangerous, so the glee is short lived. For example, the Iraq war is supposedly recruiting fighters for al-Qaeda. Not that there is any basis for this claim. It is just as easy to see fighters rallying around al-Qaeda after 9-11 (they finally hit the Great Satan) and what would be the recruitment windfall from America surrendering Iraq and running away? It would be enormous of course. But what I want the radicals to explain is why is the war in Iraq recruiting people in the West?

Britain is stepping up counter-terrorism cooperation with countries in South Asia and Africa to thwart al Qaeda attempts to train Britons overseas and send them back home to commit attacks, a senior official said.

The aim is to counter a perceived al Qaeda preference for deploying Western volunteers on their home soil, even when they have trained abroad or volunteered for foreign theatres such as Pakistan, Somalia or Iraq.

British and other European officials increasingly believe that Westerners who train abroad and volunteer to fight in foreign conflict zones are being encouraged instead to return home to plan attacks, instead of blowing themselves up in “just another suicide bombing” in Iraq or Afghanistan.

“For al Qaeda it makes little sense to waste European passport-holders in the Iraqi terror arena” when they could use Arab volunteers instead, a European intelligence source said.

I posit this theory: After decades of liberals bashing America and all she stands for the seeds of hate were sown in the minds of these impressionable and volatile souls. After decades of listening to liberal do-nothings drone on and on about the evil of America and her corrupting power it was not hard for al-Qaeda to come along and exploit that festering hate, built up by the leftists, to create an environment were a career in terrorism (as short as it may be) looks to be the honorable thing to do. How else to destroy America and save the planet? Just as the fool I linked to above is way over the top – but sees nothing wrong, the liberal media and their years of insecurity manifesting itself as patronizing monologue against those who do actually do accomplish things is bearing the fruit it had planted. The reason there are recruits available is there are people who bought into the liberal fanaticism about the evils of the West. And I would expect this phenomena to only gain credibility when the political right also claims our leaders are corrupt and unworthy. But the liberals have been at it much longer than the frustrated right.

Dr Frankenstein, meet your monster.

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3 Responses to “Liberals Failures Abound, From Impeachment Dreams To Terrorism”

  1. Mike M. says:

    AJ, I suspect that the question is when we will see a serious home-grown terrorist movement on the Left.

    Personally, I think we will see this sometime in 2008…and it will have a serious impact on the elections.

  2. Aitch748 says:

    The fact they wanted Gore and Kelley is not nearly as bad as their inability to respect the process like adults.

    LOL! I had to think a moment to remember Kerry’s name too, AJ! Not exactly unforgettable, was he? Cheers.

  3. Terrye says:

    They can not impeach Bush and Cheney just because they do not like them. That is the problem with liberals, they assume that since they are morally superior to the rest of us they don’t need reasons to do what they do.

    Me no like suffices.