Aug 07 2007

Beauchamp, The Liar, Joins The Army Of Liberal Liars

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The image of the brutal, callous military men and women, the fantasy liberals are draw to like moths to the fire, the fiction they so desperately search for these Don Quixote’s to uncover the modern Vietnam, has once again proven to be lies and exaggerations. In fact, the only perpetrator of deceit and cruelty in this Pvt Beauchamp story is a liberal hoaxer who has to make up the myth of the brutal and callous (in other words the unprofessional) soldier in order to pretend the liberal mythology is real:

THE WEEKLY STANDARD has learned from a military source close to the investigation that Pvt. Scott Thomas Beauchamp–author of the much-disputed “Shock Troops” article in the New Republic’s July 23 issue as well as two previous “Baghdad Diarist” columns–signed a sworn statement admitting that all three articles he published in the New Republic were exaggerations and falsehoods–fabrications containing only “a smidgen of truth,” in the words of our source.

According to the military source, Beauchamp’s recantation was volunteered on the first day of the military’s investigation. So as Beauchamp was in Iraq signing an affidavit denying the truth of his stories, the New Republic was publishing a statement from him on its website on July 26, in which Beauchamp said, “I’m willing to stand by the entirety of my articles for the New Republic using my real name.”

The popular liberal canard is Bush lied to get us into the war in Iraq. Though no proof of any lie by Bush has ever once been proven, this is the fantasy world of the liberal today. Evn though we do know of the leftwing Wilsons who made up their lie about forged Niger documents, which supposedly Joe Wilson was sent to Niger to debunk. All of these Wilsonian ‘facts’ have been proven to be misstatements at best, and Joe Wilson has had to recant ALL of them.

The liberals lied about the NSA surveillance program, that is why both the FIS Court and the Congress have codified that program into policy and law. The liberals lied about the terrorist banking surveillance program, about Abhu Graib, about torture and about GITMO. And at each turn they tried to compare the people working to protect this country to Nazis and other abhorrent examples of humanity. Even calling them liars.

But the fact is it is the Army of Liberal Liars that create falsehoods about Iraq and everything else. It is liberal liars who claimed not long ago Iraq was lost, only to see the Muslim street in Iraq rise up against the brutal and violent oppression of al-Qaeda and swear on the Koran to destroy al Qaeda’s operations in Iraq. Liberal liars have claimed our only option is to give Bin Laden a win in Iraq and leave the country to fall into violent choas. They swear our only option is to go back on our word we gave that we would finish the job of liberation we started. But everyone in the region – Iraqi, Muslim, Arab and US leader – tells us to lose Iraq would revitalize a beaten down al-Qaeda. Everyone says the reality is we dare not take this path.

Sure there are challenges in Iraq. Only the naive thought it would be easier than it has been. Those who went in with their eyes open know it could have been much worse and, compared to other military efforts of history, has not been as bad as most wars. War is not pleasant, that is why we get the backing of the Congress and Senate when we engage in these things.

But lying to America about what is happening is a crime. And while Americans are diverse and have many views, they do not respect being lied to. Liberals are lying because the truth is not working out the way they thought it would. Reality is not lining up with their fantasy world. So they go out and lie to themselves and then lie to the rest of us to show how smart they were all along. Yeah, right. So smart they lie to support false conclusions and bankrupt ideology. This is just the latest of many examples of liberals lying to America. And the sad thing is liberals have lied to themselves, and convinced themselves, Americans don’t care if they are lied to. The real essence of their fantasy world – they think they can lie without losing credibility.

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  1. Angevin13 says:

    Excellent post.

    Scott Thomas Beauchamp is a liar. Either he lied to TNR, or he lied to Army investigators. And whatever he told the Army – lie or truth – is presumably under oath.

    There’s two strategies the left will have for this, and they’re not mutually exclusive. One, of course, is the “fake but true” defense – so what if Beauchamp fudged a few facts, invented a few stories, or libelled the troops – we all know they’re monsters anyway, right? The other is that Beauchamp “did what he had to do” and lied to the “oppressive” Army investigation in order to protect his fellow company members who were involved in the incidents he described in “Shock Troops.”

  2. WWS says:

    There’s a third option, angevin, and this is the one I expect TNR and the vast majority of the left to follow. This is simply to ignore this entire episode as “old news” from now on. They won’t acknowledge they lied, they won’t acknowledge they did anything wrong, and they’ll claim that anyone who demands an accounting is “mean-spirited” and “excessively partisan.” Better yet, “using the war to achieve ideological ends.”

    They will never account for their lies, because they don’t think they have to. They just tell them and move on to the next one, and the next, and the next.

  3. dhunter says:

    And the Parids Hilton watchers will never know because the mainstream media will not cover it. Can they sink any lower? I suspect they will.

  4. russell704 says:

    Reading all the security-oriented blogs I do, this prompts my first comment on your excellent site.

    The left-wing narrative that the U.S. was going to seize Iraq’s and turn Iraq into a part of the Amerikan Empire, amplified by the early-adopters in the MSM, must have scared the shit out of the Iraqis. Saddam was right!

    Just like today, the constant effort to abandon Iraq to sectarian violence and possible genocide by the U.S. left is just about the last card the AQ has to play–“We will be the strong horse in the end and we will punish those who have stood against us.”

    Thanks a lot, Democratic Party.