Aug 07 2007

GOP Lemmings Heading For The Cliff

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Some fools on the right think it would be wise in 2008 to back the lunacy of Ron Paul as a sign of where the GOP stands – seriously:

All of the current crop of power-seekers spurning the Ron Paul campaign in hopes of power, jobs, and largesse in a Giuliani, Romney, Clinton, or Obama administration, will have to start looking for honest work. Instead, we will get a new generation of idealists eager to start cleaning up the mess.

[Me] Whew. While I am generally resistant to romantic gestures in politics, and I don’t believe the Giuliani, Romney, McCain, etc. camps are TOTALLY devoid of idealism, or unacceptably short on honesty, courage, decency, or integrity, still… the guy makes a case.

The Corner is losing its mind. Must be all the echoes bouncing off the walls there. If anyone thinks the law enforcement, get tough on terrorists, defend this nation stance of Guiliani or McCain or Romney is going to be lost to the run-and-cower-at-home position of Ron Paul they are nuts. The far right is still frustrated they are not the end all, be all they convinced themselves they were in 2000 and 2004. They cannot fathom they have to compromise or find common ground. It is driving them crazy.

The truth is this nation is center right. And if the far right wants to stomp its foot and select Ron Paul as a sign of where it is heading – well who am I to stop them? Ron Paul is no George Bush or Ronald Reagan or Rudy Guiliani. Clearly that is the point some at The Corner want to make. OK – point made.

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  1. Cepik says:


    NRO is one of a few for sure, definitely not the “only” one or even “paramount”.


    Good points dude, btw when did you get a blog? I checked in over there and looked around. pretty cool.


    I respectfully disagree. As an EX Libertarian, I tire easily of purity, finesse and endless quest for perfection with constant defeat. That is what I found in the Libertarian Party in my home state. After moving to another state (and having Billary for two terms) I decided to try something different. While you are entitled to your opinions (as I am mine) I do not think the “bad guys” of the world will leave us alone if we “mind our own business”. I do not think isolationism is a practical foreign policy in a global market. I do not think legalizing drugs will stop crime (or even slow it) as these were always a standard of the “party” when I was considered a “member”. I don’t think our borders are any more porous than they were before, it is just another thing to cause diversion in the political landscape prior to elections (why wasn’t it a big concern in the 90’s? What exactly is Ron Paul’s “common sense Border Control?). Anyways, we will have to agree to disagree.

    I will avoid Paul just like I avoided Badnarik and Browne. I wager Ron will be doing stellar if he can gather more than 500,000 votes . . . . nationwide.

    I apologize for interrupting but I wanted to chime in,


  2. Cepik says:

    Almost forgot,

    Has anyone seen SS/Soothie/whoever since the snagged that Thomas Tamm? I know it could be coincidental but it does strike me as peculiar.


  3. The Macker says:

    You make good points.

  4. Soothsayer says:

    ALL the Republican candidates are so pathetic that Obama polled 3rd in the latest Republican polls from Iowa. That’s right – you heard me:

    In a recent poll conducted by University of Iowa political science professor David Redlawsk:

    Romney topped the poll with 26.9 percent of respondents saying they intend to support him at the January caucus. He is up 10 points since the last University of Iowa poll in late March. Giuliani was well behind at 11.3 percent, down 9 points, while McCain fell an astonishing 17.7 points to 3.2 percent, putting him in sixth place.

    Former U.S. Sen. Fred Thompson, Tenn., was at 6.5 percent, while U.S. Sen. Sam Brownback, Kans., and U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo, Col., each got 4.2 percent.

    Perhaps most surprising of all, Barack Obama actually finished third as the preferred general election candidate of registered Republicans, at 6.7 percent, behind Romney (21.8 percent), and Giuliani (10 percent), but ahead of Thompson (5.2 percent) and McCain (1.8 percent).