Jun 11 2007

Laughable Limbaugh

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I had to run a quick errand and decided to do a check in Rush today. I have been off talk radio for a while (and man, is it nice). Anyway, Rush was trying to pin the blame for the stalled immigration bill on Harry Reid and divert accusations that the loss of the bill was a GOP problem, specifically with Bush, Kyl and McConnell. Now that is a strange tact to take for an ultra-conservative? Bush, Kyl and McConnel are fighting to get the very bill passed the immigration hypochondriacs crowed about last week as THEIR greatest political success in some time. They were patting themselves on the back for stopping that crazed Jorge and his un-American allies on the immigration bill. I thought they were going dislocate their shoulders!

Yet this week Rush is defending Jorge, ….excuse me,… President George Bush and Kyl while trying to lay blame on Harry Reid! Not to mention there is no more taking credit for the bill’s demise at all. What changed? Why is Rush saying “hey, it wasn’t us or Bush, it was Dingey Harry”?

I can only think of one thing that would cause those who cheered themselves for stopping the bill one week to now try to pin the blame on Reid. Maybe all those moderate (un-American, quisling, traiterous, open border promoting, amnest loving, immigrant abusing) conservatives are turning the dial back to FM Rock (I know I am and just about everyone in may family is). What happened? Did Rush see some viewership numbers that told him the path to riches doesn’t come by bashing moderate conservatives?

I don’t know. I am just speculating. But I find it funny those who made it their mission to defeat the bill, and crowed out loud last week when they thought they killed it, are now trying to blame Reid and defend Bush. Very interesting…..

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  1. biglsusportsfan says:


    You are so correct. I was enjoyed seeing that at least some on the Corner last week were reacting agaisnt Krikorians pure anti immigrations stance when Krikorian said the phrase “Nation of immigrants” was multiculturiam

  2. Weight of Glory says:


    I haven’t read all the previous comments, so forgive me if this sounds repetitive. It is not problematic for Limbaugh to assign credit for the demise of this bill to both his efforts and those of Reid’s. The outcry by a majority of people in this country caused congressional action. The congressional action, then, was such that, most senators were looking for ways to back out of this while both saving face and making the other party look bad. Reid did it by re-introducing the Dorgan amendment which was first rejected and later accepted. The acceptance of this amendment allowed democrats too back out and blame it on the Repubs. So, you see, the grassroots’ effort doesn’t negate the congressional responsibility. We caused it to be desired by congress to kill it; they decided the when and how. We wanted it dead on account of principles that we believe in; Reid killed it for political points. I know you disagree with many of these premisis, but I am not trying to convince you of those (I already know where you stand); I just want to demonstrate that it is not contradictory to take credit for the demise while also pointing out who in Congress killed it, and how, and why.

  3. Weight of Glory says:

    It is the difference between efficient and material causes. (loosely speaking that is)

  4. Weight of Glory says:

    Limbaugh pointed out what Reid was doing last Thursday. In fact, Rush came back from a break saying that he saw on the news that Reid reintroduced the Dorgan Amndt. It was then, last Thursday, that Rush postulated that Reid wanted to do this to allow his fellow democrats back out of the bill while saving face. So he was saying this before the bill got pulled.

  5. MerlinOS2 says:

    I will agree with everyone that this is a multi-faceted argument that is not easy to tie up in a bow and put in a gift box.

    I believe it has a good chance of rising again but that will be determined by those who can hold it down if they judge that the amendments waiting to be brought to the fore by both sides of the aisle will hurt or help their intended objectives.

    AJ in my judgment is being to harsh in declaring the lines of debarkation here and making some wrong tag you are it judgments on some of his most loyal commentors.

    I myself in my defense of my position have most likely have said some words that were hurtful to others and regret if my poor judgment has resulted in that.

    I can only apologize to them for my poor choices.

    Having said that I wish all could more fully involve themselves into the actual examination of this bill. It self creates it’s own advocacy if you do so.

    You have to not only look at the primary direct effect results but the extended secondary and tertiary impacts of the concepts presented here.

    A full and fair evaluation of the issues presented the numbers and limitations and projections of data paint a whole different picture than a quick read of the bill will present at first blush.

    A rest time for this piece of legislation will give everyone on all sides a time to develop the analysis of impact that the rush to judgment pushers of this bill wanted to avoid.

    Just that fact should give some pause.

  6. Terrye says:


    There was no outcry from the majority of people in this country. The majority of people in this country support both border enforcement and guest worker programs. The majority do not see them as mutually exclusive. If you asked me if border security was a priority I would say yes and I support comprehensive reform. The majority of people in this country want this issue resolved, and hardliners have consistently misread that.

    The fact that a loud mouth minority was able to so poison the atmosphere to such an extent that a majority could neither support or condemn the bill is just par for the course with the way the right handled this. They bullied anyone and everyone who did not agree with them.

    42% or 48% against the bill or unsure of the bill is not a majority. 65% in favor or regularization and guest worker program is a majority and is the majority that the hardliners constantly ignore.

    I have lost a lot of respect for people on the right over this. I can not understand considering what know it alls and experts and self righteous promoters of all that is good they profess themselves to be….that they can not come up with plan of their own that can actually work.

  7. coffee260 says:

    Lady’s and Gentlemen,

    Don’t waste your time trying to reason with AJ. He’s left the ranch and hasn’t quite returned yet. But the fact that he’s now on record attacking not only most Americans by calling them everything under the sun can be dismissed as emotional rantings. What has definitively sealed his fate as the conservative version of Andrew Sullivan is his attacks on Rush Limbaugh and Thomas Sowell. Could he get any more bombastic in his attacks? Stay tuned.

    Your Pal,


  8. stevevvs says:

    Too bad AJ stopped listening to Rush.

    Today he had a long Audio Soundbite of Al Gore from 1992 on Sadamm and Terrorists, and Al could not understand how we could leave this Mad Man in power!

    But, why listen to him. He is a hypocondriak, a far right extremist, don’t you know.
    He is also the first National Talk Show Host to mention this BLOG! The nerve of that Limbaugh giving AJ free Publicity.

  9. AJStrata says:


    I don’t need Rush to explain life to me. He and I agree on lots of things. but I did not ‘learn’ them from him. Stop whining about the fact I have little to gain from the far right. But let me be clear, I come to my positions on my own – I have nothing to learn from them.

    Maybe that is why the far right is so screwed up – it is impossible for them to believe conservative principles can live without their input! How naively arrogant of them.