Aug 01 2007

al-Qaeda’s Murderous Ways Confuses Liberals

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Two stories that just jump out and tell the tale of how confused liberals and liberal media is over the war on terror. First is an article that is supposed to be a rebuttal to the O’Hanlan-Pollack bomb shell in the NY Times that we can win in Iraq. Amongst all the good news in that article someone tries to find a gray cloud to pin their hopes of defeat on:

At least 1,652 civilians were killed in Iraq in July, one third more than in the previous month, according to figures compiled from three Iraqi ministries and seen by AFP.

July’s toll is also slightly higher the number for February, when the United States launched a “surge” aimed at flooding the Iraqi capital with troop reinforcements to stem Iraq’s sectarian bloodletting.

In that month, 1,626 civilians were killed according to the ministries’ figures. In June 1,241 were killed, inspiring hope that the troop reinforcements were having an effect but that figure climbed 33 percent in July.

But then there is this story out today as well, which gives a hint to why the civilian death toll is so high:

Police said the suicide bomber was driving a fuel truck packed with explosives in the attack in Mansour district of western Baghdad that wounded 60 people apart from the 50 killed.

They said the bomber lured motorists queuing for petrol to his truck after earlier saying he had rammed into the line of vehicles.

Separately, 20 people were killed and 40 wounded when a suicide bomber blew up his vehicle near a popular ice cream parlor in a bustling area full of electronics stores in Baghdad’s predominantly Shi’ite district of Karrada.

In southern Baghdad, a parked car bomb killed three people and wounded five in Doura district, police said.

This is more than 70 people killed in one day, but the word ‘casualties’ usually includes those injured and that would bring the toll to well over 100. And this rate of destruction al-Qaeda could create over 3,000 civilian casualties a month.

And this is why suing statistics properly requires a brain to comprehend what the data means. Clearly civilian deaths are up because al-Qaeda is on a mass killing spree, which they have been on for months. And the reason al-Qaeda is on a mass killing spree is to get headlines here in the US and regain control of the people of Iraq – which it lost due to its brutality in the first place. And THIS is the reason Iraqis are turning to us for protection: because al-Qaeda is killing and butchering them in larger numbers.

And what do the Surrendercrats want to do with this current situation? They want to run away now that the Iraqi-Arab street is on our side and asking us to help get rid of the Islamo Fascists in their midst. They are willing to make all this death and destruction pay off for al-Qaeda.

Even more mind numbing is the fact this IS the set of conditions we had hoped we could reach when we were first picking ourselves up after the brutality of 9-11. We had hoped we could find a way to turn the hate of the Middle East into understanding and trust.

Think of it, for once we can honestly sympathize with these people and say “we understand your feelings about being bombed for no reason”. We are not being fakes when we say that and they know and it provides a connection. We have the Arab street turning to our side in Iraq – something unthinkable on 9-12-01. We have Muslim Arabs asking for our support to protect them and others swearing on the Koran to fight with us. No wonder some few Democrats are waking up to the idiocy of their pullout policies.

Liberals want the US to lose – no mater how and at any cost. America is finally waking up to that fact. I always said when Iraq turned the corner both the Islamo Fascists and their cheerleaders back here in the US would pay a heavy political price. I see no reason to change that prediction right now. As goes al-Qaeda’s fortunes in Iraq so goes the Democrats (a.k.a. Surrendercrats) fortunes here in America. The left bet on America losing and al-Qaeda winning. That was a really, really bad bet to take.

And if you need more evidence the change in Iraq is becoming more and more difficult to ignore check out this latest change of heart by the Surrendercrats:

Congressional Democrats pulled back Tuesday from a final series of votes on Iraq policy before the August recess, hoping a month spent at home with voters frustrated by the course of the war would persuade more Republicans to join Democrats in supporting a troop withdrawal.

The strategy reflects a calculation by Democratic leaders in both the House and Senate that the best approach politically is to deny Republicans the opportunity to put themselves on record against the current policy in Iraq, leaving them to explain to voters why they have steadfastly backed President Bush on the war.

LOL! Yeah, and it could also be a decision by the Surrendercrats to stop digging their political graves in the face of seriously good news (not perfect news) come this fall on Iraq. But there are a faction that cannot see the cliff they are heading towards and will, to the end, be pushing for America to lose: all the way to our probable success. We can and will win this thing. Bush has plenty of time left, and al-Qaeda is out of time now that the people of Iraq are fighting to purge them from their country.

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