Aug 08 2007

New Republic Asks Military To Prove Their Lies

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The saga of Pvt Beauchamp (married to someone at the New Republic no less) is one of propaganda lies placed in media outlets to spin falsehoods about our military and their activities in Iraq. It is a shameless and near criminal act of lying to the public face on. The Weekly Standard hit the news yesterday claiming Beauchamp had recanted. The Army is not providing details and the New Republic (of Lies) is standing by their ‘investigation’ (not by an outside group of course) that the stories are true. So what does the New Republic do when faced with an Army conclusion that the stories are false? They demand the military share their internal investigation details with them:

Yesterday, The New Republic posted another note on its Web site saying its editors had spoken to Major Lamb and asked whether Private Beauchamp had indeed signed a statement admitting to fabrications. “He told us, ‘I have no knowledge of that.’ He added, ‘If someone is speaking anonymously [to The Weekly Standard], they are on their own.’ When we pressed Lamb for details on the Army investigation, he told us, ‘We don’t go into the details of how we conduct our investigations.’

In an e-mail message, Mr. Foer said, “Thus far, we’ve been provided no evidence that contradicts our original statement, despite directly asking the military for any such evidence it might have,” adding, “We hope the military will share what it has learned so that we can resolve this discrepancy.”

Why does the Army owe the New Republic anything? Beauchamp has recanted parts of his lies already (one of his fantastic Iraq stories never happened in Iraq we now know). Army policy is what it is. And the New Republic better understand this – they will lose more and more credibility (assuming they have any left now) as long as they deny their situation. And I doubt the Army is concerned with that current state of affairs. The New Republic represents Liberals and Progressives, and right now they are making them look likme a bunch of naive liars. My guess is others will now demand TNR do what they should have done before, and go for an outside, independent investigation. Either that or sell your stock in the company because a news outlet without credibility is the truest example of a junk investment.

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6 Responses to “New Republic Asks Military To Prove Their Lies”

  1. ivehadit says:

    Can we not all see how ruthless and shameless these Leftists are? Bought and paid for with no principles whatsoever.

    It is an indication of how ill 40% of our population is that would believe these people. We must keep getting the truth out to as many as possible…and stopping the victim attitude that fosters the illness.

    Here is a reminder of things they have tried from an article, “The Pathology of Liberalism by Joan Swirsky:

    · They have tried to prevent us from listening in on terrorists’ phone calls
    · They have sought to stop us from properly interrogating captured terrorists
    · They have tried to stop us from monitoring terrorists’ financial transactions
    · They have revealed the existence of secret national security programs
    · They have opposed vital components of the Patriot Act
    · They have sought to confer unmerited legal rights on terrorists
    · They have opposed profiling to identify the terrorists in our midst
    · They have impugned and demeaned our military
    · They have insinuated that the president is a war criminal
    · They have forced the resignation of a committed defense secretary
    · They have repeatedly tried to de-legitimize our war effort
    · They want to quit the battlefield in the midst of war.

  2. MerlinOS2 says:

    TNR has 5 anonymous sources that refuse to come forward.

    They have it their own power to control their own destiny.

    Every military on the record contact says no evidence exists of the incidents alleged.

    It’s hard to prove a negative.

    Sort of like have you stopped beating your wife.

    It’s TNR’s story the burden of proof is on them.

  3. MerlinOS2 says:

    TNR has not even produce a single email confirmation from their sources with the identification information redacted.

    This would lead one to possibly conclude that any such “confirmation” would provide data points that could allow more debunking of the story for each data point they expose.

    Also they do not specify how many were backing the disfigured woman story being in FOB Falcon before it got switched to Kuwait.

    Multiple people got the country wrong?

  4. ScottScam Rolls On…

    So, if TNR has facts that back up their assertions, show them. Otherwise, you’ve got baseless claims, which only serve to denigrate and attack the professionalism of the US Armed Forces. You mean to tell me that in a country where nearly every soldie….

  5. Terrye says:

    The whole thing is ridiculous.

    My uncle once rolled gun powder up in cigarette paper and gave it to an Arab scout in Africa in WW2. He said the man was always bugging him for a smoke and after awhile he got tired of that and decided to give him a smoke he would not forget. The guy’s beard and head dress started on fire, but it he was not badly hurt. Imagine what someone would do with a story like that today.

    But my uncle was a member of the Greatest Generation and he was badly wounded while serving in northern Africa. He had a purple heart and a bronze star and no one except the Nazis gave him a hard time.

    But today, we hear stories about someone supposedly running over a dog. How does one answer to that?

  6. clarice says:

    Some fact checkers they have at TNR..