Jun 02 2007

More Far Right Insults

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Charles Krautheimer has joined the Immigration Hypochondriacs in insulting those conservatives who want more than just border secrurity:

U.S. Immigration Bill Is Served Up With A Large Side Of Stupidity And Farce

Ahh – the eloquance and maturity from the far right! LOL! Of course this death spiral on the right is all predicated on their warped logic on some simple poll numbers:

A Rasmussen poll had shown that 72 percent of Americans thought border enforcement and reducing illegal immigration to be very important. Only 29 percent thought legalization to be very important.

But 65% in Rassmussen’s poll also support a compromise in the form of a guest worker program. So how is it possible? Simple – we have two camps on the conservative side. One camp supports borders and a guest worker program. The other opposes any guest worker program. So what is the 72% who support borders? Clearly it is both camps who agree on this and this alone. But those willing to accept a guest worker program in order to get a bill passed is 65%. That means less than 10% are so hard over they would tank the entire Bill over the guest worker provisions.

This is all inside Rasmussen’s own numbers. It mirrors the polls going back years showing support for the guest worker program (which cannot hope to work with out border enhancements – and vise versa). So while Krautheimer throws insults I can still do basic math. And the immigration hypochondriacs, while vocal and having some of the best media megaphones, do not have the numbers to pull off their little temper tantrums. And they are burning their bridges fast. When the polls come out next week and the margins have not changed, then what will be the next threat from the right? They will stop talking?? One could hope they could just stop being so damn nasty.

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  1. apache_ip says:

    Another question for you, Anti-Herman.

    How many years worth of back taxes must an applicant for a “Z nonimmigrant” visa pay??

    Please quote page and paragraph from the draft bill.

    Hint – try ZERO

  2. retire05 says:

    anti-herman asks:

    “Let’s say the government made you pay a full year’s take home salary to settle a legal issue?”

    Well, let’s see, anti-herman, just how much do you think I have spent in legal fees by having to hire a lawyer that specializes in Social Security to try to straighten out the mess my SS account is in because some illegal stole my number and is using it to work jobs in states I have never been in? Perhaps since you seem to anxious to grant “amnesty” to criminals, you would like to contribute to my legal fund? Or is it just the criminals you have concern for and not the American citizens that have had their SS accounts screwed up forever? Or how about the effect it has had on a lifetimes worth of trying to build a credit rating only to have it in the toilet because the illegal used my number to do things like order Dish satellite service, open accounts at furniture stores, etc?
    Just give me an address and I will be happy to share my legal fees with you so you can support the “they just come here to work” bunch.

  3. apache_ip says:

    Another question for you, Anti-Herman.

    When does an applicant for a “Z nonimmigrant” visa have to start paying taxes?

    This is a little bit of a trick question. Before you answer, I strongly suggest you read Section 1(a), page 1, and Section 601(h)(1), page 268, and Section 601(r)(1), page 280 – the interesting section, which states –
    –begin quote–
    (r) Definitions- In this title and section 214A of the Immigration
    and Nationality Act:
    term ‘Z nonimmigrant worker’ means an alien admitted to
    the United States under paragraph (Z) of subsection
    101(a)(15). The term does not include aliens granted
    probationary benefits under subsection (h) and whose
    applications for nonimmigrant status under section
    101(a)(15)(Z) of the Act have not yet been adjudicated.
    –end quote–

    As always, please quote page and paragraph, should you choose to respond.

    Many thanks.

  4. Dc says:

    The patient has a severed, spurting artery…and the solution is to mop the floor.

    The 40 percent funding argument is a complete red herring and has nothing to do with this issue. There is no RNC front runners yet…it’s too early..and ALL of them have some liability issues. The big buck donors are simply waiting to see who starts to emerge from the pack so they get the most bang for their bucks.

    There is nothing wrong with reforming immigration laws. But even THIS bill recognizes in it’s wording..that enforcement issues as well as compliance issues are important.

  5. DaleinAtlanta says:


    I do not believe we are on the same side. That’s a basic point.

    That’s your fault bozo, not mine!

  6. apache_ip says:

    DC said –
    The patient has a severed, spurting artery…and the solution is to mop the floor.

    Mind boggling, isn’t it?

    In my world, you would attempt to stop the bleeding and save the patient.

    But here in upside-down world, you worry about all of the blood on the floor.

    I can’t explain it, and I have given up trying. I want off of this crazy bus.

  7. anti-herman says:


    So are you saying that only illegals do ID theft?

    Also, for someone who claims to “have read the bill”, you seem to have missed the section about anyone with more than three mis demeanors is ineligable for a Z visa. ID theft is a felony. By definition, an illegal with a felony HAS to be deported. If all 16 million are crimminals, they have to be deported. End of wetbacks in country.

    Also, RETIRE05, I love they way you responded to my specifics on the $5000 fine. Way to debate the issue.


    You miss the point. There is no fault by anyone. I don’t want you “on my team”. Your conclusions seem to concur with mine about 95% of the time. However, based on the hysteria concerning this issue; I can only conclude that your xenophobia overrides and logic on this matter. Conservatism does not tolerate this type of behavior.

  8. retire05 says:

    anti-herman, I never claimed that only illegals commit identity theft. And if you think I did, then you have a comprehension problem.
    But I see no reason to import criminals. Do you? And let’s say that the illegal has been working under an assumed name and then, goes to get his Z-visa under his real name. If he has been using an alias, he/she will have a clean record when applying for the Z-visa.

    I responded to the $5,000 fine because it is, to be quite blunt, ludicrous to think that someone on the bottom rung of the wage scale will ever be able to come up with that kind of money, or would even want to. Number one, why should they when as a legal resident they will have access to every social service that American citizens have without the cost? And how long do you think those fines will hold up once the ACLU gets ahold of this? We were told that illegals would have to pay (3 0f 5 years worth) back taxes. Now we learn that President Bush requested that be taken out of the bill, and it was. So no back tax penalty. If that is your idea of a punishment for being here illegally, I want that punishment next April 15th.

    I see you cannot even respond to another poster without name calling (xenophobia) while no one who stands on the side of this issue as I do has resorted to calling you a name.