Jul 23 2007

Russia Blows Holes In UK’s Litvinenko Investigation

The details of the UK’s ‘case’ against Andre Lugovoi in the death of Alexander Litvinenko last October, when there appears to have been up to three incidents of nuclear smuggling of the highly dangerous Po-210 through London, have never been exposed to public scrutiny. But Russia does have insights, due to there interviews and supporting UK interviews, that have become public today which blow holes in the assassination theory:

Polonium signs were found not only in places Lugovoi and Kovtun visited in London, but in different places where the two Russian businessmen had not been, Majorov said. This tendency was obvious during two visits by Lugovoi and Kovtun to London. There were no signs of Polonium in the office of businessman Shadrin. whom the two entrepreneurs met in London, and no Polonium signs were found in several restaurants and a night club that both Russian businessmen visited, Majorov said.

We do KNOW that the Po-210 trails over the month of October always include Litvinenko. And Litvinenko was the one who apparently contaminated Boris Berezovsky’s offices (at least that was the early story from Berezovsky’s PR team). And Kovtun’s radiation trail begins with a meeting with Litvinenko, then follows him as he travels to Moscow and then Hamburg and then back to London. This trail puts Po-210 with Litvinenko a week before the Pine Bar meeting on November 1. And there are trails that go back even a week prior to that. All the Po-210 trails follow Litvinenko and NO ONE ELSE.

The news that Kovtun and Lugovoi visited places where the trail doesn’t exist, and yet places like Erinys, where Litvinenko supposedly worked as a consultant, show a consistent trail, means that the Po-210 was NOT on Lugovoi or Kovtun until they met a radiated Litvinenko. But there is more evidence the UK’s case is more facade than real:

The British version presumes that Polonium -210 was administered to Litvinenko in tea Lugovoi offered to Litvinenko on November 1, but both Lugovoi and Kovtun ordered the same tea for themselves, which shows that a version that Lugovoi was the source who administered poison is vulnerable, Majorov said.

And in this article by the NY Times we learn there was no Po-210 detected on the planes that took Litvinenko and Kovtun TO London. Apparently all the planes showing contamination were flights out of London AFTER meetings with Litvinenko. And in this story we learn the Po-210 was detected on Litvinenko’s SIM card, making him the source of the contamination:

Russia’s Prosecutor General Office that conducts its own probe into polonium poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko is checking the lead whereby Andrey Lugovoy and Dmitry Kovtun caught radioactive polonium from the SIM card of Alexander Litvinenko, RIA Novosti reported.

”The checked lead is that polonium poisoning of Kovtun and Lugovoy happened from initially poisoned Litvinenko,” Andrey Maiorov from Prosecutor General Office said at the news conference Monday. “Lugovoy got from Litvinenko a SIM card and the card to pay for communication, and the trace of polonium was discovered on those objects,” ITAR-TASS reported.

A SIM Card is used as the brains of cellular phones. It holds your account information and address books, stored data, etc. One interesting thing to note is a cell phone case would be a good place to hide grams of Polonium 210. A flat plastic baggy [AJStrata: sorry, posted without my brain in gear] heat absorbing ceramic case could house the material, especially if the SIM card is removed and the space it sits is used to hold the material and case. Recall we are talking amounts found in sugar packets you get at Star Bucks able to kill tens of thousands of people in a dirty bomb. Maybe this is how the smugglers moved the material through airports. Or maybe Litvinenko had some Po-210 on his hands. Maybe this is how the material hit the floor of the hotel room in the Millnium Hotel – someone dropped the SIM card on the carpet. There are lots of valid scenarios to consider.

I think the UK’s fiction is about to be exposed, because as I have been posting for months now the assasination story has way too many scientific and simple common sense holes in it. For some reason the UK is presenting this charade to cover something up – probably a massive screw up with one of their ‘intelligence assets’ who stood up a nuclear contraband smuggling ring and died because he did not know how to handle the material properly. This seems as plausible as the other theories.

The contamination trail is the key, yet the UK refuses to release a full timeline of contamination sites and dates. Why? What is so secret about the Po-210 trail?

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    And still things don’t quite add up. What about Kovtun’s trip to Germany?