May 30 2007

Valerie Heading For Perjury And Obstruction Charges

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Wilson and Plame have failed to understand one thing about the DoJ – they do not like ANYONE lying to them about investigations. There is a point where professional morals and conduct trump partisan feelings. People tend to associate very much with their career and profession (of course). So when that profession is under attack at its core, they tend to ignore partisan needs and work to salvage what is, in essence, a very real part of them. So if I were Plame and Wilson I would be very, very concerned that many career laywers and investigators will be ready to punish ALL of those who tried to warp the legal process in this country by giving false and misleading testimony in a serious (OK, some claim ‘serious’) Federal investigation.

A February 2002 CIA memo released last week as part of a study of pre-Iraq-war intelligence shows that Plame suggested her husband, former State Department official Joseph Wilson, for the Niger trip, Bond said. That “doesn’t square” with Plame’s March testimony in which she said an unnamed CIA colleague raised her husband’s name, Bond told USA TODAY.

Here are Plame’s three versions of how Wilson was sent to Niger, according to Bond:

•She told the CIA’s inspector general in 2003 or 2004 that she had suggested Wilson.

•Plame told Senate Intelligence Committee staffers in 2004 that she couldn’t remember whether she had suggested Wilson.

•She told the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee in March that an unidentified person in Vice President Cheney’s office asked a CIA colleague about the African uranium report in February 2002. A third officer, overhearing Plame and the colleague discussing this, suggested, “Well, why don’t we send Joe?” Plame told the committee.

Corruption of the process will destroy the institutions and all associated with them. Letting lies stand openly taints everyone involved, just as it would any witness to a crime – with the power to do something – who stands by and lets it happen. Plame’s variations are as serious and more obvious than Libby’s bizarre recollections. Remember Libby actually testified talking about Plame to Russert, making the case he DID leak about Plame, but Russert denied he was leaked to – making the entire incident irrelevant to the IIPA charges! Only Fitz-Magoo would charge someone with not testifying he was innocent of the leak, instead of claiming he did talk to the media and possibly guilty of the leak. I think this has to be the first time in history someone perjured themselves for not claiming their innocence to the charge being investigated.

But I digress. Lying under oath to committees trying to understand the intel leading up to the Iraq invasion is just as problematic – if not more – than covering up who leaked Plame’s name to the media (which we know WAS NOT Libby). Plame is in some trouble here. And the statute of limitations will not help her out here. She has no immunity for false testimony to Congress. My gut tells me if there is another power switch in 2008 (and right now I would bet there would be) Wilson and Plame will find themselves on the wrong side of witness table. Of course, their credibility will be tested in any civil case as well – so we may get some answers much sooner than 2009.

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  1. lurker9876 says:

    Ah but Libby was not the original leaker. Fitz already knew that Armitage was the original leaker. Since Fitz already knew Armitage being the original leaker, why did he continue with the investigation? Ah…revenge because of Marc Rich with every intent of framing Libby.

    Why didn’t Fitz go after Armitage? Apparently, Fitz did not see Armitage doing any damage. Neither did Libby.

    Fitz still says “Indicates” as a possibility and used double quotes so he still lacks enough evidence to prove beyond reasonable doubt that Plame was covert under the conditions of IIPA and the above title either.

  2. scaulen says:

    Title 50, United States Code, Section 421 does not clarify who or what is a covert agent, it tells the penalty for outing a covert agent. Funny how the people who wrote the IIPA say she wasn’t covert. But I guess their expertise doesn’t count.
    So Plames false testimony is what is going to get Libby convicted?

    Also I know you are pulling all of this out your south side for one simple reason.
    Senate’s #1 alcoholic, Kit Bond??? Nah, Try Teddy Chappaquiddick the senior Democrat. Jeez murderers, liars and thieves pointing fingers. It’s the only way the Democrats can keep power, lie, and accuse, and fling refuse. Lame, bring back dueling to DC and lets get rid of the corruption.

  3. Soothsayer says:

    the people who wrote the IIPA say she wasn’t covert

    Toensing claims to “have written it” – she was a staffer for cryin’ out loud. And she was unaware of Plame’s out-of-country assignments that the CIA recently declassified. When it comes to legal distinctioins – I think I’ll take Fitzgerald’s word over the hdieous crone Ms. Toestink.

    Teddy could drink pretty good 40 years ago. I’ve seen Bond publicly drunk on at least three recent occasions. He’s a meance to himself and others.

  4. scaulen says:

    40 years ago??? It wasn’t that long ago he was wandering around the compound in Florida pants less and looking for an intern to jump, only to be beaten to the prize by his nephew. I also guess you’ve never witnessed little Patches Kennedy washing down pain killers with what ever booze was handy, and jumping in his little Mustang for a midnight cruise??

    Ah yeah that’s right staffers do nothing in DC. I forgot how politicians read and write every thing that comes into and out of their office. How stupid of me to miss that fact. Now why would you take Fitz’s word when he was investigating who leaked Plame’s name and he knew it was Armitage, but went after Libby instead??? Ah ha I’ve got it, he was after Libby to scare Armitage into admitting it was him, even though he admitted it before he went after Libby. Wow, just wow, is all I can say to that logic.

    Damn AJ the sarcasm setting is still stuck on my posts!!!!

  5. scaulen says:

    Just looking at Armitage’s career and I think I just realized something. He’s CIA.